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Updated: September 15, 2017

    Festivals 5778 / 2017 - The Month of Tishrei

Selichot Prayers

Building a Sukkah

Second Hakafot

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    Festivals 5777 / 2016 - Yom Kippur Poem

"As the clay in the hand of THE POTTER,
He expands it at will and contracts it at will"

"As the glass in the hand of THE GLAZER,
He shapes it at will and dissolves it at will"

"As the silver in the hand of the SILVERSMITH,
He spoils it at will and purifies it at will"

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    Festivals 2015
Childhood Memories

Rosh Hashana

Yom Kippur


Shana Tov from the Israel Philatelic Service

   First Day Cover (FDC)

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Educational Resources for Rosh Hashana :

Rosh Hashana - Shofar and Pomegranate

Rosh Hashana - Selichot

    Festivals 2012 - The Month of Tishrei

Rosh Hashana, Tashlikh

Yom Kippur, Kol Nidrei Prayer

Sukkot, Bearing the Lulav

Festivals 2011 - The Rosh Hashanah Feast

Festivals 2010 - Shofars

Happy Holidays

Shana Tova - 5761

Shana Tova - 5762 - Wish for Peace and Security

Shana Tova - 5762 - 2001

Yom Kippur Painting - The Tel-Aviv Museum


Priestly Blessing (2005)

Hakhel Le Yisrael

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