We Should Not Forget

USA Terrorist Attacks

July 28, 2006
A woman was shot dead and five others were seriously wounded
after a Muslim man opened fire inside a Jewish Federation building in
Seattle, Washington.

Pam Waechter z"l - Age 58
memorial service memorial service memorial service memorial service
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July 4, 2002
A gunman opened fire at Israel's El Al airline's ticket counter at
Los Angeles International Airport. Three people were killed,
including the gunman, who was shot dead by an airline security guard.
The guard, Haim Safir - the head of El Al security in Los Angeles,
is recovering from stab wounds. Seven other people were reported
wounded in the attack.

Ya'akov Aminov z"l - Age 47
Victoria (Vicky) Chen z"l - Age 25
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September 11, 2001
Fire Department of New York - Firemen Unaccounted For
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6
Group 7 Group 8 Group 9 Group 10 Group 11 Group 12
A few of the Victims from Thousands (4 airplane crashes)
Debbie Richard Tom Shawn David Alan
Tara Garnet Mark Amy Mark Michelle
Edmund Robert Gloria Suzanne Barbara Robert
Susan Rev. Mychal Frederick Robert Father Francis Thomas
Alicia Jason Christoffer John Brian Nicole
Deora Andrew Paige, Rurg, Julianna Michael & Kathleen
World Trade Center - A few of the Injured
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usa-t007.jpg usa-t008.jpg usa-t009.jpg usa-t010.jpg usa-t011.jpg usa-t012.jpg
usa-t013.jpg usa-t014.jpg usa-t015.jpg usa-t016.jpg usa-t017.jpg
World Trade Center - Leaving the Area
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usa-t043.jpg usa-t044.jpg usa-t045.jpg usa-t046.jpg usa-t047.jpg usa-t048.jpg
World Trade Center - Officials and Helping Out
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World Trade Center - Airplane Crashes
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World Trade Center - Building Colapse
usa-t087.jpg usa-t088.jpg usa-t089.jpg usa-t090.jpg usa-t091.jpg usa-t092.jpg
usa-t093.jpg usa-t094.jpg
World Trade Center - Gone from the Skyline
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The Pentagon Attack - A Few of the Injured
usa-t101.jpg usa-t102.jpg usa-t103.jpg usa-t104.jpg usa-t105.jpg
The Pentagon Attack
usa-t106.jpg usa-t107.jpg usa-t108.jpg usa-t109.jpg usa-t110.jpg usa-t111.jpg
usa-t112.jpg usa-t113.jpg usa-t114.jpg usa-t115.jpg usa-t116.jpg usa-t117.jpg
usa-t118.jpg usa-t119.jpg usa-t120.jpg usa-t121.jpg usa-t122.jpg usa-t123.jpg
Heightened Security in Washington
usa-t124.jpg usa-t125.jpg usa-t126.jpg usa-t127.jpg usa-t128.jpg
Airplane Crash in Pennsylvania
usa-t129.jpg usa-t130.jpg usa-t131.jpg
World Trade Center - Scenes from the Area
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usa-t138.jpg usa-t139.jpg usa-t140.jpg usa-t141.jpg usa-t142.jpg usa-t143.jpg
usa-t144.jpg usa-t145.jpg usa-t146.jpg usa-t147.jpg usa-t148.jpg usa-t149.jpg
World Reactions
usa-t150.jpg usa-t151.jpg usa-t152.jpg usa-t153.jpg usa-t154.jpg usa-t155.jpg
usa-t156.jpg usa-t157.jpg usa-t158.jpg usa-t159.jpg usa-t160.jpg usa-t179.jpg
Reactions in Israel
usa-t161.jpg usa-t162.jpg usa-t163.jpg usa-t164.jpg usa-t165.jpg usa-t166.jpg
usa-t167.jpg usa-t168.jpg usa-t169.jpg
Palestinian Reactions
usa-t171.jpg usa-t172.jpg usa-t173.jpg usa-t174.jpg usa-t175.jpg usa-t176.jpg
usa-t177.jpg usa-t178.jpg Journalists Threatened Last Month
Articles / Theories on "Why This Happened"
Terrorism and the Global Clash of Civilizations
The Real "Root Cause"

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