We Should Not Forget
Terror / Hate Attacks Against Jews Worldwide

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Armed men broke into a synagogue in Venezuela's capital late on Friday night,
destroying religious objects and spray-painting walls in an incident that sparked
outrage and complaints by the Jewish community of growing anti-Semitism.
- January 31, 2009

wter0323.jpg wter0324.jpg
A Jewish Community in St.Denis, outside of Paris was attacked
with several Molotov cocktails.
- January 12, 2009

Two cars with petrol bombs were driven at a synagogue in a
residential suburb of the southwestern French city of Toulouse
causing damage but no injuries.
- January 6, 2009

After more than 40 hours and a day-long siege by Indian commandos
against Islamist terrorists holding nine Jews hostage in the
Mumbai Chabad House, all were found murdered, including the
Chabad-Lubavitch emissary, Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife
Rivka. Voice of Israel government radio reported Saturday evening that
at least seven of the victims are Israelis. A forensic pathology expert
is being sent from Israel to assist in the identification of three of the bodies.
- November 28, 2008

Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg z"l - Age 29
Rivka Holtzberg z"l - Age 28
Their 2 year old son Moishe, was saved by an employee
    Moishe  With Father z"l

December 21, 2008 Update: Moishe lighting Chanukah Candles
Bentzion Chroman z"l
Rabbi Leibish Teitlebaum z"l
Yocheved OrPaz z"l - Age 60
Norma Shvarzblat Rabinovich z"l - Age 50
Memorial in India Memorial in India Memorial in India Memorial in India
Memorial in India Memorial in India Memorial in India
Ben Gurion Airport Ben Gurion Airport Ben Gurion Airport
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wter0275.jpg wter0276.jpg wter0277.jpg wter0278.jpg
Zaka Zaka Zaka
AP: Israelis mourn rabbi and wife slain in Mumbai
IsraelNN: Rabbi Covered Wife's Body with a Tallit Before He was Killed
Father of Mumbai victim: Rivka was five months pregnant

A 23 year old Jew man was found naked, tortured and burned south of Paris
after being held for three weeks by a gang demanding a large ransom.
He died of his injuries shortly afterwards.
This week French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy denounced Halimi's killing
as an anti-Semitic crime and said police investigating it had linked some
suspects to documents supporting Palestinian and arch-conservative
Islamic causes.
- February 23, 2006

Ilan Halimi z"l - Age 23
wter0233.jpg wter0234.jpg wter0235.jpg wter0237.jpg
wter0238.jpg wter0239.jpg wter0240.jpg wter0241.jpg
wter0242.jpg wter0243.jpg
The Protest March through Paris - February 26, 2006
wter0244.jpg wter0245.jpg wter0246.jpg wter0247.jpg
wter0248.jpg wter0249.jpg wter0250.jpg wter0251.jpg
wter0252.jpg wter0253.jpg wter0254.jpg wter0255.jpg
wter0256.jpg wter0257.jpg wter0258.jpg wter0259.jpg
wter0260.jpg wter0261.jpg wter0262.jpg wter0263.jpg
Nine people were stabbed in an attack on the Chabad synagogue in Moscow.
- February 11, 2006

wounded wounded wounded wounded
wter0219.jpg wter0220.jpg wter0221.jpg wter0222.jpg
wter0223.jpg wter0224.jpg wter0225.jpg wter0226.jpg
wter0227.jpg wter0228.jpg wter0229.jpg wter0230.jpg
wter0231.jpg wter0232.jpg
20 graves in the Jewish section of the Remiremont cemetery
in eastern France were desecrated
- November 8, 2005

wter0212.jpg wter0213.jpg wter0214.jpg
Vandals desecrated 86 tombstones dating to the 1870s in a Jewish cemetery
in London, spraying some of them with Nazi swastikas and racial slurs
while knocking them over, police said.
- June 16, 2005

Vandals smashed and knocked over the headstones of about 130 graves in
a Jewish cemetery in Budapest, during Jewish holiday of Shavuot.
- June 15, 2005

wter0208.jpg wter0209.jpg wter0210.jpg wter0211.jpg
100 gravestones were pushed over and smashed in a Jewish Cemetery
in Prestwich, Greater Manchester, England.
- June 9, 2005

wter0205.jpg wter0206.jpg wter0207.jpg
A synagogue and a Jewish-owned shop in the southern Swiss city of Lugano
were gutted by fire overnight after a petrol-bomb attack by unknown assailant.
- March 14, 2005

wter0201.jpg wter0202.jpg wter0203.jpg wter0204.jpg
98 tombs at a Jewish cemetery in eastern France were defaced with
anti-Semitic and racist slogans including swastikas and neo-Nazi insignia.
- October 31, 2004

wter0196.jpg wter0197.jpg wter0198.jpg wter0199.jpg
At least 37 people were killed and over 160 were wounded,
both Israelis and other nationals, in two terror attacks against
resorts in Sinai packed with Israelis.
- October 8, 2004

Michal Alexander z"l - Age 27
Khalil Zeitunya z"l - Age 10
Einat Naor z"l - Age 28
Hafez Hafi z"l - Age 39
Roey Avisaf z"l - Age 28
Assaf Greenwald z"l - Age 27
Tzila Niv z"l - Age 43
Lior Niv z"l - Age 3
Gilad Niv z"l - Age 11
Lior and Gilad z"l
Niv Family picture (includes surviving (wounded) husband and two daughters)
Oleg Paizakov z"l - Age 32
Ludmilla Paizakov z"l - Age 30 (wife of Oleg)
Rotem Moriah z"l - Age 27
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wter0160.jpg wter0161.jpg wter0162.jpg wter0163.jpg
wter0164.jpg wter0165.jpg wter0166.jpg wter0167.jpg
wter0168.jpg wter0169.jpg wter0170.jpg wter0171.jpg
wter0172.jpg wter0178.jpg
A Jewish center / soup kitchen was torched in Paris.
- August 22, 2004
wter0136.jpg wter0137.jpg wter0138.jpg wter0139.jpg
Article: Jewish center torched in Paris
Anti-Semitic graffiti, including a sign reading 'death to Jews,'
was found scrawled on a wall on the grounds of the
Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. - August 10, 2004
wter0133.jpg wter0134.jpg wter0135.jpg
56 graves and a war memorial were desecrated in
a Jewish cemetery in the eastern city of Lyon, in southern France.
- August 10, 2004
wter0126.jpg wter0127.jpg wter0128.jpg wter0129.jpg
Article: Vandals desecrate Jewish cemetery
80 tombstones were found toppled at a Jewish cemetery in
Hranice, 300 kilometers (187 miles) east of Prague,
in the Czech Republic. - August 10, 2004
wter0130.jpg wter0131.jpg wter0132.jpg
Two Orthodox Jewish synagogues in London were vandalized
in a 24-hour period at the end of last week, causing great damage
to Torah scrolls, valuable prayer books and buildings.
- June 22, 2004
Article: Two Synagogue Arsons In London
A fire destroyed library books and damaged a library computer
system at the St. Laurent branch of United Talmud Torahs (UTT)
elementary school on the eve of the Passover holiday (April 5),
and police found anti-Semitic notes, written in French taped to
the school's walls. - April 5, 2004
Article: "This reminds us of the 1930's"
Suicide car bombers attacked two synagogues in Istanbul, Turkey
at almost the same time, killing 25 people, and wounding over 300.
Many of the victims were Turkish people walking on the busy streets.
- November 15, 2003
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funeral funeral
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wter0093.jpg wter0094.jpg wter0095.jpg wter0096.jpg
wter0097.jpg wter0098.jpg wter0099.jpg wter0100.jpg
wter0101.jpg wter0102.jpg wter0103.jpg wter0104.jpg
wter0105.jpg wter0106.jpg wter0107.jpg wter0108.jpg
wter0109.jpg wounded
A fire which erupted in the Mercaz HaTorah School in France at
about 02:00 Saturday appears to have been an anti-Semitic arson attack
French officials are reporting. - November 15, 2003
wter0078.jpg wter0079.jpg wter0080.jpg
A suicide bomber damaged the Jewish Cultural Center in
Casablanca, Morocco - May 17, 2003
wter0070.jpg wter0071.jpg wter0072.jpg wter0073.jpg
wter0074.jpg wter0075.jpg wter0076.jpg wter0077.jpg
A French Rabbi was stabbed inside his Paris synagogue.
He was treated and released from the hospital - January 3, 2003
Rabbi Gabriel Farhi
14 people were killed and 80 wounded by a suicide attack
at the beachfront Israeli owned Paradise Hotel in Mombasa, Kenya.
3 Israelis, including 2 children, were among the victims.
- November 27, 2002
Dvir Anter z"l - Age 14, of Ariel Israel
Noy Anter z"l - Age 12, of Ariel Israel
Albert (Avraham) de Havila - Age 60, of Ra'anana Israel
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded wter0053.jpg wter0054.jpg wter0055.jpg
wter0056.jpg wter0057.jpg
Two missles were fired at an Arkia jetliner as it took off
from Mombasa, Kenya airport bound for Tel-Aviv.
The jet was not damaged and continued to Tel-Aviv
- November 27, 2002
wter0045.jpg wter0046.jpg wter0047.jpg wter0048.jpg
wter0049.jpg wter0050.jpg wter0051.jpg
50 tombs were desecrated in the Jewish section
of the Verano Cemetery in Rome - July 18, 2002
wter0041.jpg wter0042.jpg wter0043.jpg wter0044.jpg
A Hasidic Jew was stabbed to death outside of a
pizzeria in a Jewish section of Toronto - July 14, 2002
David Rosenzweig z"l
wter0034.jpg wter0035.jpg wter0036.jpg wter0037.jpg
wter0038.jpg wter0039.jpg wter0040.jpg
London synagogue attacked - April 27, 2002
wter0030.jpg wter0031.jpg wter0032.jpg
135 Jewish Gravestones destroyed in Slovakia - April 22, 2002
Holocaust memorial desecrated in Thessaloniki - April 16, 2002
wter0027.jpg wter0028.jpg
Graves desecrated in Strasbourg, France - April 14, 2002
wter0025.jpg wter0026.jpg
50 youth attacked the central synagogue and congregants of
Kiev, Ukraine - April 13, 2002
wter0023.jpg wter0024.jpg
15 killed in blast in the Ghriba Synagogue in Djerba, Tunisia
The Israeli and German governments believe it was a terrorist attack
- April 11, 2002
wter0015.jpg wter0016.jpg wter0017.jpg wter0018.jpg
wter0019.jpg wter0020.jpg wter0021.jpg wter0022.jpg
Attacks against Maccabi Jewish Center in France - April 6, 2002
wter0013.jpg wter0014.jpg
2 School Buses of a Jewish School near Paris Burned - April 4, 2002
Attacks against Jewish synagogues and schools
in France and Belgium - March 30, 2002 thru April 1, 2002
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