Israeli Music - 12 Hebrew Love Songs

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"Atur Mitzchech Zahav Shachor"
(Your Forehead is Decorated in Gold and Black)

"Brit Olam"
(Universal Convenant)

"Lechol Echad Yesh"
(Everyone Has)

"Zemer Nogeh"
(Melancholy Song)

"Zemer Nogeh" was the wakeup song for Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon z"l
First minute of the song then conversation of NASA with Ilan Ramon

"Hayu Leilot"
(There were Nights)


"Haperach Begani"
(The Flower in my Garden)

"Kshe'or Dolek Bechalonech"
(When the Light is on in your Window)

"Tapuchim Ut'marim"
(Apples and Dates)

"Rosa Rosa"
Yoram Gaon singing in the movie Kazablan

"Pgisha Le'Ein Ketz"
(A Meeting to Eternity)

"Hachnisini Tachat Knafech"
Take Me Under Your Wings)

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