In Memory

In Loving Memory

Of Our Dear Son


Born Tisha B'Av 5703 in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Died Tisha B'Av 5731 in Israel


THE NINETY SERMONS in this book - one drash or more for each sedrah in the chumash - represent a choice of sermons delivered from the pulpit of Congregation Ahavath Israel in Brooklyn, N.Y. since 1939. A number of the sermons lend themselves to preaching not only on the Shabbat, but also on holidays and ther occasions.

I owe a debt of gratitude to my wife Simmie, my children Rabbi Chananyah and his wife Bella, my daughter Yehudit and her husband Rabbi Eli B. Greenwald, my daughter Adina and her husband Dr. S. David Gertz and my son Rabbi Azarya and his wife Charnie. I also wish to mention with deep affection my grandchildren Elchanan, Daniel, Yona, Yehuda, Yedidia, Yirmia and Yeshia.

My gratitude is hereby acknowledged to Yeshiva University where I received my sacred and secular training, and to my congregation for encouragement and friendship during nearly forty years of a happy and fruitful association.

    Bernard L. Berzon

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