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Good Beginnings, the first book of sermons prepared by Rabbi Berzon was issued in 1962. Ever since, his colleagues of all denominations - Orthodox, Conservative and Reform - have been urging him to issue a new volume of sermons. Rabbi Berzon has finally succumbed to the pressure, and has agreed to share with us-rabbis as well as those who love a meaningful message--90 more of his succinct, lively sermons that he has preached over the last decade and a half. Like the sermons in his first volume, these 90 sermons, which cover every sidra (some biblical portions have two and three sermons devoted to them) and all the holidays, are alive with anecdotes, and stories, and quotations that iiluminate the message being presented. For the average reader, this book will be a delight; for the preacher, a source of unlimited material upon which he can build his own message that will reflect his own thinking and fit his own style of preaching.

Sermons The Year 'Round
Copyright 1978
by Rabbi Bernard L. Berzon

ISBN 0-8246-0239-0
No part of this book may be reproduced in any manner
without written permission from the publisher except
for brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

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