I, Jacob Richman, grew up in Brooklyn, New York. During my high school years and college years (72-80) I lived at home and attended the shul Ahavath Israel on East 29 and Avenue K in Brooklyn. Rabbi Bernard L. Berzon was the rabbi of the shul for 43 years.

The sermons that Rabbi Berzon z"l gave where very good. He would talk to you as opposed to above you. His love for Israel and the Jewish people was very evident in the words he spoke. Over 37 years ago Rabbi Berzon gave my father z"l a copy of his book. Even though times have changed, since the book was published 38 years ago, the messages, anecdotes, and stories are still very enjoyable. I felt that many people that otherwise would not have access to this book may benefit by having access to it on the Internet. I contacted Jonathan David Publishers and they gave me permission to scan, format and post it on the Internet. I would like to thank them and the Berzon family for making this project possible.

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