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Updated: January 29, 2009

Bank of Israel - Foreign Currency Exchange Rates (Hebrew)
Gateway to Israeli Government Sites
Israel Central Bureau of Statistics - English Press Releases
Bank of Israel - English Press Releases
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Israel Finance Ministry - Economics & Research Department
Israel Finance Ministry - Appendinx to the 2009 State Budget
Israel Tax Authority
Betuach Leumi
Israeli Government Online Payment Systems
Israel Ministry of Construction - Survey of Israel Maps
Email Addresses of Israeli Embassies and Consulates Abroad
City Pay (pay municipality taxes & parking fines on-line, Hebrew)
The Israeli Knesset - The Israeli Parliament
The Knesset Committees (Hebrew)
Prime Minister's Office
President of the State of Israel
Work for the Mossad
State Comptroller and Ombudsman (Mevaker Ha'Medina)
Israel Police
Information Technology Web Site (Hebrew)
Embassy of Israel - Washington, D.C.
Israel Antiquities Authority
Ministry of Defense (Hebrew)
Izkor Site - Defense Ministry (Heb.)
Israel Jewish Agency Bureau for Missing Relatives
The Ministry of Religious Affairs (Hebrew)

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