Jewish Stories

Updated: July 10, 2018

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Jewish Stories

Nishmas: Archives of Chassidic Stories

Chabad: Jewish Tales from the Past - over 800 Jewish stories

Shema Yisrael: Shabbat Stories for Children

OHR: Simcha's Torah Stories

Torah Tots and The Jewish Press: Tales of Our Gaonim

Torah Tots and The Jewish Press: Tales from the Midrash & Talmud

Yiddish Tales by Helena Frank - 48 tales

Stories and Pictures, by Isaac Loeb Peretz - 46 stories

A Treasury of Jewish Folklore edited by Nathan Ausubel

549 pages (plain text file)

Click here for 16 meg PDF file

Jewish Stories - Audio
Youtube / Internet Archive / Librivox

On Account of a Hat by Sholem Aleichem - read by Peter Riegert

If Not Higher by I.L. Peretz - read by Isaiah Sheffer

Munie The Bird Dealer by Moyshe Kulbak - read by Alan Alda

The Last Kopeck by Shimon Frug - read by David Paymer

My Father Sits In The Dark by Jerome Weidman - read by Peter Friedman

The King by Isaac Babel - read by Jeff Goldblum

The Cafeteria by Isaac Bashevis Singer - read by David Margulies

Back From the Draft by Sholom Aleichem - read by Jerry Stiller

The Place by Edith Konecky - read by Julie Kavner

Three Gifts by I. L. Peretz - read by Joanna Gleason

A Meal for the Poor by Mordecai Spector - read by Alan King

A Ghetto Dog by Isaiah Spiegel - read by Lauren Bacall

Chava by Sholem Aleichem - read by Walter Matthau

The Search by Sholom Aleichem - read by Jerry Stiller

Matza For The Rich by Abraham Reisen - read by Fyvush Finkel

The Fable Of The Goat by S. Y. Agnon - read by Joseph Gordon Levitt

Tuition For The Rebbe by Abraham Reisen - read by Peter Riegert

Bontshe The Silent by I. L. Peretz - read by Harold Gould

The Shawl by Cynthia Ozick - read by Claire Bloom

The Golem by I. L. Peretz - read by Carol Kane

Sholem Aleichem - Jewish Children (18 stories, 7.3 hours)

Sholem Aleichem - Jewish Children (18 stories / 18 individual files)

Note: Some of the 18 stories may be too intense for younger children

Yiddish Tales translated by Helena Frank - read by Adrian Praetzellis
(48 tales, 11.23 hours)

Click here to play individual tales (

Click here for text of 48 tales via the Guttenberg Project

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