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Updated: November 14, 2018

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My English Hebrew Dictionary

Learn Hebrew Signs

They Spoke Hebrew
    Hebrew scenes from popular movies and television shows

My Jewish Games: Language Match Game,
    Word Search Game, Hebrew Hangman

Learn Hebrew Proverbs / Jewish Sayings

Learn Hebrew Tongue Twisters

My Hebrew Programs (includes the Hebrew Sign Maker)

Hebrew Jokes - Learn Hebrew and Laugh

Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio
The Hebrew Language - Learn Hebrew Resources
Learn Hebrew with Pictures and Audio
Learn Hebrew Verbs
My Hebrew Dictionary
Safa Ivrit (Hebrew lessons in Hebrew)
Speak Hebrew with Moshe and Leah (Flash)
Hebrew Podcasts
Morfix Dictionary
Ehebrew - English Hebrew Dictionary By Subject
Navigating the Bible (audio and translation)
Learn Hebrew Prayers (text and audio)
Hebrew Glossary by Devorah (transliterations)
Jewish Websight: Aleph Place
Aleph-Bet on the Net (tutorials)
Microsoft's English-Hebrew Glossary (req. Hebrew font)
Learn Hebrew (phrases)
Hebrew Abbreviations
Ukindia: Learn Hebrew
Hebrew Tongue Twisters (pronounced in English)
Picture Dictionary
Morim (Hebrew, English, French)
Jewish Glossary (Jewish, Hebrew, Yiddish)
List of Hebrew Authors (in English)
North America Database of Language Courses
Stone Foundation: Free Learn Hebrew Program
The Virtual Picture Album - Israel
Hebrew Names of the Periodic Table (ie: Oxygen)
Hebrew English Fish Chart
Yale University Library - Hebraica Team
Infomed - Hebrew Medical Glossary
Jewish Medical Association - English Ė Hebrew Medical Vocabulary
Milingua - Hebrew Beginners Course
Alphy (3 free young kid games)
Hebrew Visions - Digital texts in Hebrew Braille
Learn to Read Hebrew
Balashon Blog (Hebrew words and phrases)
Becker Hebrew Language Resources

The Hebrew Alphabet - The Alef Bet
The Aleph-Bet Page
Wikipedia: The Hebrew Alphabet
How to Write the AlefBet (animated)
Torah Tots - All About the Hebrew Alphabet
Torah Tots - Hebrew Alphabet Coloring Book
Akhlah: Jewish Children's Coloring Book (Alef-Bet)
NJOP: Hear The Hebrew Alphabet
Jewish FAQ: The Hebrew Alphabet
Chabad: Letters of Light (religious meaning of letters)
Hebrew Alphabet with Letters and words (Youtube Video)

Selected Hebrew Alef Bet Songs on Youtube
Watch 6 Alef Bet Songs on Youtube
Press center play button,
sit back, relax and enjoy the videos!

Center arrow to play current video.
Arrow near volume to skip to next video.

Below you can play individual Alef Bet songs from above playlist

The Alef Bet song by Debbie Friedman
Aleph Bet Rock!!
Shalom Sesame: Aleph Bet Song
Shalom Sesame - African Alephbet
Song of the Letters
Song of the Letters (with Hebrew words)

Shalom Sesame - English / Hebrew Sesame Street
Watch 16 Shalom Sesame Video on Youtube
Watching Kids Videos is a Fun Way to Learn Hebrew

Press center play button,
sit back, relax and enjoy the videos!

Center arrow to play current video.
Arrow near volume to skip to next video.

Rechov SumSum - Hebrew Sesame Street
Watching Kids Videos is a Fun Way to Learn Hebrew

Watch 13 Hebrew Rechov SumSum on Youtube
Press center play button,
sit back, relax and enjoy the videos!

Center arrow to play current video.
Arrow near volume to skip to next video.

Selected Hebrew Stories with Nikud on Youtube
Watch 16 Hebrew Stories on Youtube
Press center play button,
sit back, relax and enjoy the videos!

Center arrow to play current video.
Arrow near volume to skip to next video.

Online Hebrew Stories
with Nikud (vowels)

Shabes: Stories about Shabbat (14 short stories)
Orianit: Sipurim (7 short stories)
Harpatka (first chapter of 25 children's books including
Peter Pan, Lassie Comes Home, 101 Dalmatians, Charlots Web, etc.. )
Ministry of Education: Bekol Talmid (20 short stories, PDF)

Free Hebrew Books / Texts
Hebrew Book.org - 52,020 Classical Hebrew Books for Free Download
The Ben Yehuda Project
Mechon Mamreh - Tanakh, Talmud and other Jewish Sources
WikiSource Hebrew Books Library
Daat Virtual Library
Tshuvos Seforim (PDF format)
Sefer Li - Hundreds of short stories from around the world (PDFs)

Hebrew Songs
Jacob Richman's Hebrew Song List on Spotify
Virtual Cantor (free MP3 Hebrew prayer songs)
Chazzanut (free MP3 Hebrew prayer songs)
Hebrew Songs with Video/Audio,
Hebrew Nikud (vowels), and an English translation.
The National Library of Israel Sound Archives
Zemereshet (Hebrew songs of the past)
RSA Judaica Sound Archives
Chabad Collection of Jewish music and Chassidic songs
My Hebrew Songbook
Hebrewsongs.com - transliterated song words
Israeli Dance Australia: Transliterated Hebrew Songs
Shironet - Hebrew Lyrics to Songs (in Hebrew)

Selected Hebrew Songs on Youtube
Watch 53 Hebrew Song Videos
Press center play button,
sit back, relax and enjoy the videos!

Center arrow to play current video.
Arrow near volume to skip to next video.

Below you can play individual Hebrew Songs from above playlist

Hatikva - The Hope, Israel National Anthem
Ba'shana Ha'Ba'ah (Next Year) - Ilan and Ilanit
Land of Israel (Eretz) - Ilanit
Balalaika - Ilanit
Yerushalaim Shel Zahav - Ofra Haza
Tfila (prayer) - Ofra Haza
Chai - Ofra Haza
Adama - Ofra Haza
Someone Always Walks with Me - Ofra Haza
One Fate (Goral Echad) - Ofra Haza
Hallelujah - Gali Atari and Milk & Honey
Kaveret - Baruch's Boots
Kaveret - YoYa
The Grocery Store - Kaveret
Me and You (Ani Ve'Ata) - Arik Einstein
Will You Hear My Voice (Hatishma Koli) - Arik Einstein and Group
Fly Away Little Bird (Oof Gozal) - Arik Einstein
The Ballad of Yoel Moshe Salomon - Arik Einstein
Mr. Chocolate Milk (Adon Shoko) - Arik Einstein
The Convoy Song (Shir Hashayara) - Arik Einstein
My Mom (Ima Sheli) - Arik Einstein
The Prettiest Girl in Kindergarten
I Will Always Be Myself
I Wanted You to Know - Uzi Chitman
Eli'ezer Ben Yehuda - Chava Alberstein and Mati Caspi
Noah - Matti Caspi and Chocolate, Menta, Mastik
Rosa - Yehoram Gaon
We will not stop singing - Yehoram Gaon
Ballad for the Medic - Yehoram Gaon (English Subtitles)
Eretz Tvzi - Yehoram Gaon
Eretz Tzvi - Shai Abramson
We are Staying in the Country - Hopa Hey
Rehov Sumsum Theme (Israeli Sesame Street)
Shir Ha'Batlanim - Datner and Kushnir (Eurovision 1987)
Ani Yehudi
"Ein La'ch Ma Led'og" - 1974 Hebrew song in a new IDF video
Mi Shebeirach (a prayer for the IDF soldiers) - Six13
Parpar Nechmad (Nice Butterfly)
Tesha Bakikar - Gazoz
I Dream Of Naomi - Hedva and David
Yesh Li Yom Yom Chag - Hagashash Hahiver
Mayim Le'David HaMelech - Hagashash Hahiver
Eretz Tropit Yafa - Mati Caspi
Baruch Hagever by Lev Tahor
Y-Studs - Evolution of Jewish Music
Ein Li Eretz Acheret - Gali Atari
Aba-Ni-Bi - Izhar Cohen & Alpha Beta
Ma Avarech - sung by Israeli Navy Choir
Lou Yehi - Chava Alberstein
Al Kol Eileh - Naomi Shemer
Ani Noladeti La'shalom - Uzi Chitman
Eurovision 1976-Chocolate, Menta, Mastik- Emor Shalom
Ilan & Ilanit - Bim Bam Bom (1970)

My Youtube Video Playlists

22 Cool Hebrew Commercials

Israeli Music - 12 Hebrew Love Songs Videos

Adon Olam Videos

Shabbat Videos

Rosh Hashana Videos

Sukkot Videos

Tu B'Shvat Videos

Purim Videos

Passover Videos

Shavuot Videos

Israel Videos

Jerusalem Videos

Aliyah Videos

Jewish Videos

Hebrew Newspapers / News Sites
Israel Hayom
Arutz 7
Channel 20
Makor Rishon
The Marker (financial)
Globes (financial)
People and Computers
Hayadan (science)
Israel Weather

Hebrew Radio Stations
Live via TuneIn Radio Website

Reshet Bet

Reshet Gimmel

Galgalatz (IDF)

Galei Zahal (IDF)

Arutz 2000 (National Religious)

Jerusalem Radio 101 FM

Radio Tel Aviv 102 FM

103 FM

Kan 88

Kol Ha'Musica

IDC Radio - Herzalia

Radio Dance Israel

Radio Kol Hai (Haredi / National Religious)

Kol-Barama (Haredi)

Kan Tarbut (culture)

Kan Reka (Russian)

Nachum Segal Network (US, English with Hebrew songs)

Weekly Israeli Podcasts in Hebrew or English

The Israel Hour with Josh Shron

Free Hebrew Phone Apps

Morfix - Hebrew English Translator

CalJ Jewish Calendar

HebDate Hebrew Calendar

On Your Way Yesod (Uvelechtecha Baderech)
Virtual Library of Jewish books including Tanach and Sidur.


3,000 years of Jewish texts (Torah, Tanakh, Mishnah, Talmud, and more). All texts in the library are available in Hebrew along with a growing body of English translations. Search by keyword or browse the table of contents to explore texts, translations, and commentaries.


Israeli food price comparison application including barcode scanner. The application is written in Hebrew but it is very easy to use. If you do not know Hebrew, let a friend just install it for you. The application lets you easily scan in the barcodes of the food packages in your kitchen and you can add each item to your shopping list. You can check the price range of each product and see which supermarkets near you are the cheapest per item or the whole shopping list.
Another use: If you are having trouble finding an item in an unfamiliar store, you can show the store employee a photo with description of the product you are looking for.


Magen David Adom, Israelís national emergency medical response service, has released a sophisticated mobile app that significantly streamlines the process of locating and reaching Israelis in distress. Available in the Google and Apple app stores in Israel only, My MDA lets users press a button to contact EMTs and paramedics operating MDA dispatch centers. Information such as the caller's location and medical record is securely transmitted and displayed to the dispatcher.

Israeli TV Channel 20 News Station

Includes notifications on breaking news (Hebrew)

Israeli TV Channel 12+13 (former 2) News Station

Includes notifications on breaking news (Hebrew)

The Knesset App (The Israeli Parliament, in Hebrew)


With Spotify, you have access to a world of music. You can listen to artists and albums, or create your own playlist of your favorite songs. Want to discover new music? Choose a ready-made playlist that suits your mood or get personalized recommendations.

Jacob Richman's Hebrew Song List on Spotify

TuneIn Radio

Listen to your favorite radio stations for free with TuneIn Radio. With over 100,000 stations, TuneIn has the largest free selection of sports, news, music and talk radio from around the world.

Hebrew Radio Stations
via TuneIn Radio Phone App

Reshet Bet

Reshet Gimmel

Galgalatz (IDF)

Galei Zahal (IDF)

Arutz 2000 (National Religious)

Jerusalem Radio 101 FM

Radio Tel Aviv 102 FM

103 FM

Kan 88

Kol Ha'Musica

IDC Radio (Herzliya campus)

Israel Dance Radio

Radio Kol Hai (Haredi / National) Religious)

Kol-Barama (Haredi)

Kan Tarbut (culture)

Kan REKA (Russian)

Nachum Segal Network (US English includes Hebrew songs)

Weekly Israeli Podcasts in Hebrew or English

The Israel Hour with Josh Shron

Free Hebrew Fonts

Some fonts may be limited to non-comercial use.
Check the specific site for usage terms.

Introduction to Hebrew Type by Meir Sadan
Meir Sadan Hebrew Fonts
Ben Natan Hebrew Fonts
Daniella Levy Hebrew Fonts #1
Daniella Levy Hebrew Fonts #2
Daniella Levy Hebrew Fonts #3
Daniella Levy Hebrew Fonts #4
Zooloo: 10 Hebrew Fonts
WAZU Gallery of Unicode Hebrew Fonts
Unicode & Open-Source Hebrew Fonts
The Hebrew Font Shuneet
Pixel Perfect Magazine - Free Hebrew Fonts (list and links)
The Culmus Porject - Free Hebrew Fonts
Gofania - Gree Hebrew Fonts
Free Fonts list of Free Hebrew Fonts
Free Hebrew Fonts by Alef Alef Alef
Free Hebrew Fonts by ldcodesign
Free Hebrew Font Page by Eric Pement
The Ezra SIL Unicode Fonts
Good article about finding and using Hebrew fonts

Hebrew Virtual Keyboards and Programs
Branah Hebrew Vitual Keyboard
Magictyper - Type in Hebrew
Hebrew Keyboard Layout (printable PDF)
Hebrew Keyboard Emulator
Intertype Hebrew and Other Virtual Keyboards
Hebrew Keyboards
Hebrew Keyboard Tutor
Snoopi Hebrew Typing Test
Yiddish Typewriter

How to Write Hebrew Script
Lev Software's Animated AlefBet page
Learn to write Hebrew script
Hebrew Handwriting Chart
Hebrew Worksheets - Script Practice

Hebrew Names
My Hebrew Name
AISH: Choosing a Hebrew Name
Emohel: Hebrew Naming Guide
Zooloo: Baby Names & Meanings (in Hebrew)
Baby Name Network: Names and Definitions
Behind the Name: Jewish Names
Circumcision.net: Hebrew Names
JewishGen: The Given Names Data Bases
Judaism 101: Jewish Names / Hebrew Names
Avotaynu Consolidated Jewish Surname Index

Commercial Hebrew Programs
(NOT a recommendation list)

Davka Writer
T.E.S. - Online Store
Hebrew Today (Yansuf newspaper with nikud)
Hebrew Prayer Learning Series
Hebrew 4U
Ravmilim: English to Hebrew Dictionary
Instant Hebrew Video
Learn Hebrew Pod (podcasts)
Home Ulpan
English Hebrew by Subject
Read The Hebrew Bible

Related Sites
3 Year Jewish Holiday Calendar
The Shabbat Page
Jewish Holidays

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