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Updated: May 27, 2013

You can save pictures (ending .gif or .jpg) to your disk
and view them offline (not connected to the Internet).
Click the right button of your mouse on the picture, select: "save image".

Selected Quality Sites

Airplane Pictures
Aircraft Photo Gallery Historic Wings (Aviation)
Airlines.Net (40,000+ Images) The Aviation Zone
The Wright Brothers in Photographs SR-71 Aircarft Museum
Animals, Nature, Plants
Undersea Research Images Transcendent Nature - by Kurt Ross
Vacular Plant Image Gallery Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery
The Great Outdoors (Wildlife) USDA Pant Gallery
Plant Pictures Floral Images
Glacier Image Database Forestry Images
Acadia National Park (in Maine) Sierra Nevada Peak Picture Archive
Wildflowers of Southern California Odd Animal Combos
Freshwater and Marine Image Bank Weather Picture of the Day
CalPhotos: California Plants & Habitats (20,000 images)
Agricultural Research Service Image Gallery (inc. fruit)
Delta Wildlife & Nature Photography
Iowa State University Entomology Image Gallery
Galleria Carnivora - fine art of carnivorous plant photography
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's online collection of still photographs
The Fungi of California
Lightning Stalker
Univ. of North Carolina: Image Gallery of Geology
Geoscapes Photography
California Coastal Records Project (aerial photographs)
The Environment Australia Online Image Database
Virtual Parks
NRCS Photo Gallery
Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses
Six Legs and More (small insect photographs)
Images of Historical Earthquakes
Our Earth as Art (NASA pictures)
Berkley Geo-Images Project (teaching Geography)
National Park Service: Digital Image Archives
Calvin Photographic Collection
Digital Morphology (imagery of natural history specimens)
Images Illustrating Principles of Geomorphology
Imaging Everest
Coral Reef Photobank
Buelteman Studio
NOAA Photo Library (underwater photos)
Cameron Davidson Aerial and Location Photography
Atmospheric Optics
The Bentley Collection - Snow Crystals
Fuji Film: Alaska - Face of Life in the Far North (Flash)
Astrophotography by Jerry Lodriguss
The Light and the Land - photography by Bruce Percy
Linde Waidhofer Western Eye Photography
American Garden Museum
Jon Maloney's Animal Pictures
Cloud Appreciation Society Gallery
Tony Northrup's Animal Pictures
Animal Images (JR Hotsites) Minerals and Gem Sites (JR Hotsites)
dArt - The Internet Art Database (19,000+ Pieces)
Worldwide Art Reproductions The Electronic Art Gallery
Mark Harden's Artchive SITO Artists Archives
Art of Jim Warren Jason Easton Gallery
Fractillusions by Georg Carlson Agent 13 (interesting art)
Artcyclopedia: Museum-Quality Art Science Fiction Art
Artwalker Project (locations) Art by Math
World Wide Arts Index Swiss Posters
Use of Visual Information in Art Web Gallery of Art (8,000+ European)
The Art Web Museum Sites (JR Hotsites)
Nofrontierans (different) Single Cell (different)
North American Landscapes Viewing Japanese Prints
Arts for the Parks Accent on Images (Illustrated Books)
Pixiport - Fine Art Photography Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts
Two Fifty - Small Digital Art The Art of James Bond
Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages
Graphic Design from the 1920s and 1930s in Travel Ephemera
Children of the World Illustrate the Bible
The Art of Jeffrey K. Bedrick The Italians (3 centuries of Italian art)
Ephemera Now (advertising and illustration art of mid-century America)
Penny Postcards
Papa Ink - The International Gallery of Childrens Art
Rubbish Monkey
Pictoplasma - Contemporary Character Design
Art Spazio - Portraits Made Out of Toilet Paper Rolls
Edoras - The Tolkien Art-Gallery (ie: Lord of the Rings)
Historical Maps
Art of the First World War
Rubik's Cube Art
USDA Pomological Watercolor Collection (fruit)
Georgetown University Art Collection: Lynd Ward As Illustrator
University of Minnesota: American Social Hygiene Posters
John James Audubon: The Birds of America
Propaganda Postcards of the Great War (World War 1)
North Western University: World War II Poster Collection
SurLaLune Fairy Tale Illustration Gallery
Campfire Stories with George Catlin (artworks)
300th anniversary of St. Petersburg in Russia
Posters American Style
Magazine Art (magazine cover art)
Postcards from the Attic
Julian Beever's pavement drawings
The Vincent van Gogh Gallery
Image Search Engines
Webseek (search 665,000 images) AV Photo and Media Finder (millions)
Ditto Visual Search Engine Amazing Picture Machine
Sunset - Many Gif's and JPG's Berkeley Lab Image Library
Pics 4 Learning The Bigger Pixel
FreeFoto Ithaki Image Meta Search
PicSearch (pictures & Images) Photo Sooyes
Pictures of Places (large site index) Google Image Search
GIMP - Savvy Copyrigh-Free Photo Archive (27,000)
Image After - Free High Resolution Images
Stock.XCHNG - free stock photo site
LIFE Photo Archive
Every Stock Photo - searching free photos
Microscope Pictures
AT&T MicroScapes Gallery Molecular Expressions Galleria
Electron Microscopy Gallery Scanning Electron Microscope
The Nanoworld Image Gallery Silicon Zoo
Weizmann Institute - Science Art Gallery
MicroAngela's Electron Microscope Image Gallery
Cornell University: Pollen Image Database
The Micropolitan Museum - microscopic art forms
Dennis Kunkel Microscopy and Science
News Pictures
UPI Week in Pictures The Week in Pictures on Yahoo! News
MSNBC: The Week in Pictures Archive Pixcetera Pictures of the Week
Washington Post Photo Galleries Guardian 24 Hours in Pictures
BBC News: In Pictures AOL Pictures of the Week
Telegraph Week in Pictures Life Magazine Today in News
Telegraph Earth Picture Galleries National Geographic Photos in the News
Nasa Ames Imaging Library Digital Journalist
The National Portrait Gallery National Archives Online Exhibit
The MIT Tech Galleries The Galleries by Jo-Anne L. Sullivan
Architecture of the Getty Center Decopix - Art Deco Architecture Site
Fire & Ice Photography HP 100 Cameras Project
Masters of Photography Street Studio: New York Portraiture
Photography by Sebastien Chevrel Abandoned Places
Macro New York City John Sexton: Places of Power
Signs Signs Language
Exhibition of High Speed Photography Ad Access (7,000 Ads from 1911 - 1955)
The Costume Gallery Downtown Los Angeles by Marissa Roth
Skateboard Photography Galleries (very good!)
PBS American Photography - A Century of Images
US Panoramic Photographs 1851-1991 (Library of Congress)
Smithsonian Office of Imaging and Photo Services
Smithsonian - Science Historical Image Collection
Bradley University - Digital Photography (very good)
The 20th Century in Pictures (very good)
Creative Sight - Art, Photography, Design
Henry Diltz Gallery (photo's of pop festivals like woodstock)
RearView Mirror - Automobile Images and American Identities
New York Institute of Photography Student Gallery
Edgar Fahs Smith Collection (old scientific images)
100 Years of Photography from the National Archives
Schneuwly: Photography Memories (From around the world)
PhotoArts: Fine Art Photography and Photojournalism
The Mirror Project: Adventures in Reflective Surfaces
Photo Essay: George Harrison and the Beatles
U.S. Steel Gary Works Photograph Collection
Nevada Department of Energy: Nuclear Testing
Jeff Harris Photographic Journal
PDN Photography Annual 2002
Kodak: Taken on the Road - American Mile Markers
Architecture of the World from Glass Steel and Stone
Photographs by Lisa Law (1965-1971)
Time Magazine: Asia Photo Essays
Photo Essays at the Missouri Botanical Garden
Jim Miller's Images of Daily Life in Morocco
The New York Public Library Picture Collection
A History of Native Nevadans through Photography
When They Were Young: A Photographic Retrospective of Childhood
Ghost Town Gallery
A Photo a Day
World City Photos
Earth Pilgrim by Sacha Dean Biyan
Photo London
Lost America Night Photography
Cowboy Photographer: Erwin E. Smith
Women of Our Time
Hog Heaven: Celebrating 100 Years of the Harley-Davidson
When I was Little - The Baby Picture Project
Time Tales (collection of old photographs)
Dogs in Cars
Chicago Uncommon Photographs
UK Nights - Night Photography in the UK
Shinkansen Photo Gallery - Japanese Bullet Trains
Satan's Laundromat - Brooklyn based Photolog
Communist Store Windows by David Hlynsky
Black and White Photography of New York and London
Pictures 4 Learning: 100 Most Popular Images
Deserted Farms
Escape Rail - Photographs of Fire Escapes
Colors 58 - Photo Studio (portraits)
Cal's Gallery Plus - Structures Slideshow (with midi music)
Cal's Gallery Plus - Baby Animal Slideshow (with midi music)
14 to 42: New York City Signs
On Fire: Kansas Prairie Fires Photographs by Larry Schwarm
Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection
King County Snapshots (Seattle and surrounding communities)
Ethnomusicology Musical Instrument Collection
Earth Science Picture of the Day
Library of Congress: History of the American West
The World Wide Panorama
NASA Cities Collection (Astronaut Photography of Cities)
The Visual Record
New England Ruins - by Rob Dobi
Undercity - New York City
New York City Photo Gallery
Stones in my Pathway - photography by Bill Steber
Opening Eyes: Saving Site in Asia (photo essay)
Fire Flowers - Japanese Fireworks (Flash)
Pittsburgh Signs
Ken Rockwell Photo Gallery
Wisconsin Historical Society: H. H. Bennett Photographer Extraordinaire
The Best of Still Photojournalism 2004
The Nocturnes (night photography)
Bureau of Land Management Historical Photographs
International Snow Sculpture Championships
The Art of Science Photograhy Competition
Noah Kalina - Interiors of Restaurants
Bound for Glory: America in Color, 1939-1943
Cute Overload - blog of cute cute imagery
Fruit Carving - Watermellon Sculpture
Pictures 4 Learning
Beautiful World Photos - Scott Kadlec Photography
Art and Architecture
Frame 37 Photographers
Photography Magazines (JR Hotsites)
Painted Statues - Street Art
Lions of Jerusalem (city site) Lions of Jerusalem (JR site)
Lions of Jerusalem (HS Site) Penguins of Tel-Aviv (Scitex, Heb.)
Cows of New York Cows of Salzburg
Pigs of Seattle Moose of Toronto
Horses in New York Stamford Cow Parade
Pigs of Cincinnati Peanuts on Parade
Horses of Kentucky Charlie Brown in Minesotta
Fishes of New Orleans Angels of California
Fishes of Virginia Bunnies of Michigan
Pigs of Illinois Bloomington Corn on the Curb
Florida Dolphins Florida Lizart
American Gothic The People Project
Sharks of San Jose Frogs of Ohio
The J Doe Project Bears of Berlin
Baltimore Fish out of Water Arlington Ponies on Parade
New Mexico Painted Ponies Mr. Potato Heads of Rhode Island
Satellite Pictures
Weather Service Images Microsoft Terraserver
Earthrise (photos of area) Operational Significant Event Imagery

Selected Quality Sites

Clip Art
Jewish Clip Art (JR Hotsites) The Whole Internet Clipart Guide
Barry's Clip Art Server The Jewish Clipart Database
The ClipArt Directory Birds Clipart
Clip Art Searcher Aaron's Disney Clipart Collection
Baseball Clipart Sports Clipart
GifWorld (animated gif) Large B&W (animals, food, etc)
Animation Factory (animated gif) School Related Clipart
Media Builder Image Library Minigco Clipart Links
Venus Animated Gifs Archive BellsNwhistles (animations & gifs)
Classroom Clipart Free-Graphics Animated Gifs
Clip Art Review (site index) History Clip Art
Earth Science Clipart High Plains School Related Graphics
Country Clipart netCreators - Animated Gifs
A School Year Calendar Discovery School Clipart
Gif Garden Awesome Clipart for Kids
Animal Clip-art Space Science Clip-art
Frog Clip-art & Animations Animal Clipart
Classroom: Anatomy Clip-art Discovery: Heal and Saftey Clip-art
Arthur's Medical Clipart Soccer Clipart
Original Student Clipart Disney Clipart
UVic's Language Teaching Clipart Library Teacher Files Clipart
Open Clip Art Library
Graphics / Banner Generators (very good)
MediaBuilder 3D Text Maker Cool Text - Online Graphics Generator
The Banner Generator Form Flaming Text - Text, Images, Banners
Old Fashioned Clipart
Iconology (6,000 icon/gifs ) Clip Art Warehouse
Animated Email Gif's Animation Central
Graphic X Kingdom Leo's Icon Archive (7,000+)
My Social Buttons
Background's (for web pages)
Resources: Graphics - Backgrounds (JR Hotsites)
Color Pictures Complete Guide to Cows
Signature Museum
Free Outlook Express Staionary Microsoft Clip Gallery
Font Collections (JR Hotsites: Software)
Commercial Posters / Art
All Wall: Poster Store
All Posters
Poster Now
Push Posters (music posters)
Art Prints
News Portraits
Vintage Posters - Chisholm Larsson Gallery
Enjoy Art (vintage posters)
Jeru Art - Israeli Poster Center
Jewish: Art (JR Hotsites)
Related Links
Museums (JR Hotsites)
Jewish: Museums (JR Hotsites)
Israel: Tourism (JR Hotsites)
Entertainment: Astronomy - Includes Many Pictures Sites (JR Hotsites)
Medical: Images (JR Hotsites)

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