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Exodus Ship (1947)
Ben Gurion Proclaims State (1948)
Convoy to Jerusalem (1948)
Trial of Adolf Eichman (1961)
Blowing of Shofar at Kotel (1967)
Entebbe Rescue - Hercules (7/76)
Entebbe Rescue - Mercedes (7/76)
Entebbe Rescue - Back Home (7/76)
Entebbe Rescue - Jonathan Netnayahu Z"L
Sadat in the Knesset (1977)
Vietnam Refugees Arriving in Israel (1979)
      Article about Vietnamese Refugees
Operation Solomon - in Plane (5/91)
Operation Solomon (5/91)
IAF Jets Fly Over Auschwitz (9/2003)
Three Soliders at the Kotel (1967 and 2007) (5/07)

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First Israeli Astronaut in Space (01/2003)
Gulf War 2003 - Israeli Preparations (03/2003)
The Human Chain (07/2004)

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