1936 Letter
from: Baruch Charney Vladeck in New York
to: the Richman family in Haifa, Israel

In 1936, Baruch Charney Vladeck (manager of the Jewish Forward)
wrote a letter to my grandparents who were living in Haifa. (also lived in Tzfat)
I scanned the original letter and posted it below.

Mentioned in the letter:

Jake is Jacob Meir Richman z"l my grandfather
Rose is Rose Richman z"l my grandmother
Alice is Alice Charney (Richman) z"l my aunt
Shulamith is Shulamith Yarkoni (Richman) z"l my aunt
Chanah is Chanah Berman (Richman) z"l my aunt
Baruch is Baruch Richman z"l my uncle
Itzik is Abraham Isaac Richman z"l my dad

Baruch who wrote the letter was:

Baruch Charney Vladeck (1886-1938) born in Russia and emerged as one of the leading figures of the U.S. Jewish socialist movement of the twentieth century. He was general manager of The Jewish Daily Forward from 1918 to 1938 and was elected to the New York City Board of Alderman and the City Council.

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