Richman Historical Photos and Documents

Updated: February 4, 2014

Avraham Itzhak and Hennia Richman
Jacob and Nili's Parents

Hennia Richman at Bialik School

In memory of my Mother

Avraham Itzhak and Hennia Richman
Ketubah and Marriage Certificate
July 22, 1956

Avraham Itzhak Richman's Birth Certificate
(Government of Palestine - 1926)

Avraham Itzhak Richman's Elementary School Certificate
(Tamuz 5701 - July 1941, Tzfat)

My Roots - Caspi, Grayevski - Jerusalem
(my mother's side)

Pinchas Grayevsky and Family (1873) - Jerusalem

Shmuel and Tziviah Caspi - Jerusalem

My Roots - Richman - USA, Tzfat, Haifa
(my father's side)

Jack and Rose Richman

Jack and Rose Richman
Wedding Invitation and Ketubah
June 9, 1918

Jack Richman Alarm - 1914

Jack (Jacob) Richman's Passport Application
to Travel to Israel and Make Aliyah in 1922

Jack Richman Tzfat Identity Cards - 1927, 1949

Jack Richman - Group Photo (Tzfat, 1930's??)

1933 Invitation for
Baruch Richman's Brit Milah in Haifa
(my uncle)

Churban Beit Zeitim
Ransacking of the Richman House in Beit Zeitim

1936 Letter
from Baruch Charney Vladeck in New York
to the Richman family in Haifa, Israel

Jack Richman Memorial Monument in Tzfat

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