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Updated: April 24, 2014

International Holocaust Rememberance Day

    First Day Cover (FDC)

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Heros and Matyrs Day - 1973

50th Year of Yad Vashem

The Holocaust Martyrs' and Hero's Remembrance Authority

This stamp depicts a teddy bear wearing the yellow star, with a Page of Testimony in the background. Pages of Testimony, collected by Yad Vashem, commemorate the names and preserve the memory of Holocaust victims. The inspiration for the teddy bear motif was provided by the “No Child’s Play” exhibition in the Art Museum at Yad Vashem. Amongst the toys on display is a teddy bear that accompanied a young girl during the dark years of the Holocaust as she and her family fled from Transylvania to Siberia.

Holocaust and Revival (2003)

Past and Future in Our Hands
International Holocaust Remembrance Day (2010)

    First Day Cover (FDC)

    Hebrew Flyer     English Flyer

Flags over the Ghetto (2013)
   (70th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising)

   First Day Cover (FDC)

    Hebrew Flyer     English Flyer

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