Israeli Stamps - Index 2004

Updated: November 4, 2013

Stamps Issued: December 2004
Bank of Israel - 50 Years    FDC

   Hebrew Flyer    English Flyer

Ben-Gurion Airport - Terminal 3    FDC

   Hebrew Flyer    English Flyer

Telabul 2004 - Design a Stamp    FDC

   Hebrew Flyer    English Flyer

Philately Day - Mailboxes in Israel    FDC

   Hebrew Flyer    English Flyer

Stamps Issued: August 2004
Bread in Israel   First Day Cover (FDC)

   Hebrew Flyer   English Flyer

Ben-Gurion Heritage Center

   Hebrew Flyer   English Flyer

Adventure Stories   First Day Cover (FDC)

   Hebrew Flyer   English Flyer

"Herzliya" Hebrew High School

Athens 2004 Gold Olympic Medal

   Souvenir Leaf   First Day Cover (FDC)

Related Link: Pictures of Athens 2004 Olympic Gold

Stamps Issued: July 2004
Theordor Herzl (1860-1904)

Athens 2004 Olympics

National Insurance Institute (50 years)

Stamps Issued: May 2004
Cenetennial of the Great Synagogue of Rome    FDC

   English Flyer    Hebrew Flyer    Picture of Synagogue

   Clock Towers






   FDC #1    FDC #2    Hebrew Flyer    English Flyer

FIFA Association (1904-2004)    Plate Block

Stamps Issued: February 2004
Menachem Begin Heritage Center

      First Day Cover (FDC)

   Hebrew Flyer   English Flyer

Ilan Ramon

   First Day Cover (FDC)   Plate Block

   Hebrew Flyer   English Flyer

Related Link: In Memory of Ilan Ramon

IDF Memorial Day - 2004    FDC

Stamps Issued: January 2004


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