Jacob Richman's
Training and Consulting Services

    Feeling hopeless about your lack of computer skills?

    Frustrated by a new program?

    Are manuals, guides and videos just making you more confused?

    Are your relatives, friends, and your next door neighbor's kids
    trying to help you, but they simply do not have the patience to
    teach you at your own pace?

    Did you take a course, but it did not focus on
    what you wanted to learn?

    Finding a technology person who has the knowledge
    AND knows how to teach at your level and pace may be
    your best solution.

    I, Jacob Richman, have over 36 years of experience in the computer field
    and I have taught hundreds of students on a wide range of topics.
    Whether you are a beginner who needs to start from the basics
    or you know the basics, but want to learn more practical and
    easier ways to do things, I can help you.

    I offer one-on-one personalized training in your home or office
    on your own computer, tablet or smartphone.
    Whatever your needs are I will tailor the training
    to your specific requirements.
    My rates are reasonable and I have flexible hours.

    Here are a few sample topics I offer:

  • Learning how to navigate Windows 10

  • Helping you set up a Google gmail account and using its rich features

  • Basics of Microsoft Word

  • Using alternative word processors

  • Installing and using the freeware VLC media player
    (a hightly rated free music and video player)

  • Installing and using the free (non-commercial use) IrFanview Graphic Viewer
    (a popular and fast compact image viewer and converter)

  • Improving your Internet search skills

  • How to use social networks (including Facebook)

  • Connecting with people who have similar interests as you

  • How to get the most out of your smartphone

  • Sharing photos with friends and relatives

  • Android applications that can make your life easier

    For your business:

  • Internet marketing to give your business the competitive edge

  • Internet research to learn about your competitors

  • Using social media to promote your product / service

  • Finding business leads from groups, forums, and mailing lists

  • Creating and promoting a Facebook business page

  • Google Analytics and Google Console - powerful free tools
    to track your website visitors

  • How and when to advertise and how to measure its success

    The above list is just a small sample of topics I can cover with you.
    I suggest that you write down the specific topics that you
    want to learn (including ones not listed) and contact me
    with the prepared list and questions you may have.
    I am based in Ma'ale Adumim and I am offering one-on-one
    training in Ma'ale Adumim and Jerusalem.

    I can be reached by phone at 02-535-2520
    or email at: jrichman@jr.co.il

    Looking forward to helping you learn how to use the
    technology that is right at your fingertips.

    Have a great day,

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