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Recently, I was asked to look at an old cellphone and see if I can figure out how to change one of the options. It was a feature that was not on the menus. I realized that the only way to figure it out was to look at the manual. The person did not have the manual. The company name was on the phone but no model number. I did some research on the phone, found the model, and downloaded the manual from the cellphone company's website. I found the hidden feature which was how to turn the phone vibration on/off on a temporary basis. It was probably turned off by acccident and no one knew how to turn it back on. I used the PDF search feature (Ctrl + F) to search for the text: vibrat (for vibrate and vibration).
The answer was on pages 12 and 54 of the LG manual.

Many people who are part of the older babyboomer generation, may not be as computer savy as millennial teenagers, and may not know the steps to find and download the correct manual and find the feature in question. That is where I can help.

If you need help in learning 1-2 features, it may be possible to walk it through on the phone without one on one / face to face training. I may not be familiar with every phone out there, but I will at least try and find the manual and the specific feature you want to change.

Currently, I am limiting my cellphone help and training to the Android based phones. I may learn Apple iphones in the future.

When reading the PDF manual online, use the PDF reader's search key (ctrl + F) to look for your feature in the manual. Note that the word you are looking for may appear in several places in the manual. Most search functions have a down arrow or "find next" option.

PDF files of Cellphone Manuals

Manuals will open in a new window / tab

LG B470 - AT&T-LGN470 (flip phone) (106 pages, Size = 950kb, 2015)

LG M700n (138 pages, Size = 4.2 meg, 2017)

LG G6 H870 - English Manual (155 pages, Size = 7.2 meg, 2017)

LG G6 H870 - Hebrew Manual (306 pages, Size = 9.8 meg, 2017)

LG M700n Manual (138 pages, Size = 4.2 meg, 2017)

Nokia 105 Manual (25 pages, size = 750 kb, 2014)

Samsung S3 GT-I9300 (EU Jellybean) (185 pages, size = 14.5 meg, 2012)

Samsung Galaxy J3 Manual (335 pages, size = 10.09 meg, 2016)

Samsung Galaxy J5 Manual (141 pages, size = 8.07 meg, 2017)

Samsung Galaxy S7 Pro Manual (141 pages, size = 7.8 meg, 2017)

Samsung Galaxy S8 Manual (141 pages, size = 8.07 meg, 2017)

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro / Grand Prime Pro Manual (127 pages, size = 5.6 meg, 2018)

Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Manual (98 pages, size = 6.1 meg, 2015)

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