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May 13, 2018

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Shavuot - Cheesecakes, Water & Torah Study
Shavuot Song - "Stay Up All Night"
Greenery in the Shul on Shavuot - Halacha Yomit
Lori Almost Live: Shavuot -- Standing at Sinai
Underage Underwriters - Shavuot Video
Kosher Cheescake with Illini Chabad
Kosher Cheescake with Illini Chabad Part 2
How it's Made: Cheese
Moses Comes to Long Beach
Jewish Torah Insights: Shavuos - Shavuot
Episode #16 Feed Me Bubbe - Blintzes
Israeli Shavuot festival 2007
Sheva Minim (song, Ofra Chaza)
Shibolim (song, Kibbutz Band - PG dress)
Preparing Individual Cheese Cakes (Hebrew)
Isru Chag and the Days Following Shavuot
Learn Hebrew Shavuot Video
Crash Course on Shavuot
Hebrew Shavuot commercial for Osem flour
Hebrew Shavuot commercial for Megabool
Shavuot: No Boundaries - Lori Almost Live
Harry's Video Blog - Upon Further Review: Shavuot
Jkidphilly Celebrates Shavuot
Yeshivat Maale Gilboa - Shavuot
Shavuot Song - Uzi Hitman (Hebrew)
1974 Children's TV Show on Shavuot
Harry's Video Blog - All Hands On Deck: Shavuot
Supersol Commercial
Tnuva Commercial
Tnuva Cheesecake Commercial
World Mizrachi: Two Minute Torah: Shavuot
Joy of Kosher: Best Ever Blintzes
Supersal Shavuot Commercial (Hebrew)
Hebrew Shavuot commercial for Prigat
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin speaks about Shavuot (Bamidbar)
Shavuot Medley with Micha Gamerman (Official Animation Video)
"Don't Stop" - Aish Detroit Shavuot video
BimBam: What is Shavuot? A Cheesy Holiday for Jewish Learning
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin: Shavuot - "Torah Lights" 5778

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