Educational Resources for Shavuot

Begins on Saturday Night - May 19, 2018

Updated: May 6, 2018

Selected Shavuot Sites (5778 - 2018)
Chabad: Virtual Shavuot
The Ohr Somayach Shavuot Pages
Shavuot at Aish HaTorah
The Jewish Trivia Quiz: Shavuot
Torah Tots: Shavuot Fun & Games
NJOP: Shavuot Guide
Jewish Heritage Online Magazine
Jewish Magazine: Shavuot
Project Genesis: Divrei Torah On Shavuos
OU: Shavuot
Torah from Dixie Shavuot Articles
Virtual Cantor: Megillat Ruth (mp3's)
Lookstein Center Lesson Plans: Shavuot
Shema Yisrael: Shavuot
WebShas: Shavuot
Bar-Ilan Univer.: Shavuot Torah Artilces
Eliezer Segal: Articles about Shavuot
The Book of Ruth
Judaism 101: Shavu'ot
Midrash Ben Ish Hai: Sephardi Customs
Jewish Interactive: Shavuot Resources
Bev: Student Activities for Shavuot
Learn 22 Shavuot Hebrew Phrases (with audio)


English - Hebrew
Vocabulary Study Sheets

Shavuot Hebrew Sites
Miotix: Shavuot
Daat: Shavuot Torah Articles
Moreshet: Shavuot Torah Articles
Ministry of Education: Toranit: Shavuot
Bar-Ilan Univer.: Shavuot Torah Articles
Kipa: Shavuot
Chabad in Israel: Shavuot
Bet El Yeshiva: Shavuot
Yeshiva Maalot: Shavuot
Kaye College of Ed.: Index of Shavuot Sites / Information
Shavuot Russian Sites
Machanaim: Shavuot
Shavuot Spanish Sites Shavuot
Masuah: Shavuot
Shavuot Portugese Sites
Chabad Brazil - Shavuot
WebJudaica - Shavuot
Shavuot French Sites
Modia: Shavuot

Shavuot Photo Gallery

Shavuot Recipes
Jewish-Food List: Shavuot Recipes
Beit HaChatulim Eats Dairy for Shavuot
Pesto Shavuot Recipes (in Hebrew)

Shavuot Stamps

Shavuot Graphics
Gillian's Shavuot Stationery
Shavuot Clip Art

The Jewish Clipart Database: Shavuot

Learn Hebrew Phrases - Shavuot

YouTube Videos about Shavuot


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The Jewish Trivia Quiz - Shavuot

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Shavuot Multi-Lingual Word Search

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Below are Sample Pages in English, Hebrew, Russian

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Shavuot Online Coloring Book

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