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Updated: August 9, 2018

Be'er-Sheva City Info

Be'er-Sheva Municipality
Israel21C: The Transformation of Beersheva
NBN Community Guide: Beer-Sheva
Wikipedia: BeerSheba
Battle of Beersheba (1917)
American Friends of Soroka Medical Center
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Beer Sheva City
My Beer-Sheva - Climate & Tips
My Beer-Sheva - Parks & Promenades

Be'er-Sheva Weather Forecast

Israel Meteorological Service
AccuWeather Forecast

Be'er-Sheva Videos

Watch 12 Be'er-Sheva Videos
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Be'ersheba and Abraham - Bibledex in Israel
Be'er-Sheva - Places
Bedouin Market in Be'er Sheva Israel
Tourism in Israel's Negev Desert is Blooming
Israel Air Force Museum
JNF Is Revitalizing Be'er Sheva & The Negev
History of Soroka Hospital (Hebrew)
Soroka Hospital - Results of Donations
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev - Dreams Can Come True
Truly Amazing Advanced Solar Cell from Israel
Israel Negev Mitzpe Ramon
65th Israel Independence Day - Be'er Sheva

Learn Hebrew Phrases about Beer-Sheva

Maps of Be'er-Sheva

Beer Sheva - A Map for Students
City2map: Beer-Sheva Map
Hoodmaps: Beer Sheba
Map of Beer-Sheva (Mapquest)
Be'er Sheva Map - Israel Google Satellite Maps
Beersheba Cycling Trails

Be'er-Sheva Buses, Trains, Taxis

Bus Lines Which Pass through Beersheba
Egged Intercity Bus Service
Dan Beer Sheva Bus Service (Hebrew)
Israel Railways
Be'er-Sheva Taxis

Be'er-Sheva Sites - Places to Visit

Tel Beer Sheva Archeological Park (Hebrew)
Tel Beer Sheva Archeological Park (English)
Beersheva River Park
The Beduin Shuk / Market in Beersheva
Be'er Avraham
The Negev Zoo
The Israeli Air Force Museum
The Negev Museum of Art
Israel Bible Museum of Be-er Sheva
The Center for the Performing Arts
The Light Opera Group of the Negev (LOGON)
Be'er Sheva Theater (Hebrew)
Over Israel Hot Air Balloons
The Ramon Crator

Be'er-Sheva Photos / Pictures

Beer Sheva Photos From TrekEarth
All Travels: Photos of BeerSheba
Photos of Beer-Sheva on Flickr
Tel Beer sheva
Tel Beersheba
Ben-Gurion University
Israel Air Force Museum
Negev Museum of Art
The Negev Zoo

Be'er-Sheva Kosher Restaurants

Do not rely on this list for Kashrut
Check for up-to-date Kashrut Certificate in Restaurant

Arabica - 12 Herzl
Biga - 21 Derech Hevron (in Big Center)
Butchery - 22 Haistadrut Street
Pizza Agvania - 1 Hel Hahandasa (Big Center)
Ringelblum - 86 Ringelblum Street

Be'er-Sheva and Negev Hotels

Leonardo Hotel Negev
Isrotel Beresheet Hotel (near Ramon Crater)
Isrotel Ramon Inn (near Ramon Crater)
Beit Yatsiv Youth Hostel

Be'er-Sheva Community Sites

Kehilat Beerot
Beit Moriah
AACI Beer-Sheva
AACI Beer-Sheva Activities

Be'er-Sheva Online

Community Mailing List
Yahoo Group - Anglobeersheba

Be'er Sheva Facebook Pages / Groups
Beer Sheva Municipality
Be'er-Sheva's English Speakers
Secret Beer Sheva
Old City Be'er Sheva
Mynet Beer Sheva (News, Hebrew)
Beer Sheva News
Branza News
Sheva News
Ben Gurion University
Beit Moriah
TCB - Beer Sheva Technical College
Friends of Soroka Medical Center
Beer Sheva Country Club
Beer Sheva City - Capital of the South
Be'er Sheva Theater
Pizza Agvania
Hapoel Beer Sheva FC (Soccer)
Hapoel Be'er Sheva Fan Page (soccer)
Beer Sheva - Buying and Selling
Beer Sheva - Buying and Selling #2
Beer Sheva Second Hand
I Love Beer Sheba
Be'er Sheva Apartments/Roommates/Sublets
Olim Department Be'er Sheva
Big Be'er Sheva
Grand Canion Beer Sheva
Israel Sinfonietta Beer Sheva
Tech Sheva
TET-A-TET Dance Studio
OB7 - Organic Food in and around Beer Sheva (English)
Childhood Memories in Be'er Sheva (Hebrew)
NBN Go Beyond South (English)
Abraham's Well (Hebrew)

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