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Updated: August 6, 2018

Selected Sites

Jerusalem Hotsites

Cave of the Patriarchs (Me'arat Hamachpelah)
Rachel's Tomb
eLuna - discounts to kosher restaurants
Israel Ministry of Tourism
Eretz Weekly Magazine
A Biblical Tour of Israel
Ohr Somayach: Love of the Land
Access Israel - Guide for the Disabled & Elderly Tourists to Israel
Tel-Aviv Hotsites
Haifa Hotsites
Be'er Sheva and the Negev Hotsites
Eliat Hotsites
Moreshet (W. Galilee)
Ma'aleh Adumim
Beit Shemesh
Ramat-Negev Tourism (E/H)
Negev 180 (Hebrew)
Safed (Zefat)
Old Akko
Ein Bokek (Dead Sea Shore)
Dead Sea Tourism Guide
The Dead Sea
Eilat Coral World
The Eilat History Museum (Hebrew)
Israel Nature & National Parks Authority (Hebrew, very good)
Hadassah Mag.: Jewish Traveler - The Golan Heights
Combined Caesarea Expeditions
Neot Kedumim - The Biblical Landscape Reserve
Genesis Land (recreating the life of our forefathers)
Gems in Israel (lesser know places)
Izrael (list of kibbutzim and travel agents)
Tzofiah Women's Tours
Traveling Through Israel with Your Kids
Discover Israel Inside - Tourism Guide
Ein Hod Artists' Village
Archaeological Sites in Israel
Dilim (Hebrew)
Weekend (Hebrew)
Israel Travel Net
Keshet Educational Tours
Chen Travel
Net Travel (Hebrew)
Tzabar (Hebrew)
Travel Market (Hebrew)
David Bellin's Israel Travel Tips
Akhlah: Major Cities and Sites in Israel
Jewish Life in Jericho (English and Hebrew)
Nat Tours Israel
Artzeinu Tours
Tel Aviv Travel Guide
The Israeli Tourism Guide
Israel Travel Tips
IsraStop - Israel Tourist Information
Drive-Israel: Resources for Car Trips in Israel
Touring Israel - Private Guides
Tour Israel
Guide in Israel
Dimui - specialist photography tours in Israel
Better Place Center (electric car)
Tourist Israel - Israel Travel Guide
Aaron Shaffier - Israel Tour Guide
Custom Israel Tours
The Israel Travel Company
Israel Best Trips
Israel Tourism Sites in Foreign Languages

Israeli Hotels and Hostels and Accomodations
Israel Hotel Association
Israel Hotel Center
Israel Hotel Guide
Cyber Travel Network - Israel Hotels (discounts)
Explore Israel (hotel bookings)
Booking Israel
Israel Kibbutz Hotels
Israel Youth Hostel Association
Israel Hostels
Anywhere in Israel - a place to go for Shabbot
Yishi Country Inn

Israel Holiday Apartments
Gan Nofesh (Hebrew Site)
Zimmer - B&B in the Galilee
B&B (Zimmer) Accommodation in Israel
Israel Vacation Rentals - Holiday Apartments
Resort (Hebrew)
Israel Holiday Apartments - Jerusalem
Bed & Breakfast Holiday Apartments (Jerusalem)
Good Morning Jerusalem Holiday Apartments
Oded Niv Jerusalem Holiday Apartments
A Little House in the Colony (German Colony, Jerusalem)
A Little House in the Baka (Jerusalem)
Hotels Plus - Jerusalem's lodging directory
Ilana Shoket Guest House - Bet-Zyit (near Jerusalem)
Lodging in Jerusalem
Harnof Rental
Jerusalem Lodges
Jerusalem Holiday
Related: Israel - Real Estate - Jerusalem Rentals

Israel Transportation
El Al Airlines
Arkia Air Lines
Egged Bus Schedules and Prices
Dan Bus Schedules
Israel Railways
Ben Gurion Airport - Arrivals - English
Ben Gurion Airport - Departures - English
Ben Gurion Airport - Arrivals - Hebrew
Ben Gurion Airport - Departures - Hebrew

Life in Israel
Letters from Israel
Postcards from Israel
Jerusalem Diaries
Sand Lines
Life in Israel (blogspot) by Brian Blum
Israel and Me
KIC - Keeping It Current
If I forget thee.....
Chayyei Sarah
Fun Joel's Israel
Israel Inside Out
See also: Jewish/Israeli Blogs (JR Hotsites)
Israel Travel Logs and Pictures
Satellite Images of Israel
Israel in 3d - Panoramic Images
Videos about Israel on YouTube
Jerusalem Pictures (JR Hotsites)
Israel in Pictures (JR Pictures)
Mini Israel (models of famous places in Israel, JR Pics)
Mini Israel Website
Israel Photo Scrapbook - 1997
Israeli Landscapes
Aviva's Jerusalem Scrapbook 5760 (travel log)
Yoav Bar-Am Tour in Israel
Posters of Israel - Shai Ginott
Gush Katif
Photographs by Abba Richman (not related to Jacob)
Guy Shachar Power Point Presentations on Israel
Our Journey Begins - May 2008 travel log to Israel
BikeAbout Gallery (many images)
Other Israel Picture Sites
Virtual Jerusalem 360 degree iPix Pictures
"Back Home" Photograph Exhibit (English and Hebrew)
National Photo Collection
Album of Plants of Israel
Migrating Birds
Israel Virtual Tour (360 degree pictures)
Pictures 4 Learning: Israel
About Israel: Moving Ariel Pictures of Israel
Pictures of Jerusalem on Flickr (JR Hotsites)
Israel Commercial Photography
Art Photography by Yoel Harel
Photography by Jon Arnold
Israel Images (Stock Photo Agency)
Photo Zion (Stock Photo Agency)
Bible Places
Israel Map Sites
Maps of Israel (Hebrew)
Maps of Jerusalem & Tel-Aviv (English)
eMap (Hebrew, includes Ma'aleh Adumim)
eMap (Maps of Israel in English)
Walla Maps & Street Finder (Hebrew)
Yellow Pages Maps & Street Finder (like above)
Israel Maps (JR Things)
Distances Between Cities
Map of Hoze-Israel (Toll Highway #6, Hebrew)

Israel Car Rental Companies
Avis Budget
Eldan Hertz
Tamir Car Rental Shlomo Sixt
Israel Cellular Phone Rental Companies
Israel Phones
TLC Communications
Tikshoret Besheva
Talk 'n' Save
Amigo Cell Phone Rentals
ATS Israel

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Jewish Holiday: Yom Ha'atzmaut Sites (JR Hotsites)
Israel: News Sites (JR Hotsites)
Why Aliyah? (JR Aliyah Site)

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