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Updated: August 29, 2018

My Aliyah Anniversary Video

Videos about Aliyah to Israel
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Arutz Sheva greets the Aug 2018 Nefesh B'Nefesh immigrants
Ben-Gurion Airport (2.58 minutes)
August 2018 NBN Aliyah Charter Flight Webcast (1 hour 52 minutes)
July 2018 Arutz Sheva accompanies immigrants
from JFK to Ben Gurion (7.14 minutes)
July 2018 NBN Aliyah Charter Flight Webcast (1 hour 23 minutes)
August 2017 NBN Charter Aliyah Flight Highlights (3.05 minutes)
July 2017 NBN Charter Aliyah Flight Highlights (3.17 minutes)
August 2016 NBN Charter Aliyah Flight Highlights (3.41 minutes)
August 2016 NBN Aliyah Charter Flight Webcast (2 hours 22 minutes)
NBN July 2016 Charter Flight Highlights (3.49 minutes)
July 2016 Aliyah Charter Flight Webcast (1 hour 57 minutes)
NBN July 2015 Charter Flight Highlights (3.48 minutes)
July 2015 Aliyah Charter Flight Webcast (1 hour 44 minutes)
2014 Mega Event Presentation Video
Make Aliyah Today: NBN August 2013 Highlights
NBN July 2013 Highlights
NBN Energy
Take your part in history
Aliyah: Live the Dream - Israel - My Soul
NBN: Follow Me to Israel
Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky- Excerpt, Tisha B'Av 2013
MK Dov Lipman Speaking at Nefesh B'Nefesh Aliyah Ceremony
Israel: Come Back ... Come Back Home
Promised Land (The Aliyah Song)
Soldier Aliyah Program - English - Nefesh B'Nefesh
Welcome to Israel
NBN: Building a Stronger Israel One Oleh at a Time
This Is My Israel
Chinese Jews from Kaifeng arrive in Israel 2009
Eight Days- NBN Chanuka Music Video (Chanukah 5771)
Nefesh B'Nefesh Hanukkah Flash Mob (Jerusalem 5770)
Making Aliyah (London to Israel)
You Have Reached Your Destination (London to Israel)
J&M Make Aliyah (London to Israel)
The Schwell Family Journey Home
INR Director Accompanies New Olim To Israel
From France To Israel - An Anthem for Aliyah
Aliyah - 1 Year
Rabbi Lazer Brody - Come on Home
Free Your Mind (Matrix parody)
To Live In Israel The Promised Land
Aliya Mosaic part 1 (lighthearted sharing of aliya experiences)
Aliya Mosaic part 2 (with British comedian Grant Crankshaw)
Aliyah and Engagement of Olim
NBN 5769 in Review - Shana Tova
Nefesh B'Nefesh singles flight (Dec 30, 2009)
Arrival of Nefesh B'Nefesh Flight, Dec 30, 2009
Aliyah Down the Line
Hello! Welcome Back Home, Israel !
Aliyah Tekes
How do you say soldier in Hebrew?
Aliyah: Home Is Where the Heart Is
Story of an Olah (in Hebrew)
Meet the Olim - Nefesh B'Nefesh July 12 Flight, Summer 2012
Joy of Aliyah #2 - The Announcement Episode
Nefesh B'Nefesh: 10 Years, 30,000 Olim and Counting!
10 Years Later, Nefesh B'Nefesh Founders
Joy of Aliyah #4 - The US Lift Episode
Destination: Zion Trailer
NBN Bring More Olim to Israel
Joy of Aliyah #7 - Last 24 hrs/The Flight Episode
Joy of Aliyah #8 - Welcome to Israel Episode
Joy of Aliyah #10 - The Finale - Living the Dream
Lech Lecha - Does that Mean Me?
Cellcom Commercial - Aliyah Reunion
Nefesh B'Nefesh & FIDF Lone Soldiers Program
Video of PM Netanyahu speech about the Tanach and Aliyah
at the end of the 2014 International Bible Contest
Tisha B'Av, Eretz Yisrael, and the Geula HD
The Oleh's Tfilah (Hebrew song)
History of Israel Videos
Additional Videos about Israel

History of Israel

Olim Photo Gallery

Olim Photo Gallery

Over 12,000 aliyah photos

Articles about Aliyah to Israel
Lech Lecha: Why will YOU make aliya? (10/2017)
Ask any 8 year old (11/2016)
We should all move to Israel, the world's mirage (10/2016)
Teaching Aliya (9/2016)
The Privilege of Being in Eretz Yisrael (7/2015)
Why you Should Move to Israel (5/2015)
Why Live Here? (7/2014)
Privileges of Aliya (5/2014)
What are you waiting for? (2/2014)
A different answer to "Are we there yet?" (7/2013)
What attracts young Jewish people to Israel
and why it is important ? (2/2013)
Orthodox Jews and the Aliya Crisis (3/2013)
100-year-old man among 2012's olim (12/2012)
Bnei Menashe in Israel: 'It's a dream' (12/2012)
Homeward bound: Why I’m making aliya (8/2012)
Aliyah Now A 'Career Move' (9/2011)
Oakland family of six pulling up roots to plant in Israel (5/2011)
How can Jews be 'Orthodox' without living in Israel (4/2011)
'Dr. Aliyah' and the Rabbi Practice What They Preach (7/2010)
Family moves to Israel 2010: the new aliyah (7/2010)
Hundreds from North America move to Israel (7/2010)
Dreams Confront Reality On Pilot Israel Campus Trip (6/2010)
More and More Bay Area Jews Moving to Israel (6/2010)
History Won't Wait For You (1/2010)
There's no place like home (4/2010)
In Their Merit (9/2009)
Does God Care Where We Live? (6/2009)
California, here I come - back to my home in Israel (8/2008)
Three Houston families to make August aliyah (8/2008)
Spying Out The Land (6/2008)
They can go home again! (5/2008)
Another Ultimate Commuter (4/2008)
Moving to Israel (10/2007)
Aliyah Summer (8/2007)
Why We Chose to Make Aliyah (7/2007)
Great Grandma makes Aliyah (3/2007)
The Aliyah Connection (9/2006)
The Real Reasons for Making Aliya (10/2005)
5765 Posts Rise in Aliyah (10/2005)
Goodbye, America - hello, Israel (8/2005)
Two sisters in their 90s make aliyah (12/2004)
An oleh reflects on his year in Israel (7/2004)
Yom Haatzmaut Reflections (4/2004)
Purim, an Aliya Story (3/2004)
So You Want to Move to Israel? (2/2004)
Havard Professor Making Aliyah (12/2003)
A Lech Lecha Parable (10/2003)
From Paris to Jerusalem (01/2003)
Pushing Aliyah (12/2002)
Mom, I'm Moving To Israel
Free To Be and To Do (post retirement in Israel)
To Be an Israeli
Aliya is a four-letter word (02/2002)
Ohr Somayach: Love of the Land (Link)
The Zionist Spark - Hadassah Magazine Article
The Whys of Aliyah (11/2001)
What happened to religious aliyah? (11/2001)
Still the Best Place for Jewish People (07/2001)
The Pioneer Spirit (06/2001)
Why not to make Aliyah (06/2001)
American Jews still move to Israel during Mideast crisis
South Floridians are still moving to Israel (05/2001)
Still Crazy - Why We Made Aliyah (Aish)
New-Wave, New Olim by Jessica Steinberg (04/00)
Reasons from the Aliyah Mailing list (Tachlis, 10/99)
Torah Tidbits #465 - by Phil Chernofsky
Torah Tidbits #424 - by Phil Chernofsky
Torah Tidbits #394 - by Phil Chernofsky
Embracing a Dream: The Exodus to Israel (03/98)
My Fellow Lunatics - by Stuart Schoffman (04/94)
Personal Aliyah Stories
The 2 year Aliyahversary (8/2016)
Moving to Israel by Julie Mendelsohn (8/2011)
The Sussmans b'Aretz - Sentimental at 5 (7/2009)
Matt / משה Made Aliyah - What was going through my head (7/2009)
Elan Miller - So this is it! (6/2009)
David De Zwirek - Why I Moved to Israel (6/2009)
Shmuel Katz - Spying Out The Land Again (6/2009)
Shmuel Katz - Spying out the Land (6/2008)
Cegal Ilan
Steve M. Solomon
Lenny Solomon
Adam Halley
Shalva del Castillo
Leiah Elbaum
Jonathan Levin
Judy Lash Balint
Shmuel Carit (74 kb)
Jacob Richman's Aliyah Articles
Jacob Richman - 25 Years in Israel (8/2009)
Israel's 50th Anniversary - by Jacob Richman (04/1998)

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HaRav Shlomo Aviner Shlit'a
Rabbi Outside of Israel or a Simple Jew in Israel?

Original Hebrew Lecture (mp3 audio, 11 minutes)

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