Israel Independence Day

Thursday - April 19, 2018

Updated: April 16, 2018

Selected Sites (5778 - 2018)
Jewish Virtual Library: Israel
Akhlah Children's Network: Facts about Israel
The Jewish Trivia Quiz: Israel
       (over 200 multiple choice questions about Israel)
Aish: Israel Independence Day
Ohr Somayach: Love of the Land
My Jewish Games (Flash site): Israel Geography Game
        Mutilingual Word Search     Hebrew Hangman
        My Jewish Coloring Book - Israel (online/offline)
OU: Israel Independence Day
NJOP: Yom Ha'Atzmaut
Lookstein Center: Yom Ha'atzmaut
A Breslov Perspective on the Holy Land
Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook
HaTikvah - Israel's National Anthem (in English and Hebrew)
Judaism 101: The Land of Israel
Torah Outreach Program: Israel Independence (50)
Flowers and Wild Plants in Israel
The Megiddo Expedition
Jerusalem Hotsites (JR)

Jewish Virtual Library: Zionism
MFA: Israel Timeline of Events Israel's National Anthem Menorah - Israel's National Emblem The Israeli Flag
WZO: The Central Zionist Archives
Etzel - The Irgun Site
The Altalena
Zeev Jabotinsky
Dinur Center: History of the Jewish State (large index)
Aliyah Bet & Machal Virtual Museum
Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls
The Dead Sea Scrolls
We Should Not Forget - Memorial to Terror Victims
Reestablishment of the Menorah

Hatikvah - Israel's National Anthem

Hebrew Video
Text with Nikud (vowels)
and an English Translation

The Israeli Government

The Israeli Knesset - Parliament (English & Hebrew)
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Israel Central Bureau of Statistics - English Press Releases
Gateway to the Israeli Government Websites (Hebrew)
Israeli Government (JR Hotsites)

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF)

The Israel Defense Forces Website (Hebrew)
The Israel Defense Forces Blog (English)
Israel Air Force (English)
Israel Air Force (Hebrew)
IDF Spokesperson's Unit YouTube Channel
Izkor - In Memory of our Fallen Soldiers (Hebrew)
IDF Websites and Resources (JR Hotsites)
Pictures of Our Army (JR Pictures)
History of Israel IDF Stamps

Hebrew and English Prayers

for the State of Israel

Click Here for the
The Jewish Trivia Quiz - Israel

Hebrew Sites
1948 Declaration of Independence (+ Audio of Ben Gurion)
Education Ministry - Israel Independence day
Israel Ministry of Education - Toranit Articles
Galgal Historia
Yeshiva Bet El: Articles about Israel
Daat: Articles about Israel
Moreshet: Yom Ha'Atzmaut on Har Tzion
Kipa: Articles on Zionism
Toward a State 1939-1948
Matach: History of the Israeli Flag
Historic Hebrew Newspapers
Kaye Academic Institute: Large Index of Hebrew Resources
Machanaim: Yom Ha'atzmaut
Other Languages
Netjudaica: Yom Ha'Atzmaut (Portugese)
Hagalil: Yom Ha'Atzmaut (German)

Google Doodles for Israel Independence Day

2018 - 2010

Click here for 2018 animated version

Israel Photo Sites
Jerusalem Picture Gallery
Israel Historical Pictures (JR Pictures)
Israel National Photo Collection
Satellite Images of Israel
Israel in 3d - Panoramic Images
Flickr - The Israel Project
Poster Tales for Yom Ha'atzmaut

Israel Tourism Sites
Israel Ministry of Tourism
Israel Nature & National Parks Authority (Hebrew)
Neot Kedumim - The Biblical Landscape Reserve
Israel Bird Watching Portal
Israel Tourism Sites (JR Hotsites)
Israel Museums
Beth Hatefutsoth - Museum of the Jewish People (Tel-Aviv)
Yad Vashem (Jerusalem)
Israel Museum (Jerusalem)
Hecht Archeology Museum (Haifa)
Jerusalem Bible Land Museum
The Tower of David Museum (Jerusalem)
The Israeli Air Force Museum (Near Be'er Sheva)
Bloomfield Science Museum (Jerusalem)
Tel-Aviv Museum
The Ghetto Fighters' House
    (Route #4 between Akko and Nahariya)
The Jabotinsky Museum (Tel-Aviv)
The Chagall Windows (Jerusalem)
Israel Bible Museum (Be'er Sheva)
The Museum of Italian Jewish Art (Jerusalem)
Eretz Yisrael Museum (Tel-Aviv)
The Palmach Museum (Tel-Aviv)
Ezel Museum (Tel-Aviv, Hebrew))
The Mane-Katz Museum (Haifa)
Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum (Haifa)
The National Maritime Museum (Haifa)
The Israel National Museum of Science,
    Technology and Space (Haifa)
Haifa City Museum (Haifa)
Haifa Museum of Art (Haifa)
Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art (Haifa)
The Israel Railway Museum (Haifa)
The Negev Museum of Art (Be'er Sheva)

Maps of Israel

Jewish Virtual Library: Pre-1948 Maps
Dinur Center: Historical Maps and Atlases
Israel Maps (JR Pictures - Israel)
MFA: Israel's Story in Maps

Israel in Stamps
History of Israel - Postage Stamps
History of Israel: IDF Stamps
History of Israel: Biblical Stamps
Famous Portraits on Israeli Stamps (
Jewish Heritage: Prominent Figures on Israeli Stamps (
Israel Bird Stamps
The Israel Philatelic Federation

Israeli Cooking Recipes
All Recipes
Israeli Food Recipes You Canít Live Without
Cook in Israel
Israel Food Guide
67 Israeli Food Recipes You Need to Try

Israel Clip Art

The Jewish Clipart Database: Israel

Israel Photo Gallery

Israel Independence Day

Facebook Album

Selected Movies / Films about Israel
Cast a Giant Shadow
Giv'at Halfon Eina Ona
Mivtsa Yonatan (Hebrew)
     Operation Thunderbolt (English)
Sallah Shabati

Learn Hebrew Phrases - Israel

Over 550 YouTube Videos about Israel

Aliyah Related Sites

History of Israel

10,000+ Olim Photos

Why Make Aliyah? (moving to Israel)

Articles about Life in Israel

My Aliyah 30th Anniversary Video

Learn Hebrew Sites

English - Hebrew
Israel Vocabulary Study Sheets

Learn Hebrew Signs

Learn Hebrew Signs

They Spoke Hebrew

     Hebrew scenes from popular movies
and television shows

Jacob Richman's Spotify Hebrew Songs Playlist

JR Israel Sites
Israel Hotsites
Israel Export Shopping Sites - Buy Blue and White
Israeli / Jewish Midi Music
Israeli Study Programs
Israeli Volunteer Programs
Articles about the Political Situation
Israel News Sites

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Israeli Food Multi-Lingual Word Search

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Below are Sample Pages in English, Hebrew, Russian

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Israel Online Coloring Book

(Flash site)

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