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Updated: June 4, 2018

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Buy Blue and White

English Sites Geared to Export
Amanda's Designs (jewelry)
Archie Granot Papercuts
Art Creations Unlimited
Arts 'n' Crafts Israel
Asher Kalderon - New Haggadah Artistic Book
Atractive Land - large educational floor map of Israel
Aviram Toledo Handcrafted Jewelry
Barbara Shaw Gifts
Birconim Online
Blue and White Kids (school clothing)
Bubby's Gifts
Bulrush - Designer Diamond Jewelry
Candle Quest - Multiplayer Children Board Game
Carta Publishing
Caesarea Arts
Cardo Gallery
Celebrate Israel (event planning in Israel)
Chocolate Dreams
City of David Store
Coolil - Israeli Designs
Dan Givon Gallery (Silver Judaica)
Darga - Learning Proper Troppe and Pronunciation
Dashcham - Gifts and Baskets from Jerusalem
Dead Sea Cosmetics
Dead Sea Gift Shop
Dead Sea Mineral Cosmetic Products
Dead Sea Premium
e-jewel by Livni Design
Edita Design - Israeli Handcrafted Jewelry
Ein Gedi Cosmetics
Eli7Creations - Handcrafted Judaica
Elsebeth Studio - Fine Rug and Tapestry Design
Enya Keshet Judaica
"Eretz" - Fashionable Judaica
Ethnics Artists' Co-operative
Etz-Ron Wooden Judaica Gift Items
Exquisite Micro-Calligraphy Prints
Gali Gifts - Humorous T-shirts and Gifts
Gans Jerusalem Gifts and Judaica
Gavrielov - Decorative Judaic Metal Craftsmanship
Gefen Jewelry Design
The Gemara Marking System
Gift Israel
Gordon Flowers
Gratiae Cosmetics
Gulko Paintings
Hasofer - Tefillin, Mezuzot & religious articles
Hebrew Birth Plate
Hebrew Calligraphy Gallery by Izzy Pludwinski
Hebron Gift Shop
Hedva Elany Jeweley and Gifts
Holive Holy Land Oil
Holy Land Cakes
Holyland Precious (Jewlery)
I Shop for Israel
IMP Israel Army Surplus
Israeli Art Gallery
Israel Catalog
Israel Diamonds
Israel Flowers Center
Israeli Made
Isragift - Israel Government Coins and Medals
Israel Music
Israel Shop
Israel Store
Israeli-T (Israeli t-shirts)
The Israeli Online Shop
Israeli Products
Israeli Scent
Isroil Olive Oil
Itzuviem by Shulamit Kanter
Jeru Art - Israeli Poster Center
Jerusalem Art by Chana Helen
Jerusalem Compass
Jerusalem Everything - Jewish Israeli Art
Jerusalem Temple Store
JOJO Design (metal furniture and vases)
Judaica Direct
Judaica Heaven
Judaica Mall
Kameo Jewelry Workshop
Ketubah Mazal Tov
Kidron Soap - Handmade Milk and Honey Soaps
Kisufim Gallery (jewelry)
Kosher Casual (modern and modest sportswear)
L.A.K. Creations (promotional & printed gift items)
Land of Israel Necklace
Laura Cowan - Silversmithing & Judaica
Lavi Furniture - Seating for Synagogues
M & M Roses - Roses from Israel
Mavrik Jewelry
Maya Offer Jewellery Design
Mezuzot from Eretz Yisrael
Modest Clothing
Moti Israeli Diamonds
My Israeli Gift
Rakefet Natanson Marom - Sculpture and Print
Name the Necklace ( Personalized Jewelry)
Neta Gov - Handpainted Arts and Crafts
Nomad - Gifts and Photography
Pasarel - Israeli Jewelry
Plugot - T-Shirts & Sweatshirts
Pomegranate Studios - Judaica Textiles and Paintings
Pongo - T-shirts and Souvenirs
Posters of Israel
Rosh-Gadol - Israeli Bobble Head Dolls
Rotem Silver Judaica Arts & Crafts
Scent of Jerusalem
Sharon Goldstein - kids accessories, gifts and Judaica
Shofar Shop
Shop the Rova (Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem)
Shoshana Meerkin - Jerusalem Watercolors
Shraga Landesman - Jewelry, Judaica and gifts
Shop in Israel
Shoshana Gifts
Shorashim of the Old City
Small Judaica - Jewish Gifts & Judaica
Soda Club - Home Soda Maker
Stacy Givon Gallery (jewelry)
STAM - Torah scrolls, megillahs, tefillin, etc..
Stav Jewelry
Sterling Silver Jewelry Boutique
Studio Handelman
Surpriseli - Israeli Gifts
T Max Designs (clothing)
Talit Judaica
Techno Laser - Judaica & Custom Laser Engraving
Temple Model Kits
Temptations - Kosher Dessert Cakes in Israel
The Great Shofar
The Jewish Mall
The Promised Book Land
Trixie & Jane Modest Clothing
Tsel Harim Organic Teas and Herbs
Vivian Simon Personalized Gifts
Week-1 Gifts - Unique Baby Gifts
Woodsong - Door Harps and Musical Instruments
Yair Emanuel Judaica Studio
Yehoshua Weisman Gallery
Yigal Jewelers
Yona Travel Guitar
Your Holy Land Store
ZAHAL- IDF items online store
Zakariya Concept Jewelry Design
Zerach - Israeli Products
11:11 Organic T-Shirts
Jewish: Art (JR Hotsites)
Jewish: Books (JR Hotsites)
Jewish: Judaica (JR Hotsites)
Volunteer Programs in Israel (JR Hotsites)

Support the Israeli Army
A Package from Home
Yashar LaChayal
Pizza for Israeli Soldiers
Pictures of Our Soldiers

Israel Shopping (Hebrew font may be required)
ZAP - Price Comparisons
PriceZ - Israeli food price comparison
including barcode scanner (free app for cellphone)
Get Price - Price Comparisons
BSH (consumerism)
Nana Shops
Olsale (auction)
Israel's Duty Free (at the airport)
Walla Shops
GetIT (auction)
Auction Israel (English)
Last Price Israel
Book / Magazine Sites
Steimatzky Book Stores
Opus Books
Focus Books
Book Shop Dina (Hebrew, used books)
Star Stories
42 - Science Fiction and Fantasy Books (in English)
Ludwig Mayer Jersualem LTD
Jewish Books (JR Hotsites - Jewish)
USA Internet Book Stores (JR Hotsites - Shopping)
Book Reviews (JR Hotsites - Entertainment)
Camera Sites
Roim Olam (for reviews not Israel)
Car Sites
Car 4 Sale
Clicar - Rental Cars for Sale
Egzoz - Used Car Database
Net Car
eCar (car accessories)
Internet Sites for Information (JR Hotsites)
Computers and Software and IT Services
Memory Israel (computer parts)
HP (computers)
Dell Computers
Chip Computers
Yeda (Macintosh Importer)
K.S.P. (computers and parts)
Media Galaxy (cables, connectors, communication equipment)
Datech (computers and parts)
Disk-O-Tech Ltd. (computer data recovery)
Quality Remote Backup (via the Internet)
Overseas Prices (JR Hotsites Computer Shopping)
Electronics / Electrical
Best Buy
Shekem Electronics (Shiki)
Lior Electric Appliances
Traklin Electrical Appliances
Sakal Duty Free (at the airport)
Food, Drugs and Restaurants
eLuna - Coupons for Kosher Restaurants (English)
Gili's Goodies (homemade baked goods)
Naomi Catering
The Cookie Crave Shop
Picture Perfect Pastries
Purim Baskets to Israel
Supersol - NetSal
Drug Store
Daniel Rogov's Israeli Wine
Israeli Wineries and Wines
Wines Israel
Gluten Free Foods (Eng and Heb)
Seasonal Produce in Israel Chart (Heb)
Jewish Recipes (JR Hotsites - Jewish)
Recipes (JR Hotsites - Entertainment)
Recommended Restaurants (JR Website)
Furniture and Home Furnishings
Jeremy Kimchi - Fine Handcrafted Furniture
Israel Furniture Industries Association
Lavi Furniture - Seating for Synagogues
Marom Furniture
Tzameret Furniture
Idea Furniture
Tzora Furniture (office)
NIA (metal office furniture)
Ikea Israel
Rahitim - Furniture Portal (Hebrew)
Mitbachim - Kitchen Portal (Hebrew)
Rva - Flooring and Bathroom Portal (Hebrew)
Miftachim - Doors and Windows Portal (Hebrew)
Garden Planet
Eucalyptop Sawmill
Movie Reviews / Theater Listings
Seret - Israeli Movie Portal
Ticketnet - Tickets to Movies and Theater
Walla Movie Guide
Globus United
Music / Video / DVD
NMC Music
Laser Club (DVD's)
The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra
Living in Harmony (music events and music makers in Israel)
Overseas Prices (JR Hotsites - Shopping Music)
Office Supplies
Office Depot
Misradia - Office Supplies / Equipment
Toys / Games / Kids
Cool Toys
Paper Models
Bubima - Wooden Toys and Puppets
Toy Land
Tsnobar (birthday supply shop)
2 Shekel (birthdays gifts)
Savta's Toys
Overseas Prices (JR Hotsites - Toys)
Israeli Video and Photography Services
SASS Video Productions
Simcha Video Services
Orot ve Tslalim - photography lab and studio
Tinok - Ola & Pavel photographers
Netanel Fenichel Photography
Other Services
Israel Divine Events
Jerusalem Typesetting
Standards Institute: How to Choose a Solar Heating System
Tech River - Services for Startups
12 Print - Israeli Stores that Print Digital Photos
Minus Plus - Course to make & maintain a budget
Itzhak Cohen Houseware and Gifts (inc. Corning Ware dishes)
Office @ Home (products / services - English and Hebrew)
Goldstein & Berger Ltd - American Appliance Service
Electrolysis in Israel
Isracare - Advanced Medical Solutions
Solar Energy in Israel
Ink Services - Hebrew services for English speakers
Israel Ergonomics Consulting
Your American Plumber in Jerusalem
Israel Ergonomics Consulting
Yad2 Apartment Rentals (Hebrew)
Israeli Moving Companies (Hebrew Portal)
Jewish: Judaica (JR Hotsites )
Jewish: Art (JR Hotsites )
Jewish: Books (JR Hotsites )
Israel Tourism / Travel Deals (JR Hotsites)

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