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Life in Israel

Updated: November 7, 2018

Life in Israel

Here’s Why, Despite It All,
Israelis Live Longer (11/2018)

Prof. Rafael A. Beyar

Lost and Found in Israel (8/2018)

Stewart Weiss

Aliyah: Not The "Ultimate Sacrifice" (2/2018)

Batya Medad

Anglos Giving Back (12/2017)

Rivkah Lambert Adler

Loving It Here (10/2017)

Dr. Batya L. Ludman

Forty Years Ago...
...we were prepared to run to make aliyah

David Geffen

Jerusalem at 50: A 2,000 Year Old Dream

Nir Barakat

A Letter from a Tomato

David M. Winberg

A Miracle Staring Us In The Face

Shmuel Sackett

Grandpa returns to the Western Wall

Talam Yahav, Danny Adino Ababa

More than just a Blue-and-White 4th of July

Michael Freund

14 Israeli civilian heroes
to light torches on Independence Day

Itamar Eichner, Noam (Dabul) Dvir

Why I Love Israel

Tamar Yonah

68 newest reasons, plus 1 Why I love Israel

Barbara Sofer

9 of the Best Israeli Snacks (1/2016)

Viva Sarah Press

The Situation (10/2015)

Aharon Wexler

10 things that make Israeli grocery stores unique

Yasmine Shemesh

Israel's Economy Defies Logic (5/2015)

Yoram Ettinger

Israel is Nothing Short of a Miracle (5/2015)

Dror Eydar

67-plus-one New Reasons I love Israel

Barbara Sofer

Kibbutzniks who fled Hitler
welcome 100th great-grandchild

Israel Moskowitz

The Chanukiyot Collection
in Bukharim, Jerusalem (12/2014)

Jacob Richman

Border Police Celebrate Birthday
with Holocaust Survivor in Jerusalem (12/2014)

Anav Silverman

The Train Ride That I Will Never Forget (11/2014)

Jacob Richman

Israel, by the Numbers (11/2014)

Prof. Shlomo Maital

To the Front…and Back (7/2014)

Zev Shandalov

Corner of Love, Beacon of Light (6/2014)

Laura Ben-David

Privileges of Aliya (5/2014)

Alon Tal

IDF Spares No Expense for Soldiers' Seder (4/2014)


Kiddush Cup More Than Half Full (12/2013)

Avi Posen

Welcome, Newbies!
(ProTips for New Olim) (7/2013)

Gila Rose

Synagogue Built on Highway 6 (6/2013)

Kobi Nachshoni

Why I love Israel (4/2013)

Tamar Yonah

Israel's forgotten Betsy Ross (4/2013)

Michael Freund

The Jewish Homeland's House (2/2013)

Liat Collins

Israel's Siren Song (11/2012)

Stewart Weiss

‘A letter to the nation’ (11/2012)

Yishai Fleisher

The Good People of Israel (10/2011)

Avi Rath

The top 63-plus-one
new reasons I love Israel (5/2011)

Barbara Sofer

Unbridled love (7/2010)

Barbara Sofer

Modern Israel at 62:
Tiny Country and Huge Success (4/2010)

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

There's no place like home (4/2010)

Elie Klein

Real Israel: Who are we? (4/2010)

Liat Collins

The Seder, the sirens and the state(3/2010)

Stewart Weiss

Marching Through the Meltdown (10/2009)

Dan Senor and Saul Singer

Israel is (7/2009)


An American Jew's guide to living in Israel (5/2009)

Elliott Antman

Yom HaAtzmaut (3/2009)

Yehuda HaKohen

It's our history, stupid (3/2009)

Moshe Dann

Chanukah, Jerusalem-style (12/2008)

Judy Lash Balint

Hannuka 5769:
More doughnuts despite slowdown (12/2008)


Comics project aims to bridge gap
between secular, religious (5/2008)

Ehud Zion Waldoks

Top 60 plus one reasons I love Israel (5/2008)

Barbara Sofer

A Cut Above (2/2008)

Barry Davis

My new blog: Good News from Israel (1/2007)

Jacob Richman

A Seed Is Planted in the Land of Israel (4/2006)

Moshe Dann

Build Israel's Brand (12/2004)

Jonathan Medved

Jewish Neutrality on Israel (9/2004)

Barbara Sofer

Article about Hebrew and Israelis (6/2004)

Jonathan Udren

Volunteers deliver help, hope to Israel (5/2004)

Irv Fellner

What Is So Great About Israel? (4/2004)

Steven Plaut

56 reasons why I love Israel (4/2004)

Barbara Sofer

Web Diaries (4/2004)

Sarah Bronson

To Be a Jew (2004)

An Israeli Woman

Importance of Israel (1/2004)

Roy Sasson

We're as happy as Canadians! (9/2003)

Hillel Halkin

You Know You Are a Recent Oleh (7/2003)

Sarah Bronson

The Only Country

Yair Lapid

Did You Miss
the Biggest Jewish Party in the World ? (5/2003)

Judy Lash Balint

A History of the Jews

Mark Wildes, Esq.

Our masks are ready (2/2003)

Jonathan Medved

The Large Magen David (star of david) (1/2003)

Moshe Kempinski

In Memory of Sam Orbaum (12/2002)

Jacob + Jerusalem Post

Picture of Sam Orbaum z"l (12/2002)

Jerusalem Post

Why We Jews Are in Israel (11/2002)

Daniel Gordis

'Ess, ess, mein kind' (09/2002)

Elli Wohlgelernter

Picture of the Weiss Family (ess article) (09/2002)

Jerusalem Post

What did you do during the war, Daddy? (07/2002)

Bennett M. Epstein

Israeli Flag in Canton (06/2002)

Barbara Sofer

Male life expectancy 76.6, female 80.4 (05/2002)

Judy Siegel-Itzkovich

A Soldier of the Jewish People (05/2002)

Liron Nagler-Cohen

Never Prouder to be an Israel and a Jew (04/2002)

Naomi Ragen

Bible Quiz Winner Defied All Odds (04/2002)

Tovah Lazaroff

Needing Israel (04/2002)

Daniel Gordis

Bet El Supermarket Opens Extra Hours (04/2002)

Arutz Sheva

Picture of Bet El Residents
bringing the food (04/2002)


A Country Worth Living For (04/2002)

Atara Spero

Jews at War (03/2002)

Rabbi Eli Kohn

The Danger of Living in Israel (03/2002)

Rabbi David Samson

Why Live in Israel Today ? (03/2002)

Rebecca Rubinstein

Why stay in Israel ? (03/2002)

Sherri Mandell

Our Justice (03/2002)

Nadav Shragai

The Heroes Among Us (01/2002)

Michael Freund

Five Reasons to Rejoice (11/2001)

Michael Freund

Unfriendly skies are no match for El Al (10/2001)

Vivienne Walt

E-Mail From an Anxious State (09/2001)

Daniel Gordis

I'd Rather Live in Israel (07/2001)

Sam Orbaum (humor column)

Elitist Arrogance (07/2001)

Rabbi Berel Wein

What the Jews have to say (07/2001)

Limor Livnat

Facing the truth (07/2001)

Rabbi Berel Wein

Contemplating Yoni Netanyahu (07/2001)

Jonathan Rosenblum

Yoni: Fighter and Writer (06/2001)

Elli Wohlgelernter

Lessons from Entebbe (06/2001)

Ron Dermer

A moment of truth (06/2001)

Naomi Ragen

Restoring Jewish-Zionist Education (05/2001)

Jerusalem Post Editorial

The Jewish Blessing (05/2001)

Naomi Ragen

Why Celebrate? (05/2001)

Nadia Matar

Jerusalem (01/2001)

Avital Sharansky

Birthright and Zionism (01/2001)

Rabbi Berel Wein

I Beg You: Halt the Tragedy (09/00)

Esther Wachsman

Poor Losers (08/00)

Rabbi Berel Wein

Painful Memories (07/00)

Rabbi Berel Wein

The Challenge of Gratitude (06/00)

Rabbi Berel Wein

Right On Time, A Day Late (04/00)

Sam Orbaum (humor column)

Sue Me: I Like El Al (02/00)

Naomi Ragen

Don't tell Babe Ruth (02/00)

Amotz Asa-El

Memories of Entebbe (07/99)

Jonathan Rosenblum

Sharansky is Still a Hero (05/99)

Jonathan Rosenblum

Israel's 50th Anniversay (04/28/98)

Jacob Richman (JR - ME)

Donuts and Democracy (04/98)

Stuart Schoffman

When the Citics Outnumber the Faithful (04/98)

Gerald M. Steinberg

My Fellow Lunatics (04/94)

Stuart Schoffman

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