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Updated: August 12, 2018

Israeli Innovations - 100 Breakthrough Products that Changed the World
(August 2018, PDF English and Hebrew)

5 rare Jewish coins discovered by Temple Mount project (May 2018)

How the IDF prepares for Passover (March 2018)

Dog Unit volunteer saves Beit Shemesh man's life (March 2018)

Ancient clay seal found under Western Wall Plaza (January 2018)

Shema Yisrael (November 2017)

102-year-old Holocaust survivor reunites with
newly discovered nephew (November 2017)

6,300 lulavs and etrogs for IDF soldiers (September 2017)

How does the IDF Prepare for Rosh Hashana? (September 2017)

IDF Passover - 61 Tons of Matzo, 115 Thousand Schnitzels (April 2017)

Bayit Rishon Papyrus Scroll Found
With Earliest Hebrew Mention of Yerushalayim (October 2016)

Israeli Bus "Stop" Button in Hebrew and Hebrew Braille (January 2016)

Israel Electric Company - Erev Shabbat Instructions (January 2016)

Postcard Announcing Israel Municipal Elections (September 2013)

Super Size Sufganiyah (December 2012)

Second Temple Era Seal Discovered (December 2011)

Yediot Achronot Flyer for Rosh Hashana Seder (September 2011)

Dead Sea Scrolls Go Online (September 2011)

Israeli Team Snags Top Robotics Award (April 2010)

Reopening of The Hurva Synagogue (March 2010)

2000 Year Old Mikveh (September 2009)

Bar-Kochba Rebellion Treasures (September 2009)

Longest Cucumber (June 2009)

Educational Sugar Packets (March 2009)

Judaism from a Vending Machine (February 2009)

Israel Elections Announcement Postcard (2009)

Chanukah Menora at the Kotel (December 2008)

Oldest Hebrew Text (October 2008)

How Am I Behaving

Disabled turtle uses new wheels to find love - August 18, 2008

Yediot Achronot Flyer about Friday Night - July 25, 2008

A Big Etrog for Sukkot - October 16, 2005

Shana Tova - Tnuva Cottage Cheese Label

World's Largest Matzah

Purim 2003 Yogurt

JNF Alms Box (1947)

Prayer for the State of Israel

Light T-Shirt (70's)

Falafel T-Shirt (70's)

Telephone Aseemon

Egged Bus Pass

Offeq 1 - First Satellite (1988)

Satellite Picture of Coast (not by Offeq)

Another of Israel (not by Offeq)

Another of Dead Sea area (not by Offeq)

Hebrew Coca Cola

Web Surfer's Prayer (Hebrew)

Web Surfer's Prayer (Hebrew & English)

Web Surfer's Prayer (Hebrew with nikud - vowels)

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