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Updated: June 20, 2018

Israel News - English Language Sites
Arutz 7 The Jerusalem Post
Globes (Economics & Finance) Ynet News
Israel Hayom The Jewish Press
Dry Bones - Comic Strip The Times of Israel
Jerusalem Online Israeline - Consulate
Hamodia Ha'aretz
Israel 21c IDF News Page
Honest Reporting IMRA (Media Review & Analysis)
Israel Daily Israel Academia Monitor
Mideast Dispatches
Debka File (weekly political analysis)
Memri: Middle East Media Research Institute
CAMERA - Monitoring Media Coverage of Israel
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Releases

Israel Weather (Hebrew)
Israel Meteorological Service (weather, English)
Ben Gurion Airport - Arrivals - English
Ben Gurion Airport - Departures - English
Ben Gurion Airport - Arrivals - Hebrew
Ben Gurion Airport - Departures - Hebrew

Hebrew Language Israel News Sites
Israel Channel 20 Israel Hayom
Arutz-7 Hebrew Makor Rishon Newspaper
0404 News Yedioth Newspaper
The Marker (Financial) News 10
KAN Ha'aretz - Hebrew
People & Computers The Marker TechNation
Galai Tzahal One: Sports Portal
Hayadan - Science News Chabad News
Israel Internet Assoc.
Walla Movie Guide (inc. theater listings)
Seret - Israeli Movie Portal (inc. theater listings)
Ticketnet - Tickets to Movies and Theater (including theater listings)
Israel News - Other Languages
Israel News in Spanish Italian

Live Hebrew Radio Broadcasts
TuneIn Live Radio Stations

Live/Recorded Broadcasts - Hebrew Language Stations
Arutz 7
Reshet Bet - Kol Yisrael
Jerusalem Radio 101 FM
Israel Radio 100 FM
Live/Recorded English Israel News Broadcasts
Jewish Webcasting - gateway to Jewish TV, radio, webcast and podcast
Israel Knesset Live (Channel 99)

Israel News - Lists on Twitter
@jacobrichman / Israel-News
@jacobrichman / Israel-Hebrew-news
@jacobrichman / Jewish-News
@jacobrichman / Jobs in Israel

Israel News - Facebook Fan Pages
Channel 20 (Hebrew)
0404 (Hebrew)
Jerusalem Post
Arutz-7 Israel National Radio
Ynet (Hebrew)
Israel Hayom
Israel Hayom (Hebrew)
Kikar Shabbat (Hebrew)
The Jewish Press
The Times of Israel
Globes Online (Hebrew)
Channel 2 News (Hebrew)
Walla News (Hebrew)
Channel 10 News (Hebrew)
Galai Zahal (Hebrew)
Reshet Bet (Hebrew)
Ynet Computers (Hebrew)
CJI - Computer Jobs in Israel

Other News Related Links
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Jewish Magazines (JR Hotsites)
Israel Business Sites (JR Hotsites)
Selected Articles (JR - Things)
Political Sites (JR - Hotsites)
We Should Not Forget (Memorial for Terror Victims)

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