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Updated: November 30, 2017

Selected Funny Stuff - Chanukah
The Month After Chanukah
The top 10 movie rentals
The Night Before Chanukah
The Night Before Chanukah (version #2)
The High-Tech Dreidel
Recent Documents from the Vatican
Dear Darling Son
Top 10 Reasons to Like Hanukkah
The Eight Days of Hanukkah
The Maccabee Song + 8 Days of Fire
Chanuka Night's Alright (Shlock Rock)
The Absolutely True Story of Hanukka
Herman the Chanuka Candle
The Dichotomy of Jewish Mothers
Unorthodox Chanukah Quiz
Xmas vs Chanukah
The Beatle's version of the Hanukkah story
Chanukah Stamps
What you may not know
Revenge of the Dreidels (pic)
Light My Fire (pic)
Keep the Han (pic)
Easy Way to Light Candles (pic)
Dizzy Spells (pic)
Defending the Jewish Homeland (pic)
Chanukah Oil Company (pic)
Star Trek Chanukiya (pic)
Charlie Brown Directs a Chanukah Play (pic)
Crime Scene (pic)
Benjamin Netanyahu Chanukah Google Doodle (pic)
Menorahs Around the World (pic)
Sufganiot Card (pic)
Menorasaurus Rex (pic, The Vanilla Studio)
Menurtle (pic, The Vanilla Studio)
Elephant Menorah (pic,The Vanilla Studio)
Metal Man-orah (pic, Etsy Steel1Ace)
They will never blow out our light! (pic)
Dreidel vs Spinner (pic)

Lyrics to Youtube Chanukah Songs

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Song Lyrics: The Chanuka Song (by Adam Sandler)
Song Lyrics: The Chanukah Song 2006 Update
Song Lyrics: Those Were the Nights (of Chanukah)
Song Lyrics: Maccabeats - Candlelight
Song Lyrics: Chanukah Jewish Rock of Ages
Song Lyrics: The Maccabeats - Miracle
Song Lyrics: The Shlomones - The Rocky Hora Chanukah Song
Song Lyrics: Light Up the Night - Fountainheads Hanukkah
Song Lyrics: Pella Productions - Holiday Party (Tonight Tonight)
Song Lyrics: Kenny Ellis - Swingin' Dreidel
Song Lyrics: Pass The Candle (From Left To Right) by Michelle Citrin
Song Lyrics: I Gotta Feeling Hanukkah - The Fountainheads
Song Lyrics: The LeeVees - How Do You Spell Channukkahh ?
Song Lyrics: The LeeVees - Latke Clan
Song Lyrics: Tom Lehrer - (I'm Spending) Hanukkah In Santa Monica
Lyrics to Hebrew Songs (
Chanukah Songs with Audio/Video
Hebrew Text with Nikud, English Translation
( )

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