Educational Resources for Chanukah

Updated: December 13, 2017

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Selected Chanukah Sites (5778 - 2017)
Virtual Chanukah - Chabad Lubavitch
Aish HaTorah Chanukah Site
The Jewish Trivia Quiz - select topic Chanukah
My Jewish Games: Topic: Chanukah
      Word Search, Hebrew Hangman, Coloring Book (Flash based)
Chanukah with Ohr Somayach
Tzivos-Hashem: The Short Story of Chanuka (kids)
Torah Tots: Chanukah Fun
OU Online Channuka Page
NJOP: Chanukah Guide
Yeshivat Bet-El: Laws of Chanukah
My Hebrew Dictionary - Chanukah Related Words
Rabbi Wein on Chanukah
Neveh Zion: Chanukah
Torah From Dixie Chanukah Articles
Lil' Fingers Chanukah Activities
Judaism 101: Chanukkah
Chanukah Gateway
Wikipedia: Hanukkah
Misrash Ben Ish Hai (Sepharadim customs)
Sephardic Institue: Hanukah Halakhic Guidelines
Jewish Magazine - Chanukah
AINA (Israel Coinage): The Original Chanukah Gelt
AINA (Israel Coinage) : The Lamps Of Hanukka
Mesora: Megillas Antiochos
Channuka Activities
Jewish Virtual Library: Chanuka
WebShas: Chanukah
Lookstein Center: Chanukah Resources
Lookstein Center: Chanukah and the December Dilemma
Chanukah Play by Amihai Bannett (PDF file)
Mazornet: Dreidel Games
Chabad: Why the Gelt?
The True Miracle of Chanukah
Behrman House: 10 Hanukkah Activities for Your Family
Birkat Chaverim: Hanukkah Craft Ideas
Creative Jewish Mom: Chanukah Decorations From Baker's Clay
A Sephardi Chanukah Resource Guide
NLI: Chanukah Resource Pack


English - Hebrew
Vocabulary Study Sheets

Learn 26 Chanukah Phrases

Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio


Learn Hebrew Phrases Study Sheets

Click Here for the
The Jewish Trivia Quiz

Select topic Chanukah

Google Spin the Dreidel

Chanukah Coloring Pages
Lil' Fingers Hanukah Coloring Pages
Tami Horowitz Hanukka Coloring Pages
Hinuch - 3 Menorahs (pdf)
Color 4 Fun: 34 Chanukah Pictures
Amos Israel: 16 Chanukah Pictures
My First Home Page: 33 Chanukah Pictures
Popy: 12 Chanukah Pictures
Hello Kids: 12 Chanukah Pictures
Movies for Kids: 8 Chanukah Pictures
Torah Tots: Chanukah Coloring Pages
Cook Kosher: Chanukah Coloring Pages
Hanukkah Fun Coloring Pages
Coloring 2 Print: 35 Chanukah Pictures

Chanukah Hebrew Sites
Chabad Israel: Chanukah
Yeshivat Bet-El: Laws of Chanukah
Israel's Education Ministry - Toranit Department - Chanukah
Chanukah Word Search Game (select Hebrew, flash site)
Daat Articles: Chanukah
Moreshet: Articles about on Chanukah
Bar-Ilan Essays on Hanukah
Yeshiva Keren B'Yavneh: Chanukah Articles
Yeshiva Maalot: Chanukah Article
NLI: Chanukah Resources
Kaye College of Ed.: Index of Chanukah Sites / Information

Evrey: Chanukah
Machanaim: Chanukah
Chanukah Word Search Game
(select Russian, flash site)
Masuah: Januca
Chabad: Januca Januca
Aish: Januka
French Sites
Chabad: Chanukah
Tsivot Hachem Juniors - Hanouccah
Portuguese Sites
Chabad: Chanuca
Web Judaica - Chanuca
Chabad: Chanukah
Chabad: Chanukah

Chanukah Recipes
Monkey Makes Tasty Latkes
Chabad: Chanukah Recipes
Pesto: Chanukkah Recipes (Hebrew)

The Chanukah Map

Chanukah Stamps

Chanukah Pictures and Photos
57 Chanukah Hebrew Advertisements (2010)
Top 21 Coolest and Geekiest Hanukkah Menorahs (Pinterest)
Israel Super Size Sufganiyah
The Knesset Menorah
Yad Vashem: Before, During, and After the Holocaust
Chabad Photo Gallery: Chanukah around the World
Draydel House
Google Images: latkes
Google Images: dreidel
Google Images: chanukah menorah
Google Images: sufganiyot
Flickr: chanukah menorah
Flickr: dreidel

Chanukah Photo Gallery

The Chanukiyot Collection
in Bukharim, Jerusalem

My article about the collection

Chanukah Graphics and Greeting Cards
Gillian's Chanukah Stationery
123 Greetings

Chanukah Clip Art

The Jewish Clipart Database: Chanukah


Facebook Album

Chanukah Humor Page

Learn Hebrew Phrases - Chanukah

Over 750 YouTube Videos about Chanukah
(includes new ones and favorites from past years)

Chanukah Songs with Audio/Video
Hebrew Text with Nikud, English Translation

Chanukah Songs
Chabad: Chanukah Audio and Video
Aish: Chanukah Songs
Chanukah Kit: Songs and Dances for Chanukah
My Hebrew Songbook - Chanukah Songs
The National Library of Israel: Chanukkah Sound Archive
Hebrew Songs: Chanukah Songs
Chanukka Midi Music

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Chanukah Multi-Lingual Word Search

(Flash site)

Below are Sample Pages in English, Hebrew, Russian

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Chanukah Online Coloring Book

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