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Updated: February 15, 2018

Purim Shpiel / Spiel - Purim Plays
Doctor Seuss Purim Spiel by Stephen R Balzac
A Dr. Seuss Purim Shpiel by Dana Baruch and Robbi Sherwin
A Rocky Horror Purim Shpiel
Purim Play by Bnei Akiva
Purim Play #2 by Bnei Akiva
Purim Play Script by Amos, Peter, and Beni Wilson (link)
Purim Play for Young Children by Akhlah (link)
Purim Play by George Konnoff and Temple Beth Israel (link)
Rabbi Daniel Brenner Purim Shpiel (link)
Torah Tots: The Purim Megilla Story (link)
Purim Shpiels-R-Us (link to blog with 13 Shpiels)
The Simpsons present Megillat Esther by Rabbi Garry Wayland
(link to slideshow)

The New York Computer Virus in Jerusalem (Purim 5749 - 1989)

Selected Funny Stuff - Purim
Purim Song (tune of Copa Cabana)
Purim Song (tune of La Bamba)
Halachah MiDisney
Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate Purim
Politically Correct Megilla
Purim 1998 - The White House
Mail-Jewish Purim Edition 1994 Part 1
Mail-Jewish Purim Edition 1994 Part 2
Mail-Jewish Purim Edition 1994 Part 3
Halacha of M&M's 1994
The World Famous Story of Purim
Purim Suedah Song (2001)
Purim Legalities
Humentaschen - Shlock Rock
Bang Goes the Grager - Shlock Rock
Rejected Purim Shpeil Titles
Purim Spiel
Prime Time TV Purim Episodes
There Was a Wicked, Wicked Man
Purim Songs from the Wizard of Oz
The Purim Hagaddah
Alcoholism and the Shabbos Kiddush
The Jewish Laws of Television
Israeli Purim 2003
Israeli Purim 2004 (JPG, 231 kb)
The Book of Esther in Rhyme
Updated Purim Story (computer oriented)
Esther's Tale
Purim Gramin 2005
Purim Gramin 2007 (GIF, 59 kb)
The Whole Megillah - A Purim Rap
Purim Gramin 2008
Purim Gramin 2009
Purim Gramin 2010
Purim Gramin 2011
Purim Gramin 2012
Purim SMS Questions and Answers
Purim Gramin 2013
Purim Gramin 2014
Purim Gramin 2017

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