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Updated: February 3, 2011

Selected Sites
Jacob Richman's Jewish Midi Section
YouTube Jewish Music Videos
YouTube Israeli Music Videos
Hebrew Songs
Judaica Sound Archives (over 4,500 free songs)
Zemereshet - Hebrew songs of the past
Israel Gimel - Free Midi Library
Dan's Israel Midi Site (Hebrew)
Virtual Cantor (free MP3 prayer songs)
The Shlock Rock Home Page
Country Yossi
The Diaspora Yeshiva Band
Mostly Music - The Heart of Jewish Music
Sounds Write Producations (Jewish Music)
Kame'a Media (Yiddish)
Zemerl - The Jewish Song Database (Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino)
Jewish Music Review
Rahel Jaskow - Day of Rest (CD of Shabbat Songs)
Breslov Music (free Hebrew MP3s)
Shiron (Hebrew site, lyrics)
Jewish Music WebCenter
Jewish Reggae
Music of Modzitz (Modzitzer Chassidus Niggunim)
Chazzanut Online (free sheet music and MP3's)
Renanot - Institute for Jewish Music
JATM - Jewish Awareness Through Music
Tzipi Zarenkin - Best Yiddish Songs
Gan Halev: Zmirot (free sheet music and midi music files)
Etz: Hebrew songs and trop transcriptions (free sheet music)
Hebrew University: Jewish Music Research Center
Aish Orchestras and Singers (opens with music)
Sameach Music Podcast
Meshugga Beach Party
Shlomo Artzi Fan Portal (Hebrew)
Atzilut: Concerts for Peace
Klingon Klez
BOJAC: The Best of Jewish A Cappella
You Tunes
Berl Olswanger - "Mr. Music of Memphis"
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