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July 8, 2018

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Videos about Shabbat
The Maccabeats - Cups (D'ror Yikra)
Shabbat Songs Project - Lecha Dodi
Boi BeShalom - Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach
The Revivo Project - Shabbat Medley
Jewbilation - "The Sound of Shabbos"
Six13 - Good Shabbos
Shabbat Shalom Megamix
Asaf Neve Shalom - Hashomer Shabbat
Yedid Nefesh
I've Got a Feeling (The Shabbat Song)
The Minyans - Fountainheads Shabbat
Shabbat Medley by Avraham Fried
Lecha Dodi by Gadi Finegold
The Shuk - Shalom Aleichem (Peace Be Upon You)
Ofra Haza - Shabat Ha-malka
Shalom Alechem by Mayer Davis from his CD, Shabbat for Starters
An Israeli Shabbat - A Connecting Shabbat
Beit Hillel: Shabbat Israeli (Humor, English)
Jew in the City: Shabbat: The Rest of the Story
The Shabbos Project... Keeping it together!
The Maccabeats Are Keeping It Together
The Shabbos Project 2014 Official Video
Jewish Pathways: How to Light the Shabbat Candles
Owl City Parody "Shabbat Light"
Shabbat Friday Night Fever
Braiding Chalot for Shabbat
How To Light Shabbat Candles with Alana
Yahaduton: How to light Shabbat candles?
Challah for Shabbat (Hebrew, humor)
How Do You Say Shabbat Shalom?
Hop Kids Channel: Hayom Yom Shishi (song with Rinat Gabbai)
Challot Shabbat (Hebrew story with Rinat Gabbai)
Hebrew Shabbat Songs - Rinat Gabbai
Learn Hebrew Phrases - Shabbat
Dudu Fisher Is #KeepingItTogether
Where Not to have a Shabbat Meal (Hebrew, humor)
Shabbos with Generation Sinai by David Sacks
Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks's Havdallah Message
Sydney Shabbat Project
Jailight - La Luz De Tu Interior (The Shabbos Project Argentina)
MPP Gila Martow Recognizes The Shabbat Project (Ontario)
Join Us & Let's Keep It Together Clips (Toronto)
#KneadingitTogether Across The World
"K'ish Echad B'Lev Echad" - like one man with one heart! (Panama)
Mira Chooses Sabbath Observance over the Race
Hebrew TV Report about the Shabbat Project
Hebrew Educational TV: Drawing about Shabbat
Shlock Rock's Ayshes Chayil - Moshe Skier Band at Summerfest 2009
Eshet Chail - MidrashaRio
All of me - cover - Lecha Dodi - Muzika (Refael Mirila)
Archie Bunker Does Shabbat
How to make Havdalah (Hebrew)
Six13 - That Shabbos Feeling! (a "Can't Stop The Feeling!" adaptation for Shabbat)
"Lecha Dodi" - Yitzchak Meir - Martin Widerker
"Shalom Aleichem" - Harp & Love
Shalom Aleichem - Soul key choir
Jew in the City Presents "The Sound of Silence" featuring The Maccabeats
Shabbos Medley - FDD Vocal
Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat - Kippalive
Yoram Gaon - Lecha Dodi
What do you like about Shabbat? - CNSS
Challah Baking at Angel's Bakery
Ari Lesser - Ravi Lesser - It's Shabbos
Shabbat Project México (Spanish)
Mashadi Shabbat Project - with Chief Rabbi Goldstein and Mr. Effy Hematian
Invite Israeli Soldiers for the Shabbos Project on!! (Hebrew)
Take Back Your Life - Yaakov Zier
Adon Olam for Shabbat UK featuring Yoni Shine and IJDS
"Shabbat and Dance" - Funny Jewish Parody
JFS Shabbat UK 2017
Shlock Rock and The Maccabeats - Shir Hama'alot
Why Do We Say Shabbat Shalom
Beatdos Shabbat Medley (Hellelujah/Finesse)
How to Say the Jewish Blessing over Children

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