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Updated: January 28, 2013

Eilat Local Time

Eilat Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast | Weather Maps | Weather Radar | Hurricane Center

Israel Meteorological Service
AccuWeather Forecast

Eilat City Info

Israel Ministry of Tourism: Eilat
Eilat Bird Festival
Eilat Red Sea - Underwater Photography Competition
Red Sea Jazz Festival
Eilat Chamber Music Festival
Red Sea International Bridge Festival
Eilat International Bellydance Festival
The Eilat - Eilot Renewable Energy Project
Eilat Municipality (Hebrew)
Wikipedia: Eilat
Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio (Choose topic: Eilat )

Eilat Videos

Learn Hebrew Phrases about Eilat

Watch 10 Eilat Videos
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Israel Ministry of Tourism: Eilat
Eilat - Red Sea (underwater video)
Flash Mob in Eilat Ice Park
Eilat City of Kings Theme Song
EL AL Flights to Eilat - Shine On
Coral World - Underwater Observatory Marine Park
Dolphin Reef
Camel Ride in Eilat
Timna Park (north of Eilat)

Maps of Eilat

Eye on Israel - Eilat Map
Ministry of Tourism: Eilat Map (PDF)
Map of Eilat (Mapquest)
Eilat Map - Israel Google Satellite Maps

Eilat Airport, Buses, Taxis, Car Rentals

Eilat Airport
Eilat Airport - Arrivals
Eilat Airport - Departures
Egged Buses to Eilat
Shlomo Sixt Car Rental in Eilat
Hertz Car Rental in Eilat
Avis Car Rental in Eilat
Budget Car Rental in Eilat
Eilat Taxi
Cohen's Eilat Big Taxi

Eilat Sites / Attractions / Places to Visit

Coral World - Underwater Observatory Marine Park
Dolphin Reef
Israel Yam Glass Bottom Boats
Timna Park (site opens with audio / video)
Aqua-Sport Red Sea Diving Center
Eilat Ice Space
King's City (Hebrew site)
IMAX 3D Eilat
Hai-Bar Yotvata - Wildlife Preserve
Kibbutz Lotan Centre for Birdwatching (50 km north of Eilat)
Eilat Online Guides
Frommer's Eilat
Trip Advisor Eilat Tourism and Vacations
Israel Traveler - Eilat
Wikitravel: Eilat
Virtual Tourist: Eilat

Eilat Photos / Pictures

Photos of Eilat on Flickr
Eilat Coral Reef
Eilat Dolphin Reef
Eilat Underwater Observatory
Eilat Diving
Eilat Kings City
Timna Park
Eilat Boats
Eilat Beaches
Eilat Hotels

Eilat Kosher Restaurants

Denis - Kosher Fish and Grill
Entrecote Eilat - Kosher Grilled Meat
Halleluya Restaurant - Moroccan and Chinese Food
Il Pentolino - Dairy Dishes
Ranch House - American Steak House
Wangs Grill - Chinese

Eilat Hotels

Eilat Hotel Association
Dan Panorama Eilat
Isrotel King Solomon Hotel Eilat
Herods Boutique
Hilton Hotel Eilat Queen of Sheba Resort
Isrotel Lagoona Hotel Eilat
Eilat Guest House
Eilat Youth Hostel

Eilat Online

Community Groups / Mailing Lists
Negev / Eilat Yahoo Group
Tel Aviv Facebook Pages / Groups
Timna Park (Hebrew)
Coral World (Hebrew)
Eilat - Eilot Renewable Energy (Hebrew)
Eilat Information Center
Ice Park Eilat
Eilat Hayom (Hebrew)
Eilat Online (Hebrew)
Eilat Related Blogs and News
Eilat Birding

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