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Updated: November 18, 2005

Play Against Others Online
Yahoo Games (requires Java)
Play Site (requires Java)
Riddler (Online Gaming)
MSN Gaming Zone
WordLand Games
e-bridge - Global Online Bridge Club
OKbridge - Online Bridge Club (req. membership)
Trivia Sites
Cool Quiz
Riddles at Just Riddles and More
Fun Trivia (trivia portal)
The Bible Quiz (3,000+ questions)
Crossword Puzzles
The Puzzle Factory
CleverMedia: Clever Crosswords (new every week)
More On-Line Crossword Puzzles Links
ABC Teach: Crossword Puzzles
Thinks.com Daily Crossword Puzzle
USA Today Crossword Puzzle
Create a Crossword Puzzle
Jumble and Crossword Solver
Amo's Online Crossword Puzzle Dictionary
Large Index of Crossword Puzzle Sites
One Across (help in solving crossword puzzles)
All Words Crossword Solver
Crossword Puzzle Maker
Crossword Puzzle Gamesr
Word Games
Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun
Multilingual Word Search (Flash: English, Hebrew, Russian)
Word Scram (make words from random letters)
Word Search Puzzles (200+)
Room 108 Word Search
Create a Word Find Printable Worksheet
Merriam-Webster Word Puzzles
Optical Illusions
Eye Tricks (Optical and Sensory Illusions)
Amazing Art
Sandlot Science (Optical Illusions)
Magic Eye Stereograms
Counter-Rotating Spirals Illusion (Java)
Fechner Color Illusion (linear motion, Java)
Optical Illusions
Crazy Images
Grand Illusions
Akiyoshi's Illusion Pages
Cool Optical Illusions
60 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena
Flash, Shockwave, Java Online Specific Games
Webdice (online Yahtzee)
Pop Games (Diamond Mine, Automica, Seven Seas)
Mah-Jongg (choose 640x480 then "Shanghai" when loaded)
Armada (Battleship)
Tripple Quintzee (Yahtzee)
CafeSweeper (Mine Sweeper)
Room 108 Pac Man
Pac Man (fast pace, with sound)
Lights On Puzzle
Online Rubik Cube
Murder without Escape (on-line mystery game)
CleverMedia Jigsaw Puzzles (shockwave)
Dogs Playing Poker
Java Digger
Kiddonet: Online Golf
Kiddonet: Tail Gunner (shooting ships)
Fun School: Skiing Downhill Challenge
Pong Attack
Air Hocky
Peanut Butter and Jelly Wars (Othello type)
I Know Where Bruce Lee Lives (Kung-Fu Remixer)
Flash, Shockwave, Java Online Game Sites
CleverMedia Shockwave Arcade
Java Games and Puzzles Gallery
Shockrave Games (requires Shockwave plug-in)
Metapet (virtual pets)
Sliding Puzzle
Coffeebreak Arcade
Animations and Silly Stuff
Vector Park
Nuke the Hamptons (Flash, cute)
Dress'M Up Dubya(President Bush, Flash, cute)
Icebox (strange animations, flash)
The Hamster Dance (includes music)
Distort the Future President
The California Experience
Monkey Dance
Hotwired Animation LIbrary (requires free Plugin's)
YukYuk - Interactive Cartoons (requires free shockwave)
Internet Eye Test
Perpetual Bubblewrap
Industorious Clock (Flash)
Mona Lisa Lips Synch
Sound Busy (ie: phone rings, typing, etc..)
Le Piano Graphique (On-Line Piano + Graphics)
Nabisco World On-line Games (requires free Shockwave)
On-line Train Set (requires Java) Cool!
Chess Lab - Chess Database and Analysis (requires Java)
SignMaker (requires Java)
Beanie Babies
On-Line IQ Test
Morse Code Translator
Acme License Maker
Fake or Real Photograph
Hidden Pictures
The Paint Game (guess the color)
City Creator
Mr. Picasso Head
Animal Noises for Ella
Penguin Ball
Get Relaxed - Listen to Soothing Sounds Online
The Windows Sound Symphony (flash)
The Science of Music: Dot Mixer (flash)
Makeover Solutions
Subservient Chicken
Age Gauge (events surrounding your birthday)
TV Age Gauge (TV events surrounding your birthday)
Top 40 Age Gauge (songs surrounding your birthday)
Games Indices
The Game Spotter (tracks best online games)
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