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Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio

    1,215 Hebrew Phrases and Sentences
    Hebrew with Nikud (vowels) and audio

    English, French, Russain, Chinese
    translations and transliterations
    43 topics and 157 Printable Study Sheets

My English Hebrew Dictionary

    English Hebrew Dictiionary
    Hebrew with Nikud (vowels)
    English translations and transliterations
    Organized by topics with printable study sheets

Learn Hebrew Signs

    Modern Hebrew in Everyday Use
    The site includes 435 photos of Hebrew signs.
    Below each photo is the Hebrew text with nikud (vowels) and an English translation of the text.

My Jewish Games

    Multilingual Word Search Game (English / Hebrew / Russian)
    Language Match Game (English / Hebrew)
    Hebrew Hangman
    My Jewish Coloring Book,
    Israel Geography Game

History of Israel

    The Aliyah Photo Gallery (over 10,000 photos)
    The Jerusalem Photo Gallery (over 4,600 photos)

    Israeli Postage Stamps
    Israeli Telecards - Phone Cards
    Israel Advocacy and Historical Videos

The Jewish Clipart Database

    Whether you need a picture for your child's class project, a graphic for your synagogue, Hillel or JCC announcement, the Jewish Clipart Database has the pictures for you.
    You can copy, save and print the graphics in three different sizes.

Hebrew Jokes - Learn Hebrew and Laugh

    Each joke is displayed in Hebrew with Nikud, and there is an English translation of the joke.
    The jokes are suitable for all ages.
    Reading jokes in Hebrew can be a fun activity in your ulpan or Hebrew class. Even native Hebrew speakers will find jokes that are worth telling their friends.

Learn English with Jokes and Riddles

    There are over 300 jokes and riddles in the database.
    All jokes and riddles are suitable for all ages.
    Reading English jokes and riddles can be a fun activity in your English class. Even native English speakers will find jokes and riddles that are worth telling their friends.

The Jewish Trivia Quiz

    The Jewish Trivia Quiz contains over 1,000 multiple choice questions about Jewish topics including: Jewish Holidays, Israel, Sports,entertainment, etc....
    Both kids and adults will find the quiz educational and entertaining.

My Hebrew Songbook

    My Hebrew Songbook has over 200 Hebrew songs. You can view any song online or create printed song sheets with several songs together for a sing along. All Hebrew is graphic so you do not need Hebrew support to view or print the songs. All songs include Hebrew nikud (vowels).

My Hebrew Programs

    The Hebrew Sign Maker
    Print Hebrew signs without Hebrew support.
    There are 11 fonts and two sizes to choose from.
    There are two special script trace fonts that will help your students learn how to write Hebrew script.

    In Memory Of
    When you visit a Jewish grave site, it is a Jewish tradition to read selected Tehillim (Book of Psalms). There are fixed verses and special verses that are read for each letter of the person's name. The special verses are called "Otiyot Neshama".
    The program also includes an option to print a transliterated and translated English version of the mourners' Kaddish.

The Alef-Bet Page - The Hebrew Alphabet

    The Alef-Bet Page has online and printable Hebrew alphabet charts which include the Hebrew letters in three formats: block, script, and Rashi.
    The charts also have the numeric value of each letter.

Computer Jobs in Israel (CJI)

    Comprehensive resource for finding computer
    jobs in Israel. The site includes bi-weekly
    job reports, salary surveys, a news archive, and more.

Jerusalem Picture Gallery

    Over 6,000 pictures from Jerusalem ranging from
    Jerusalem parades to Jerusalem with snow.

Ma'aleh Adumim Picture Gallery

    Over 5,000 photos from Ma'aleh Adumim

Ma'ale Adumim English Speakers
Community Website

    MAchat is a community website for English speakers in Ma'ale Adumim. The site has an active message board, phone book (including over 500 yellow pages entries) and a news blog. If you plan to visit or live in Ma'ale Adumim or you just want to know what is going on in our community, you are welcome to visit the new site.

Olim Photo Gallery

    Over 12,000 pictures of new olim arriving in Israel

Israeli Bumper Stickers

    Dozens of bumper stickers that I have collected.
    Note: I do not sell bumper stickers.

Jewish Hotsites

    Index of selected web sites ranging from history and newspapers to holidays and torah learning.

Israel Hotsites

    Index of selected web sites ranging from business and education to museums and tourism.

Jewish and Israeli Facebook Groups

    Index of of over 1,500 Jewish and Israeli Facebook Groups
JR Aliyah Pages

    The JR aliyah pages cover everything from
    finding a job in Israel to reasons why people
    should consider aliyah.
    Links to many aliyah related groups.

Sermons the Year 'Round

    Online book of sermons by:
    Rabbi Bernard L. Berzon z"l - former Rabbi of
    Ahavat Israel, Young Israel of Avenue K.
    I attended this synagogue while growing up in Brooklyn, New York. Decades later the sermons in the online book are still very good and relevant to today.
    My Thanks to the family and publisher for allowing me to present the book online.

Buy Blue and White

    Support the Israel economy.
    Buy products made in Israel.
    The site index lists everything from art and Judaica to fine foods and chocolate.

We Should Not Forget

    Memorial to the Victims of Terror

Pro-Israel Articles

    Articles to use in defending the Israeli position in forums and discussions.

Maps of Israel

    Various maps of Israel and links to map sites.

Mini Israel Picture Gallery

    200 pictures of Mini Israel. The park contains miniature models of famous sites in Israel.
    The park is located near Latrun.

Stamps Tell Stories

    Online Gallery of Israeli Stamps.
    Sections include:
    Jerusalem, Jewish History, Jewish Holidays,
    Judaism, Aliyah, In Memory of...
    Places, Technology, Medical, Education,
    Nature / Animals, Entertainment, Art

The Diabetes Quiz

    The Diabetes Quiz is an educational program to help kids and adults learn about Diabetes.

My Blog: Good News from Israel

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