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Updated: December 28, 2004

Selected Quality Sites
Consumer Product Review
Consumer Search (Product Reviews)
Froogle - Google's Shopping Search Engine
BizRate Guide
Live Manuals (See how they work)
Bargain Bliss
Amazing Bargains (Music, Movies, Books, Games)
Pricewatch (computer hardware & software)
Reseller Ratings (User evaluations)
dmusic MP3 Hardware Reviews
Parents Choice Awards
Price Scan (compare prices)
Active Buyer's Guide
eSmarts Reviews
Rating Wonders (Online Store Ratings)
ShopServe (Consumer rated shopping site)
Electronics Buyer's Guide
PC Magazine Reviews: Digital Cameras
The Gadget Guru
My Simon - Shopping Agent (finds best price) - The Interactive Buyers Guide
Product Review Net
Shop Find - Best Prices
Volition to Find the Best Price
20-20 Consumer (free pricing service)
Safety Alerts (recalled products)
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Consumer Reports (part is fee based)
Review Finder
Price Grabber
Epinions (consumer product reviews)
Gomez (consumer ratings & reviews) - Academic Discounts
Dan's Data - PC Hardware Reviews & Tutorials
Best Web Buys
BIDXS - Auction Search Engine
Bottom Dollar (price comparisons)
Extreme Tech

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