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Updated: June 30, 2014

IRIS: Information Regarding Israel's Security
Women in Green
Free the Soldiers
Our Jerusalem
One Jerusalem
United Jerusalem
Israel Foreign Ministry: In Memory of the Victims
Crisis or Challenge (guide to bereavement, stress, terror)
Bituach Leumi: In Memory of the Victims 1916 -2002 (Hebrew)
Israeli Eyes - In Memory (Terror Victims)
We Should Not Forget (Israel Terrorism Victims)
We Should Not Forget (USA Terrorism Pictures)
We Should Not Forget (Europe Terrorism Pictures)
Foreign Ministry Online Films on Terrorism
CNN Special: Victims of Terror
Tel-Aviv Nightclub Bombing Memorial
For Them (Eng. and Heb. flash presentations)
We Should Not Forget - Memorial in Hebrew
Memorial for the 1972 Olympic Games Israeli Team
Myths & Facts Online - Settlements
Yesha (Judea Samaria and Gaza, Hebrew)
Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace
(Includes report on PA school text books)
Sharei Shechem
Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
Palestinian Media Watch
CNN Watch
Justice for Jonathan Pollard
JIMENA: Jew indigenous to the Middle East & North Africa
Netanya Terror Victims Fund
Israel-Arab Conflict FAQ
Card 4 Israel (Big Rosh HaShana Card)
YONI Jonathan Netanyahu Website
Moetzet Yesha (Hebrew)
The Yesha Store
Golan Heights Information Server
Haam-Im-Hagolan (2nd Golan Heights site)
The Golan Heights
Complete List of Yesha & Golan Products
Zo Artzeinu
Peace for Palestine
Facts 4 Peace (Crash Course in M.E. History)
Our Side
Pictures of Palestinian Terror (Rottner)
Behind the News in Israel
Articles by Daniel Pipes
Jewish Media Resources
Op-Eds by Yehuda Poch
True Peace
Masada 2000 - Survival Kit for Dummies
Har-Habayt (pictures of construction by Waqf - 6/00)
Judea Magazine
Am Yisrael Chai (in French)
News From Likud of Holland
Crisis Jerusalem
Israel's Media Watch
Zionist Organization of America
Professors for a Strong Israel
Freeman Center for Stategic Studies
Ariel Center for Policy Research
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
Middle East Forum
Selected Essays about Eretz Yisroel
The Real Picture
MidEast War
Mesora: Speak Out Now!
Links to the Truth
Israel Demographic Forum
The Israeli Response to the Munich Olympic Terror (Thesis)
FightBias: Pro-Israel Media Campaign Group
Jewish Media Resources (Jonathan Rosenblum)
Primer Action Center (promoting responsible reporting)
Middle East On Target
Israel's War Against Terror (Eng. and Heb.)
The Malki Foundation
Betar America
Betar on Campus
Our-Support: We Are With You Israel
World Committee for Justice and Peace
The Media Line
The News, Uncensored
Middle East Facts - Israel Advocacy
Israel Hasbara Committee
Israel Info Center
Slideshow: What Palestinians mean by "End of Occupation"
American Zionist Information Network
Mideast Debate
A Time to Speak
Israel.destiny (Hebrew)
Israel Truth Online
Internet Haganah
Oslo Disaster
Operation Opera
Israel Destroys the Iraqi Nuclear Reactor (Flash)
Our Enemies
The Right Road to Peace (Benny Allon Peace Plan)
Building a Great Nation (stats on Israel)
Memorial for Daniel Mandel
Think Israel
Professionals for Israel
Shevet Voice
The Jewish Political Chronicle (Gaza, Hebrew)
Divestment Watch
Israel Academic Monitor
Referendum for Israel
The Light at the End of the Tunnel
HaMeir L'David
Samson Blinded:
A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
Justice for Jews from Arab Countries
Israel and Truth
Librarians for Fairness
Zionism on the Web
Zionism & Israel
Israel Forever
Blogs / Weblogs
Good News from Israel
Tal G. in Jerusalem (Blog)
The Truth about Israel (Blog)
How to Help Israel (Blog)
Jerusalem Diaries
Israpundit (Blog)
Horizon (Hebrew and English)
Jew Point (Blog)
Smooth Stone (Blog)
The Truth about Israel (Blog)
Paula Says
Israel and Me
Israeli High Tech
Yesha Speaks Out
Steven Plaut
The Muqata
My Right Word
Dr Ginosar Recalls
Christian Attitudes To Jews, Israel and Zionism
Israel News and Jewish World News
Shamrak's Report
See also: Jewish/Israeli Blogs (JR Hotsites)
Support Israel Activism Sites
Hatzalah Yehuda and Shomron
Zaka Israel
Terror Victims Association
Alon Shvut Emergency Fund
National Unity Coalition for Israel (Jewish & Christian)
Bullet Proof Van Project
Kids for Kids
NATAL - Center for Victims of Terror and War
YANAI: You Are Not Alone Israel Campaign
Virtual PAC for Israel
Aish: 54 Ways you can Help Israel
Americans for a Safe Israel
WUJS: Hasbara - Israel Advocacy
Anti Terror Petition
White Plains for Israel
New York Coalition Against Terrorism
Rinat Yisrael's Israel Action page
My Israel Source
Take A Pen
Olam 4 Israel
Stand With Us
Campus Watch
Mission 4 Israel
Israel Fairs and Festivals
Stand By Israel
One Family Fund
Israel Law Center
Pups for Peace
Gedud HaIvri
Mateh Eretz Israel (Hebrew)
Running for Israel
NACPAC - Pro Israel National Action Committee
25 Ways to Help Israel
The Movement for Zionist Renewal
Israeli Parties / Knesset Political Groups
Likud (Hebrew)
Moledet (Hebrew)
Moledet (English) - The Elon Peace Initiative
Manhigut Yehudit (Hebrew)
Manhigut Yehudit (English) - The Jewish Leadership Movement
Haichud Haleumi (English)
Mailing Lists
Women in Green Mailing List
Arutz-7 Daily News Mailing List
Mailing list archives of EISH-L (Eretz Israel Shelanu)
Support Israel Mailing List
FTISN - Five Towns Israel Activism Network List
Ohavei Eretz Yisrael
The Truth About Israel
Countering Lies and Disinformation
Myths & Facts: A guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Zionism Is Not Racism
Palestine Facts
Foreign Ministry - Fabrications and Facts
Honest Reporting
Honest Reporting (in Italian)
Mythbusting the Mideast
Political Cartoons
Oleg Cartoons
Oleg Cartoons (secondary site)
Political Cartoons (JR)
Noah Bee Political Cartoons
Mideast Truth Cartoons
How The Gunman Stole Peace
Jacky's Cartoons
Other Sites
Center for Security Policy
Fox13 Investigative: Jihad for Kids
Jihad in America Video (free, online, requires free real player)
Mr. Smith E-mails Washington (email US Congress)
Middle East Intelligence Bulletin
The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies
Terrorism Research Center
The Interdisciplinary Center (counter-terrorism)
Stop Terror
Treachery at the Top - Rabbin's Assassination
Assassination Coverup Theory
Barry Chamish's Website
Pushing Hamburger (Barry Chamish )
Barry Chamish - Save Israel (Hebrew)
The Mufti and the Fuhrer
From Israel to Damascus
Israel Citizen Information Council
Terrorism Questions and Answers
The Dayan Center
Bitter Lemons: Palestinian - Israeli Crossfire
PBS Frontline: Battle for the Hollyland
Stratfor Strategic Forecasting
US Government Documents Relating to Terror Threats
Watch - Covering the War on Terror
Center for Defense Information: Terrorism Project
U.S. State Department: Foreign Terrorist Organizations
Assisted Emigration Services
Dhimmitude - Non-Muslim Minorities Under Islamic Rule
ADL Database of International Terrorism
The Security Fence (Israel Foreign Ministry site)
Soldiers for the Truth: Pictures of Bomb Devices
Middle East Regimes and Terrorism
Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports:
Terrorism & Homeland Security
What the Arabs and Left are saying about us
Arabic News (in English)
Birzeit Website Links
Palestinian National Authority
Foundation for Middle East Peace
Foundation for Middle East Peace - Maps
Syria Times (in English)
Sana Syria (in English)
The Daily Star (Lebanon, in English)
The Cairo Times (in English)
Bethlehem 2000
The Middle East Times Egypt Edition
Arabic News
Jordon Times
Gush Shalom
Ali Abunimah's Bitter Pill
Nile Media
Alaqsa - Pictures of Arab Construction on Temple Mount
Indy Media
Coalition of Women for a Just Peace
The Electronic Intifada
Palestine Remembered
Fateh Online
Palestine Information Center (Hamas, opening music)
Palestine Remembered
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
The Palestine Chronicle
Ramallah Online
Mideast Diplomacy: Compassionate Listening Exhibition
Challenge - Magazine covering the Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Palestine Center for Policy and Survey Research
The Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem (ARIJ)
This Week in Palestine (different angle)
Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of Int. Affairs
The Country of Palestine (large link index)
Jews Against the Occupation
Jewish Voices Against the Occupation
The Palestinian Monitor
American Committee on Jerusalem (ACJ)
Run Beilin (for prime minister) - Hebrew
American Arab Institute
Political Articles (JR Articles)
Israel Maps (JR Pictures)
Israel Bumper Stickers (JR Pictures)
Israel: News Sites (JR Hotsites)
Israel: Facts (JR Hotsites)
Israel: Jerusalem (JR Hotsites)

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