Zionism and Israel Advocacy

Updated: July 9, 2018

Zionism and Israel Advocacy Sites
Jewish Virtual Library: Zionism
MFA: Israel Timeline of Events
Women in Green
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
Palestinian Media Watch
IRIS: Information Regarding Israel's Security
Myths & Facts Online - Settlements
Pictures of Palestinian Terror (Rottner)
Behind the News in Israel
Articles by Daniel Pipes
Jewish Media Resources
Selected Essays about Eretz Yisroel
Jewish Media Resources (Jonathan Rosenblum)
The Media Line
In Memory Of.....
Yoni - Jonathan Netanyahu Website
The Malki Foundation
Israel Foreign Ministry: In Memory of the Victims
Crisis or Challenge (guide to bereavement, stress, terror)
Bituach Leumi: In Memory of the Victims 1916 -2002 (Hebrew)
We Should Not Forget (Israel Terrorism Victims)
We Should Not Forget (USA Terrorism Pictures)
We Should Not Forget (Europe Terrorism Pictures)
We Should Not Forget - Memorial in Hebrew
Memorial for the 1972 Olympic Games Israeli Team
Memorial for Daniel Mandel
NATAL - Center for Victims of Terror and War
One Family Together
Support Israel Activism Sites / Advocacy Groups
CAMERA - Committee for Accuracy
in Middle East Reporting in America
Aish: 54 Ways you can Help Israel
Americans for a Safe Israel
Middle East Forum
Think Israel
Israel Academic Monitor
Justice for Jews from Arab Countries
Librarians for Fairness
Israel Forever
Stand With Us
Campus Watch
Israel Law Center
Justice for Jonathan Pollard
News From Likud of Holland
Israeli Parties / Knesset Political Groups
Likud (English)
Manhigut Yehudit (English)
Bayit Hayehudi (Hebrew)
Mailing Lists
Women in Green Mailing List
Arutz-7 Daily News Mailing List
Countering Lies and Disinformation
Myths & Facts: A guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Zionism Is Not Racism
Honest Reporting
Political Cartoons
Oleg Cartoons
Political Cartoons (JR)
Mideast Truth Cartoons
Other Sites
Israpundit (blog)
My Right Word (blog)
Good News from Israel (blog)
Jewish/Israeli Blogs (JR Hotsites)
Shamrak's Report
The Israeli Response to the Munich Olympic Terror (Thesis)
The Interdisciplinary Center (counter-terrorism)
The Dayan Center
Dhimmitude - Non-Muslim Minorities Under Islamic Rule
Samson Blinded:
A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
Middle East Regimes and Terrorism
Political Articles (JR Articles)
Israel Maps (JR Pictures)
Israel Bumper Stickers (JR Pictures)
Israel: News Sites (JR Hotsites)
Israel Resources (JR Hotsites)
Israel: Jerusalem (JR Hotsites)

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