Educational Resources for Passover
Monday Evening - April 10, 2017

Updated: March 19, 2017

Selected Passover Sites (5777 - 2017)
Chabad / Lubavitch Passover.Net
The Ohr Somayach Pesach Pages
Pesach - Aish HaTorah
Jewish Trivia Database: Passover (60+ Q & A)
Partners in Torah:Passover in 60 minutes (or less)
Pesach at OU
Article: Learning by Doing
NJOP: Passover Essentials
Neveh Zion: Passover
Lookstein Center Pesach Teaching Resources
My Hebrew Dictionary - Passover Related Words
Torah from Dixie: Passover
Shokel: Articles about Passover
Breslev: Passover
Judaism 101: Passover
Midrash Ben Ish Hai Pesach Page (Sephardi Customs)
Kosher 4 Passover
Israel Passover Cleaning Trivia (04/2000)
Marsha B. Cohen's Pesach Links
The Jewish Magazine: Passover Edition
Telling the Story (PDF, 32 pages, 3.9 meg)
Remembrance of (Blogging) Passovers Past
Being Jewish: Passover Gateway
Counting the Omer
OU: Why do we count?
The Homer - Omer Calendar (Humor + Educational)


English - Hebrew
Vocabulary Study Sheets

Learn 29 Passover Phrases

Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio

Online Passover Haggadah in English
Chabad: The Passover Haggadah
Ohr Somayach: The Malbin Hagaddah
Wikipedia: Hagaddah
Jewish Magazine: Hagaddah (100 page pdf)
English Study Guides about the Haggadah
The Pardes Companion to the Haggadah (PDF)
Chabad English Haggadah Text with Instructional Guide
Online Passover Haggadah in Hebrew
Chabad Hebrew Haggadah (PDF)
WIKI: Hebrew Haggadah
DAAT: Hebrew Haggadah
Passover Haggadah Hebrew Audio
Virtual Cantor: Haggadah (MP3's)

Children Sites
My Jewish Games Word Search Game (Flash site)
Torah Tots: Stories, Fun and Games
Akhlah for Kids (4 questions transliterated)
Uncle Eli's Haggadah
Leaving Egypt - Children Slide Show - by Gavriel Hoter z"l
Elijah Rocks: Seder Plate Simon (Passover game)

Passover Coloring Pages
My Jewish Games - Coloring Book
Torah Tots
Aish 1
Aish 2
Aish 3
My First Home Page

Kosher for Passover Product Lists
OU Guide to Passover 5777 / 2017 (PDF format, 28 pages)
Clalit: Kosher for Pesach Medicine List (Hebrew and English)
Shemesh: Halachot of Kosher for Passover Medications
Star-K Passover Consumer Products - Pesach Foods for Your Pets (PDF)

Hebrew Sites Pesach
Chabad: Pesach
Aish: Pesach
Daat: Pesach Artilces
Yeshiva Bet-El: Pesach Laws
Israel Ministry of Education
Israel Ministry of Education - Toranit Department
Bar-Ilan Essays on Passover
Moreshet: Articles on Passover
Hebrew Wikipedia: Explanations about the Passover Hagadah
Leaving Egypt - Children Slide Show - by Gavriel Hoter z"l Hebrew words to Pesach songs
Kaye College of Ed.: Index of Passover Sites / Information
Machanaim: Passover
Evrey: Passover
Chabad: Passover (Russian)
Passover Word Search Game (select Russian)
Chabad: Passover (Spanish)
Lubavitch Argentina - Passover
Aish: Passover (Spanish)
Chabad Brazil - Passover (Portugese)
Webjudaica - Passover (Portugese)
Chabad: Passover (French)
Loubavitch Pesach Guide (French)
Hagalil: Includes Hebrew/German Haggadah
Chabad: Passover (Italian)

Passover Graphics and Greeting Cards
Gillian's Pesach Stationary Passover Cards

Passover Art
History of Israel: Passover Stamps
Yale University: The Passover Haggadah Exhibit
The Virtual Israel Bible Museum: Exodus
National Gallery of Art: Waters into Blood (a pic.)
Google Image Search: Passover
Flickr: The Passover Images
Celebrating Passover
American Soldiers Observe Passover in Dahn (1946)
Yad Vashem - The Last Passover in the Warsaw Ghetto
Yad Vashem - Marking the Holiday of Passover Before, During and After the Holocaust

Passover Photo Gallery

Passover Clip Art

The Jewish Clipart Database: Passover


Facebook Album

JR Passover Humor Page

Absolut Haggadah (PDF)

Passover Recipes
Jewish-Food List Recipe Archives
Kosher Express Passover Recipes
Vegetarian Pesach Recipes from Beit HaChatulim
Jewish Vegetarian Recipes: Passover Recipes
The Vegetarian Kitchen - Sephardic Passover Recipes
Pesto Pesach Recipes (in Hebrew)

Passover Songs
Passover Songs with Video/Audio
Hebrew Text with Nikud (vowels), English Translation

JNUL National Sound Archives - Passover Worldwide (MP3's)
Kosher 4 Passover
Passover Midi Music
JR Passover Midi Music
Kosher4Passover Midi Music

Learn Hebrew Phrases - Passover

Over 520 YouTube Videos about Passover

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Passover Multi-Lingual Word Search (Flash site)

Below are Sample Pages in English, Hebrew, Russian

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The Jewish Trivia Quiz - Passover

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Passover Online Coloring Book (Flash site)

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