We Should Not Forget

There have been hundreds of shootings and bombings over the past months. Below are part of the ones that caused serious injuries or deaths. Unfortunately the world wide press does not give equal coverage when Israeli or Jewish blood is spilled.

Section 10/18: September 2003 - December 2003

Four Israelis were killed and 20 were wounded, two seriously,
in a suicide bombing at a bus stop east of Tel Aviv during rush hour.
- December 25, 2003

Corporal Angelina Shachirov z"l - Age 19
Adva Fisher z"l - Age 20
Staff Sergeant Noam Leibovitch z"l - Age 22
Corporal Rotem Weinberger z"l - Age 19
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral
I did not post the graphic pictures of the wounded out of respect.
wounded ter3241.jpg ter3242.jpg ter3243.jpg
ter3244.jpg ter3245.jpg ter3246.jpg ter3247.jpg
A border policeman sustained light-to-moderate injuries in a shooting
attack on "Ikul 160" between Kiryat Arba and Hevron.
- December 22, 2003

Two IDF officers were killed by terrorist while trying to apprehend
two Palestinian terrorists on the Kisufim Route into Gaza.
- December 22, 2003

Capt. Haggai Bibi z"l - Age 24
Lt. Alex Veissman z"l - Age 23
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
Palestinians assaulted the Egyptian foreign minister
on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. - December 21, 2003

ter3223.jpg ter3224.jpg ter3225.jpg ter3226.jpg
ter3227.jpg ter3228.jpg
Seven Breslover Hassidim were wounded in a terrorist shooting attack
as they were leaving the site of Joseph's Tomb in Shechem.
- December 12, 2003

wounded wounded ter3221.jpg ter3222.jpg
Palestinians publicly march with heavy weapons
and no one even thinks of stopping them. - December 8, 2003

ter3215.jpg ter3216.jpg ter3217.jpg ter3218.jpg
The IDF, security services and the police conducted
a massive manhunt to find terrorists on the way to blow up
the Ort High School in Yokneam with hundreds of students.
They captured the terrorists in time and prevented a bloodbath.
- December 3, 2003

Two Israeli security guards were shot dead by Palestinian terrorists
at a construction site along the route of the separation fence,
in East Jerusalem's Kidron valley.
The Jenin Martyrs' Brigades, which is affiliated with Fatah,
claimed responsibility for the attack. - November 22, 2003

Samer Fathi Afan rip - Age 25
Iliyah Riger z"l - Age 58 (no picture yet)
ter3212.jpg ter3213.jpg
An Israeli soldier who was wounded in the September 9 bombing at
Tzrifim, died of her wounds, bringing the death toll in the attack to nine.
- November 19, 2003

Sgt. Liron Siboni z"l - Age 19
A tourist was killed and four others were wounded by
a Jordanian truck driver who opened fire at the group, which had arrived
from Jordan and was gathered on the Israeli side of the Yitzhak Rabin
border crossing north of Eilat. - November 19, 2003

Monica Patricia Teran Navarrete r.i.p.
wounded wounded ter3207.jpg ter3208.jpg
Two Israeli soldiers were killed by a Palestinian terrorist
on the tunnel road which links the Bethlehem-area Gush Etzion
communities to Jerusalem. - November 18, 2003

Sergeant Major Shlomi Belsky z"l - Age 23
Staff Sergeant Shaul Lahav z"l - Age 20
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral ter3189.jpg ter3190.jpg ter3191.jpg
A soldier was lightly wounded by terrorist gunfire in the Rafiah area of
southern Gaza. The soldier was involved in ongoing efforts to
uncover weapons smuggling tunnels connecting PA-controlled
Gaza to Egypt. - November 18, 2003

wounded ter3195.jpg ter3196.jpg ter3197.jpg
ter3198.jpg ter3199.jpg
An Israeli couple were wounded, the husband seriously, when a terrorist
opened fire at their vehicle as they drove on the road leading to
Kadim near Jenin. - October 29, 2003

wounded ter3185.jpg
Our "Peace" Partners march in Nablus, in full view of the world
and the world is silent. - October 24, 2003

ter3186.jpg ter3187.jpg ter3188.jpg
Three IDF soldiers were killed and two wounded, one seriously,
after a terrorist infiltrated an army base in the northern
Gaza Strip community of Netzarim. - October 24, 2003

Sgt. Sarit Schneor-Sinyor z"l Age - 19
Staff Sgt. Alon Avrahami z"l - Age 20
Sgt. Adi Osman z"l - Age 19
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral
wounded ter3175.jpg ter3176.jpg ter3187.jpg
Two Israelis suffered light to moderate wounds in a terrorist
shooting at the entrance to the Hebron community of Tel Rumeida.
- October 22, 2003

Three IDF soldiers were killed and a fourth soldier moderately wounded
in a terrorist ambush as they patrolled inside the Ein Yabrud village
east of Ramallah and south of Ofra. - October 19, 2003

Sergeant Elad Polak z"l - Age 19
Sergeant Roi Ya’acov Solomon z"l - Age 21
Staff Sergeant Erez Idan z"l - Age 20
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded ter3157.jpg ter3158.jpg ter3159.jpg
ter3160.jpg ter3161.jpg
An Israeli-Arab was lightly wounded last night when his car was shot at by
Fatah terrorists in the northern Shomron. The would-be murderers
apparently mistook the car for a Jewish-owned vehicle, because of its
yellow license plate identifying it as Israeli. Arab residents of the PA
have white plates. - October 19, 2003

Three IDF soldiers were lightly wounded as a bomb exploded under
the jeep they were driving, in northern Gaza Strip.
- October 15, 2003 12:00 noon

Three Americans were killed when a massive bomb demolished an
armor-plated jeep in a convoy carrying U.S. diplomatic
personnel in the Gaza Strip. The American officials, including a
cultural envoy from the U.S. embassy, were headed to interview
Palestinian candidates for Fulbright scholarships in the U.S.
American security officials arrived on the scene to investigate,
but left abruptly after half a dozen Palestinian youths threw stones
and rocks at them as about 200 Palestinians looked on.
The location of the attack is under full Palestinian Authority control.
- October 15, 2003 10:00 am

wounded wounded wounded ter3144.jpg
ter3145.jpg ter3146.jpg ter3147.jpg ter3148.jpg
ter3149.jpg ter3150.jpg map
Two soldiers were wounded (one serious) when a suicide bomber
blew himself up at the District Coordinating Office near Tulkarm.
- October 9, 2003

wounded ter3140.jpg
Three IDF soldiers were wounded in a shooting attack on the their vehicle
in the Beita Hawara area of villages, south of the West Bank city of
Shechem. Two of the three are in serious condition, and the third sustained
moderate wounds. - October 8, 2003

wounded (R)
An Israeli soldier was killed yesterday near Metula by a
sniper's bullet fired from Lebanon. - October 7, 2003

Staff Sergeant David Solomonov z"l - Age 21
21 people were killed and 45 wounded when a woman suicide bomber
blew herself up in a restaurant in the northern city of Haifa.
A number of children are among the dead, and six of the wounded
are in serious condition. - October 4, 2003
Update October 9, 2003: 20th victim dies of wounds
Update October 15, 2003: 21st victim dies of wounds
Zer-Aviv Family z"l
Bruria Zer-Aviv z"l - Age 49
Bezalel Zer-Aviv z"l - Age 30
Keren, Zer-Aviv z"l - Age 29
Liran Zer-Aviv z"l - Age 4
Noya Zer-Aviv z"l - Age 14 months baby
Irena Sofrin z"l - Age 38
Nir Regev z"l - Age 25
Mark Biano z"l - Age 30
Naomi Biano z"l - Age 30
Osama Najar rip - Age 28
Matan Askarkabi rip - Age 31
Sharbal Matar z"l - Age 23
Hana Francis rip - Age 39
Ze'ev Almog z"l - Age 71
Ruth Almog z"l - Age 70
Moshe Almog z"l - Age 43
Tomer Almog z"l - Age 9
Asaf Staier z"l - Age 11
Zvi Bahat z"l - Age 35
Lydia Zilberstein z"l - Age 58
George Mata rip - Age 57
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded ter3096.jpg
ter3097.jpg ter3098.jpg ter3099.jpg ter3100.jpg
ter3101.jpg ter3102.jpg ter3103.jpg ter3104.jpg
ter3132.jpg memorial memorial memorial
Our "Peace" Partners
ter3079.jpg ter3080.jpg ter3081.jpg ter3082.jpg
15 year old Palestinians paid 100 shekels to risk their lives to smuggle explosives.
Two Israelis were murdered, including a baby girl, and two others wounded
in a shooting attack on the settlement of Negohot, near the city of Hebron.
An Islamic Jihad terrorist, recently released from Israeli prison,
carried out the attack.
- September 26, 2003 - The eve of Rosh Hashana

Shaked Avraham z"l - 7-months-old baby
Eyal Yeberbaumz"l - Age 27
funeral baby's funeral
wounded ter3076.jpg ter3077.jpg ter3078.jpg
An IDF soldier was killed and seven were wounded (one seriously)
in an early-morning battle with two barricaded senor Islamic Jihad
terrorists in Gaza. - September 25, 2003

Staff Sgt. Avihu Keinan z"l - Age 22
funeral funeral
An IDF soldier was seriously wounded overnight during a
counter-terrorism operation in the Nuseirat refugee camp in
central Gaza Strip. - September 18, 2003

7 people were killed and over 50 people were wounded when
a suicide bomber blew himself up at a cafe on Emek Refaim Street
in Jerusalem. - September 9, 2003 - 23:20

David Appelbaum z"l and Nava Appelbaum z"l
Article: Top Doctor-Rabbi And Daughter-Bride Murdered In Attack
David Appelbaum z"l - Age 50
Nava Appelbaum z"l - Age 20 (daughter of David)
Yechiel Emil Toubol z"l - Age 52
Gila Moshe z"l - Age 40
David Shimon Avizadris z"l - Age 51
Alon Mizrachi z"l - Age 22 - cafe security guard
Shafik Kerem z"l - Age 27 - cafe waiter
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded ter3017.jpg ter3018.jpg
ter3019.jpg ter3020.jpg ter3021.jpg ter3022.jpg
ter3023.jpg ter3024.jpg ter3025.jpg ter3029.jpg
Article: Our heros and theirs
Palestinians in Gaza celebrate the bombings. - September 9, 2003
ter3026.jpg ter3027.jpg ter3028.jpg
9 people were killed and 30 wounded (several very seriously) when a
suicide bomber blew himself up at a bus stop packed with soldiers
near the Tzrifin army base near Rishon LeZion south of Tel Aviv.
- September 9, 2003 - 18:00
Update November 19, 2003: 9th victim dies of wounds
Chief Warrant Officer Haim Alfasi z"l - Age 40
Sergeant Yonatan Peleg - Age 21
Corporal Mazi Grego z"l - Age 19
Sergeant Major Yaakov Ben Shabbat z"l - Age 39
Captain Yael Kfir - Age 21
Corporal Felix Nikolaichkov z"l - Age 20
Prosper Tuito z"l - Age 20
Sergeant Efrat Schwartzman z"l - Age 19
Sgt. Liron Siboni z"l - Age 19
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded ter2995.jpg ter2996.jpg
ter2997.jpg ter2998.jpg ter2999.jpg ter3000.jpg
ter3001.jpg ter3002.jpg ter3003.jpg ter3004.jpg
ter3005.jpg ter3006.jpg
A seriously wounded victim of the August 19, 2003
Jerusalem bus bombing died of his wounds.
- September 5, 2003

Rabbi Mordechai Laufer z"l - Age 27
A member of the Israel Defense Forces elite Naval commando unit
was killed in a gun battle with armed Palestinians in Shechem.
- September 5, 2003

Sergeant Major Ra'anan Komemi z"l - Age 23
funeral funeral funeral
An Israeli soldier was killed when a Palestinian gunmen opened fire
on a group of Israel Defense Forces soldiers in Jenin.
- September 4, 2003

Sergeant Gabriel Uziel z"l - Age 20
funeral funeral funeral

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