We Should Not Forget

There have been hundreds of shootings and bombings over the past months. Below are part of the ones that caused serious injuries or deaths. Unfortunately the world wide press does not give equal coverage when Israeli or Jewish blood is spilled.

Section 7/18: June 2005 - December 2005

An Israeli office was killed and three soldiers were wounded when a suicide bomber
blew himself up at an IDF checkpoint, near Avneh Hefetz. The checkpoint was
set up in response to warnings of an impending terrorist attack.
- December 29, 2005
Lt. Uri Binamo z"l - Age 21
wounded ter4292.jpg ter4293.jpg Hebrew area map
Five Israeli soldiers were wounded when the second of two Qassam rockets fired by
Palesitinians in Gaza struck an army base not far from the
southern city of Ashkelon.
During the week several other rockets from Gaza were fired toward
Ashkelon and communities in the Negev.
- December 22, 2005
wounded ter4290.jpg
Two armed Palestinian teens planning to carry out a terror attack in Jerusalem
were arrested Monday near the security barrier on the outskirts of the
southeastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Homa.
During the pursuit the two suspects hurled a firebomb at the security men,
who fired in the air to stop them. Police subsequently found two firebombs,
two knives, a Hamas flag in their possession as well as material for two pipe bombs.
- December 19, 2005
Arab terrorists shot at Israeli motorists, killing a father of five,
and injuring two others, in the southern Hevron Hills region.
- December 16, 2005
Yossi Shok z"l - Age 35
ter4285.jpg ter4286.jpg ter4287.jpg ter4288.jpg
The IDF thwarted what could have been a catastrophic car bomb attack.
Israeli forces discovered a car packed with explosives parked near Beit Jala,
on the Jerusalem-Gush Etzion Tunnels Highway. Inside the car were gas canisters,
a pipe bomb, and gas-soaked tires and other materials.
It is assumed that the terrorists planned to send the car rolling down
into one of the highway's two tunnels, and detonate it there.
- December 15, 2005
Eight Qassam missiles fired from Gaza. One of the relatively long-range
improved missiles struck Israel’s Mediterranean port of Ashkelon’s
industrial zone after a cluster of three exploded outside Moshav Shuva
near Netivot. Four more Qassams fell across the border into Israeli Sderot
and Ain Hashloshe and, at Zikkim. No casualties reported.
- December 15, 2005
Israel Defense Forces troops arrested a 15-year-old boy attempting to
smuggle two pipe bombs through the Hawara checkpoint near Shechem.
The soldiers' suspicion was aroused by the jacket he was wearing.
They searched him and found the bombs, which were ready for use.
The teen said he was trying to bring the bombs to Palestinians
waiting on the other side of the checkpoint.
- December 8, 2005
Several rockets and mortar shells were fired from Palestinian Authority
(PA)-controlled Gaza at targets in the western Negev.
No damage or injuries were reported
- December 8, 2005
An Israeli soldier was stabbed to death by a Palestinian attacker
at a checkpoint on the outskirts of Jerusalem.
- December 8, 2005
Sgt. Nir Kahane z"l - Age 20
funeral funeral funeral funeral
ter4273.jpg ter4274.jpg ter4275.jpg ter4276.jpg
Five people were killed and more than 50 were wounded, including four seriously,
when a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance to Hasharon
shopping mall in Netanya.
- December 5, 2005
Haim Amram z"l - Age 26 - the security guard who blocked the bomber
Daniel Golani z" - Age 45
Alexandra Zarnitzki z"l - Age 65
Eliyah Rozen z"l - Age 38
Keinan Tzuma'i z"l - Age 20
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral Memorial
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded ter4247.jpg ter4248.jpg ter4249.jpg
ter4250.jpg ter4251.jpg ter4252.jpg ter4253.jpg
ter4254.jpg ter4255.jpg ter4256.jpg ter4257.jpg
ter4258.jpg ter4259.jpg
Two Kassam rockets fell on the town of Shuva at 5:00 Sunday afternoon.
Two persons were treated for shock, and a home was damaged from shrapnel.
- December 4, 2005
Palestinians fired several rocket and motar shells at Israel.
No injuries were reported.
December 1 - 3, 2005
A 16-year-old Jerusalem youth was in serious but stable condition
after being stabbed by two Arab terrorists as he walked home from the
Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood, east of the Old City of Jerusalem.
- November 25, 2005
An Israeli taxi driver from Holon who had driven customers to PA-controlled
Kalkilya, was targeted by gunfire and wounded moderately in the shoulder.
The driver succeeded in driving to the IDF's Tzufim checkpoint, from where
he was brought to Kfar Saba's Meir Hospital.
- November 24, 2005
Hizbullah terrorists fired Katyusha rockets and mortar shells
at Israeli targets and infiltrated an IDF position in the Har Dov region,
wounding eleven, two seriously.
- November 21, 2005
wounded wounded wounded ter4235.jpg
ter4236.jpg ter4237.jpg ter4238.jpg ter4239.jpg
An Israel Defense Forces officer was lightly wounded overnight Tuesday
after an explosive device went off next to his jeep in the city of Shechem.
The jeep was completely burned.
- November 8, 2005
An IDF solider was killed in Marka near Jenin during an operation
to arrest a senior Hamas fugitive involved in the Hadera suicide bombing .
- November 2, 2005
Staff Sergeant Yonatan Evron z"l - Age 20
Gazan terrorists fired a Kassam rocket and mortar shell in the direction of
the major city of Ashkelon, knocking out power in the community of
Netiv Ha'Asara and injuring at least one person. Five others were treated
for shock following the attack and a car and home were damaged.
- November 2, 2005
ter4227.jpg ter4228.jpg
A child was injured on Sunday morning when Arabs hurled rocks
at an Israeli vehicle west of Ramallah near a-Luban. He was transported
to a hospital, reportedly in light condition.
- October 30, 2005
Six Israelis were killed and over thirty were wounded
(five in serious condition), when an Islamic Jihad suicide bomber
exploded in the open air market in the coastal city of Hadera.
- October 26, 2005
November 6, 2005 Update:
Genya Polis who was mortally wounded in the murderous suicide terror
attack in Hadera eleven days ago, has died of her wounds - bringing
the number of victims to six.
Genya Polis z"l - Age 66 (no picture yet)
Pirhia Mahlouf z"l - Age 53
Michael Kaufman z"l - Age 68
Sabiha Nissim z"l - Age 66
Yaakov Rahmani z"l - Age 68
Jamil Ka'adan RIP - Age 48
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded
ter4205.jpg ter4206.jpg ter4207.jpg ter4208.jpg
ter4209.jpg ter4210.jpg ter4211.jpg ter4212.jpg
ter4213.jpg ter4214.jpg
Arab terrorists opened fire on Jewish pedestrians walking on
the highway between Eli and Shiloh in Samaria. A 14 year old boy was
wounded in his upper leg.
- October 16, 2005
Three Israelis were killed and five were wounded, two seriously,
when Palestinians opened fire on a hitchhiking station at the
Gush Etzion junction, south of Jerusalem
- October 16, 2005
Matat Rosenfeld-Adler z"l - Age 21
Kinneret Mendel z"l - Age 21
Oz Ben Meir z"l - Age 15
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeal funeral funeral funeral
wounded ter4184.jpg ter4185.jpg ter4186.jpg
ter4187.jpg area map
Second Lt. Ariel Buda, 21, of Tel Aviv, who suffered critical wounds in a
terrorist shooting attack nine months ago, died of his wounds.
The attack occurred in January of this year near Migdalim,
between Shechem and the Jordan Valley.
- October 15, 2005
Second Lt. Ariel Buda z"l - Age 21
A woman IDF soldier escaped injury Wednesday afternoon, the second day
of the Jewish New Year, when an 18-year-old Arab terrorist tried to stab her,
the third such attempt in the area this week.
- October 5, 2005
ter4180.jpg ter4181.jpg
A 50 year old Jewish resident of Jerusalem was kidnapped and brutally murdered
by Hamas terrorists.
The body was discovered early Monday morning after a four-day joint
Shin Bet IDF and Israel Police manhunt which resulted in the capture of
one of the suspected members of the Hamas cell believed responsible for
the killing, Jerusalem police said in a written press release on the case.
- September 26, 2005
Sasson Nuriel z"l - Age 50
Five Israelis suffered shrapnel wounds and six people were treated for shock by
Palestininan rocket attacks on Sderot. Palestinians fired 40 rockets at Sderot and
the Nehev area within a 24 hour period.
- September 24, 2005
ter4176.jpg ter4177.jpg ter4178.jpg
Hamas rally in Gaza.
- September 16, 2005
ter4162.jpg ter4163.jpg ter4164.jpg ter4165.jpg
ter4166.jpg ter4167.jpg ter4168.jpg ter4169.jpg
ter4170.jpg ter4171.jpg ter4172.jpg ter4173.jpg
ter4174.jpg ter4175.jpg
Egyptians and Palestinians Make a Mockery of their Accords with Israel
to guard the Egypt - Gaza Border. There is no longer a need for
underground tunnels to smuggle arms into Gaza.
- September 12-13, 2005
ter4150.jpg ter4151.jpg ter4152.jpg ter4153.jpg
ter4154.jpg ter4155.jpg ter4156.jpg ter4157.jpg
ter4158.jpg ter4159.jpg ter4160.jpg ter4161.jpg
Palesitians Burn and Destroy Jewish Synagogues in Gaza.
- September 12, 2005
ter4121.jpg ter4122.jpg ter4123.jpg ter4124.jpg
ter4125.jpg ter4126.jpg ter4127.jpg ter4128.jpg
ter4129.jpg ter4130.jpg ter4131.jpg ter4132.jpg
ter4133.jpg ter4134.jpg ter4135.jpg ter4136.jpg
ter4137.jpg ter4138.jpg ter4139.jpg ter4140.jpg
ter4141.jpg ter4142.jpg ter4143.jpg ter4144.jpg
ter4145.jpg ter4146.jpg ter4147.jpg ter4148.jpg
An IDF soldier was lightly wounded from shrapnel when Arabs opened fire
on a truck he was driving near the former Jewish community of Morag
in southern Gaza.
- August 29, 2005
Two Israeli security guards were seriously wounded and another 50 people
were injured when a suicide bomber detonated his explosives in the
Be'er Sheva central bus station.
When the terrorist tried to board one of the buses, security guards suspected and
stopped him, at which point he detonated the explosives with which he was equipped.
The alert bus driver and the courageous actions of the two transport security guards
prevented a disaster and saved many lives.
The two security guards Lu'ay Abu Juma, 27, and Pavel Srotzkin,23, have been
undergoing hours of surgery at Soroka Medical Center.
- August 28, 2005
ter4113.jpg ter4114.jpg ter4115.jpg ter4116.jpg
ter4117.jpg ter4118.jpg ter4119.jpg
An Arab terrorist stabbed to death a Jewish yeshiva student
and injured another near Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem's Old City.
- August 24, 2005
Shmuel Matt z"l - Age 21
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded ter4107.jpg ter4108.jpg
These are the people we are giving Gaza to.
- August 14-15, 2005
ter4102.jpg ter4103.jpg ter4104.jpg ter4105.jpg
A 10-year-old boy was seriously wounded (shot in the head) and
another Israeli was wounded by arab attackers in a drive-by shooting
near Jerusalem.
- August 7, 2005
wounded wounded
Palestinians continue to fire rockets at Sderot.
- July 28 - July 29, 2005
Two Israelis were killed and five were wounded in a terrorist attack by
Palestinians near Kfar Darom
- July 24, 2005
Dov Kol z"l - Age 58
Rachel Kol z"l - Age 53
funeral funeral
wounded ter4094 ter4095 ter4096
The IDF nabbed two Fatah terrorists Friday night as they were on their way
to carry out a suicide attack in Tel Aviv. One terrorist was caught near Sderot
and the other in Jaffa, next to Tel Aviv.
- July 23, 2005
Four people were wounded, two seriously, in a mortar attack on
Neveh Dekalim in Gaza.
- July 17, 2005
wounded wounded ter4088 ter4089
Dozens of rockets and mortars fired by Palesitians exploded on Sderot
throughout Friday and Saturday. One shell fell in the yard of the a residence,
killing the family’s German shepherd, causing damage to the house and narrowly
missing family members who were preparing to walk outside. Another shell
caused heavy damage to a rehabilitation swimming pool that was empty of
people at the time. Rockets and mortars were also fired at Gush Katif over the
past two days.
- July 16, 2005
Palestinians fired dozens of rockets at Gush Katif and Sderot.
Several people were treated for shock. - July 15, 2005
ter4081.jpg ter4082.jpg ter4083.jpg ter4084.jpg
An Israeli woman from Netiv Ha'asara in the Negev (north of Gaza)
was killed when palestinians fired over 40 Kassam and motar rockets at
Negev towns and kibbutzim. - July 14, 2005
Dana Galkowitz z"l - Age 22
ter4078.jpg ter4079.jpg Area Map (English) Detailed Area Map (Hebrew)
Five Israelis were killed and 90 more wounded when an Islamic Jihad
suicide bomber blew himself up outside a crowded Netanya mall.
- July 12, 2005
Nofar Horovitz z"l - Age 16
Rachel ben Abu z"l - Age 16
Yulia Voloshin z"l - Age 31
Anya Lifschit z"l - Age 50
Cpl. Moshe Maor z"l - Age 21
funeral funeral funeral funeral
ter4046.jpg ter4047.jpg ter4048.jpg ter4049.jpg
ter4050.jpg ter4051.jpg ter4052.jpg ter4053.jpg
ter4054.jpg ter4055.jpg ter4056.jpg ter4057.jpg
ter4058.jpg ter4059.jpg ter4060.jpg ter4061.jpg
ter4062.jpg ter4063.jpg ter4064.jpg ter4065.jpg
A truck infiltrated into the settlement of Shavei Shomron and exploded in
the center of the settlement wounding only the driver of the vehicle.
The vehicle, a pick-up truck which was reportedly stolen from an airline industry,
managed to drive through the security gates after they were opened for
another vehicle to drive out of the settlement. The truck, which had Israeli plates -
reducing the suspicion of the settlements' guards - was loaded with three highly
explosive gas balloons. The car also contained nails and other sharp materials.
- June 24, 2005
IDF bomb demolition technicians detonated in a controlled manner
a 40 kilogram (88 pound) bomb, which troops found along the security fence in
southern Gaza.
- July 12, 2005
Arab terrorists planted two bombs, shot at IDF soldiers and fired mortar
shells in attacks against Israel. Two soldiers were lightly injured when their jeep
ran over one of the bombs near hothouses in Netzer Hazani.
- July 12, 2005
Two Israeli teenagers were killed and four were wounded
in a drive-by shooting at the entrance to Beit Hagai, near Hevron
- June 24, 2005
Avichai Levy z"l - Age 17
Aviad Mansur z"l - Age 17
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded ter4043.jpg
ter4044.jpg ter4045.jpg
Israel Defense Forces soldiers caught a female would-be suicide bomber
at the entrance to the Erez border crossing in the northern the Gaza Strip.
The woman, who was carrying 10 kg of explosives in her pants, had a permit
to enter Israel to receive medical treatment. Samir Ibrahim (age 21) had been in
the past to the Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva to receive medical treatment
for severe burns she sustained from a gas balloon that exploded next to her
six months ago. She needed to reach the hospital for medical tests.
She said she did not plan on carrying out the attack at the Soroka hospital
but in another hospital, not specifying its name.
- June 20, 2005
ter4028.jpg ter4029.jpg ter4030.jpg
An Israeli driver was killed in a roadside shooting attack in northwestern Shomron.
A 15 year old teen-aged passenger sustained light-to-moderate wounds, and was
operated on in a nearby hospital.
- June 20, 2005
Yevgeny Rider RIP - Age 28
ter4026.jpg ter4027.jpg
One soldier was killed and 2 were wounded when Palestinian gunmen
opened fire at the IDF's Girit post on the Philadelphi route.
They also fired an anti-tank weapon on an IDF armored personnel carrier.
- June 19, 2005
Sergeant Major Avi Karuchi z"l - Age 25 - He was engaged to be married in two months
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded ter4017.jpg
The Israeli army arrested an Arab teenager at the Hawarah Checkpoint
south of Shechem. An inspection by bomb demolition experts of the
“fireworks” he reported to soldiers he was carrying revealed five pipe bombs
readied for detonation, also containing shrapnel to maximize devastation
when detonated.
- June 19, 2005
Palesitinian public anti-Israel rally in Shechem.
- June 17, 2005
ter4009.jpg ter4010.jpg ter4011.jpg ter4012.jpg
A Kassam rocket, the eighth rocket or mortar shell to explode today,
hit a parked bus this evening near the Jewish community of Morag.
No one was injured, but two people were treated for shock.
An earlier mortar shell attack in Ne've Dekalim caused light leg injuries
to an IDF soldier. Another shell caused damage to a house in Gadid,
but no one was injured.
- June 8, 2005
Three people were killed and four were wounded when a Kassam rocket
hit a greenhouse in the settlement of Ganei Tal in the Gaza Strip.
One of the fatalities was a Chinese worker and other two were
Palestinian workers, all of whom were employed in the greenhouse.
The five wounded were also non-Israeli laborers.
- June 7, 2005
wounded wounded wounded wounded
ter4006.jpg ter4007.jpg
Between three and five Kassam rockets, fired from gaza, hit the city
of Sderot in the Negev. One of the rockets scored a direct hit
on a house, sending three people to the hospital.

An IDF soldier was lightly wounded and the head of the Islamic Jihad
terror organization was killed in a military operation in Jenin.
- June 7, 2005
ter4000.jpg ter4001.jpg

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