We Should Not Forget

There have been hundreds of shootings and bombings over the past months. Below are part of the ones that caused serious injuries or deaths. Unfortunately the world wide press does not give equal coverage when Israeli or Jewish blood is spilled.

Section 18/18: August 9, 2001 - September 2000

15 killed and 132 wounded in Jerusalem bombing. - August 9, 2001
Schijveschuurder Family Picture (5 members killed, 2 seriously wounded)
Schijveschuurder Children Picture
Mordechai Schijveschuurder z"l
Tzira Schijveschuurder z"l
Ra'aya Schijveschuurder z"l - Age 14
Avraham Yitzhak Schijveschuurder z"l - Age 4
Hemda Schijveschuurder z"l - Age 2
Wounded Family Member at Funeral

Lily Shimashvili z"l - Age 39
Tamara Shimashvili z"l - Age 8 (daughter of Lily)

Tehila Maoz z"l - Age 20 - of Jerusalem
Michal Raziel z"l - Age 15 - of Jerusalem
Zvi Golombek z"l - Age 26 - of Carmiel
Judith Lilian Greenbaum z"l - Age 30 - of NJ (5 months pregnant)
Giora Balash z"l - a Brazilian tourist
Yocheved Shoshan z"l - Age 10 - of Jerusalem
Freida Mendelsohn - Age 62 - of Jerusalem
Malka Rot z"l - Age 15 - of Jerusalem
The Suicide Bomber Took Malki's Life, But Not Our Convictions (2 articles)
Funeral Funeral Funeral Funeral
I did not include various pictures that were too graphic
Wounded Wounded Wounded Wounded (R Warning)
Wounded Wounded ter0512.jpg ter0513.jpg
ter0514.jpg ter0516.jpg ter0517.jpg ter0509.jpg
ter0519.jpg ter0520.jpg
Palestinian Terrorists kill teenage girl and wound three on Mount Gilboa.
- August 9, 2001
Aliza Malka z"l - Age 17
Three soldiers were lightly wounded when a Hamas terrorist
blew himself up in a van in the Jordan Valley and
in a roadside explosion near Nablus. - August 8, 2001
ter0480.jpg ter0481.jpg
Israeli killed in drive-by shooting on the Trans-Samaria Highway
- August 7, 2001
Zohar Shurgi z"l
Funeral Funeral Funeral Funeral
Israeli businessman murdered in Jordan - August 7, 2001
Yitzhak Snir z"l
Israeli pregnant woman killed, her 14 year old daughter and her husband
seriously wounded, 2 other children and a hitchhiker wounded
by Palestinian gunman near Alfei Menashe - August 6, 2001
Tehiya Bloomberg z"l
Funeral Funeral
Wounded Mother, Father & Daughter
8 Soliders and 2 Civilians wounded in Tel-Aviv Terrorist Shooting - August 6, 2001
Wounded Wounded Wounded Wounded
ter0466.jpg ter0467.jpg ter0468.jpg Police Citation
Many bombs and shooting over the past 5 days - July 31 - August 5, 2001
July 30, 2001 - 06:50 to 22:10
- A seven-year-old girl was lightly injured by shrapnel during
a mortar attack in the Gaza Strip overnight.
- A bus driver sustained light injuries when his vehicle came under
fire overnight near the Tapuah junction
- A small bomb exploded in Jerusalem in the supermarket below the
Hamashbir department store - no injuries.
- A Palestinian terrorist stabbed and seriously wounded an
Israeli man in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem
- Policeman shot and wounded on Jerusalem Ma'aleh Adumim road.
- Palestinian terrorists wounded three border policemen traveling in a jeep in
a drive-by shooting near the village of Zemir
- Two Palestinians stabbed and lightly wounded a young Israeli woman in
the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood of Jerusalem
- Palestinian terrorists fired shots at a bus on the Trans Samaria Highway
lightly wounding the driver.

Wounded ter0458.jpg ter0459.jpg ter0460.jpg
Policewoman Seriously Wounded
15 police injured in Temple Mount riot.
Police decided to enter the Temple Mount
after Muslim worshippers threw stones at Jews praying
by the Western Wall - Tisha B'Av - July 29, 2001

Wounded Wounded ter0449.jpg ter0450.jpg
ter0451.jpg ter0452.jpg ter0454.jpg ter0455.jpg
Israeli Teenage Killed by Palestinian terrorists near Givat Ze'ev - July 26
Ronen Landau z"l - Age 17
Funeral Funeral
Israeli found shot and stabbed to death near Ramallah - July 24
Yuri Gushtzin z"l - Age 18
ter0442.jpg ter0443.jpg
Two Israeli's killed and at least nine others wounded
by suicide bomber at the Binyamina train station - July 16

Corporal Hanit Arami z"l - Age 19
Staff Sergeant Avi Ben Arush z"l - Age 20
ter0438.jpg ter0439.jpg
Israeli killed near Kiryat Arba - July 12
Yehezkel Mualem z"l
Israeli killed near Kiryat Arba - July 12
David Cohen z"l
Israeli seriously injured with head wound,
wife and 7 month old boy lightly wounded near Nablus - July 12

Wounded ter0434.jpg
Three soldiers wounded in clash near Rafah - July 10
One Soldier Killed and One Wounded when an explosive charge
detonated beneath their jeep in the Har Hebron area. - July 9

Captain Shai Shalom Cohen z"l - Age 22
Israeli Woman Wounded on a bus in Samaria - July 8, 2001
Israeli shot and killed at point-blank range at
Sueika, near Tulkarem - July 4, 2001

Eliahu Na'aman z"l
Israeli Jewish Shepherd killed near Susya - July 3, 2001
Yair Har-Sinai z"l , aged 51, father of nine children
Israeli murdered in the town of Baka al-Garbiyeh - July 2, 2001
Aharon Obidiyan z"l
ter0425.jpg ter0426.jpg
Bombs planted in the cars of two Yehud residents exploded in
the town center. No serious casualties.
Nine people had to be treated for shock after the blasts - July 2, 2001

ter0423.jpg ter0424.jpg
Israeli Killed and one wounded on the Jenin by pass road
Ekaterina was fatally shot in the chest as she returned home with
her son Ariel, four, from a doctor's visit in Afula. - June 28, 2001

Ekaterina Weintraub z"l - Age 24
Funeral Funeral Wounded
Eight Israelis wounded in widespread attacks
in Judea and the Gaza Strip - June 25, 2001

7 Year Old Wounded Wounded Wounded ter0418.jpg
Two soldiers killed by Gaza suicide bomber - June 22, 2001
Sergeant Aviv Iszak z"l, 19, of Kfar Saba
Sergeant Ofir Kit z"l, 19, of Jerusalem
Funeral Funeral Funeral
ter0410.jpg ter0411.jpg
Second Israeli from Homesh Murdered by Palestinian Gunman
June 20, 2001

Ilya Kirivitz z"l - Age 62
Funeral Funeral ter0404.jpg ter0405.jpg
One Israeli killed and one wounded near Einav - June 18, 2001
Doron Zisserman z"l (pictured with 1 of his 4 kids)
Funeral Funeral
One Israeli killed and one wounded near Homesh - June 18, 2001
Danny Yehuda z"l (pictured with 2 of his 3 kids)
Funeral Funeral
Wounded ter0398.jpg ter0399.jpg
Three Israelis injured in a shooting incident on a road in Samaria,
near the community of Halamish. - June 14, 2001

An Israeli security official was killed in a shooting attack
on the Bethlehem bypass road. - June 14, 2001

Col. Yehuda Edri z"l
ter0387.jpg ter0388.jpg
June 13, 2001
21 Year Old Israeli Woman Shot Near Ofrah
41 Year Man Shot on Hotzeh Yisrael Highway Near Tulkarem

Wounded ter0385.jpg
A Greek Orthodox Monk was shot to death while driving on the
road linking Jerusalem and Ma'aleh Adumim - June 12, 2001

Georgios Tsibouktzakis z"l
Two Palestinian terrorists shot and seriously wounded
Jerusalem motorist on the Ramallah bypass - June 8, 2001

Palestinian Stonethrowers Seriously Wounded a Five-Month-Old Baby
Traveling in a Vehicle Near Shilo - June 5, 2001
The baby passed away on June 11, 2001

Five-Month-Old Yehuda Haim Shoham z"l
Family Picture
Funeral Funeral ter0390.jpg
Wounded Baby on June 5 ter0377.jpg
Web page in memory of Yehuda Haim Shoham z"l
20 Dead and over 100 wounded in Tel-Aviv Terror Bombing
Outside a Beachfront Nightclub - June 1, 2001

Mariana Madbaneko z"l - Age16 from Tel Aviv
Yelena Nelimov z"l (Age 18) and Yulia Nelimov z"l (Age 16)
Sisters from Tel Aviv
Simona Rodin - Age18 from of Holon
Irena Asatsif z"l - Age 18 from Holon
Raisa Nimrovsky z"l - Age 15 from Netanya
Ori Shahar z"l - Age 32 from Ramat Gan
Anya Kachkova z"l - Age 16 from Holon
Eliya Gutman z"l - Age 19 from Bat Yam
Roman Dezanshvili z"l - Age 21 from Bat Yam
Kastaniada Arias z"l - Age 15 from Ramat-Gan
Irena Nafmaniashtsy z"l - Age 16 from Bat Yam
Marina Zokovska z"l - Age 17 from Tel Aviv
Liana Skian z"l - Age 16 from Tel Aviv
Maria Taglichev z"l - Age 14 from Netanya
Private Diaz Normanov z"l - Age 21 from Tel-Aviv
Roman Gorodchovsky z"l - Age 20 tourist from Ukraine
Alexei Lupalo z"l - Age 16
Yivgenia Haya Dorfman z"l - Age 15 (died from wounds on June 19, 2001)
Wounded Wounded Wounded Wounded
Wounded Wounded Wounded Wounded
ter0365.jpg ter0366.jpg ter0367.jpg ter0368.jpg
Funeral Funeral Funeral Funeral
63 year old Israeli killed near Baka a-Sharkiya
in northern Samaria - May 31, 2001

Tzvika Shelef z"l
Funeral ter0341.jpg ter0342.jpg
8 Israeli's lightly injured (not students) from a bomb blast
in Netanya in front of an ORT school - May 30, 2001

2 Israeli's killed and 4 wounded near Neveh Daniel in Gush Etzion
Afternoon - May 29, 2001

Sarah Blaustein z"l
Esther Alvan z"l
Funeral Funeral Funeral
Israeli killed near Kedumim (40 bullets to car) - Morning - May 29, 2001
Gilad Zar z"l (wounded March 25, see below)
Funeral ter0332.jpg
Two Israelis wounded, one seriously, when shots were fired at their minibus
near Migdalim - Monday Night May 28, 2001

1 Injured in Jerusalem Bomb Blast - Sunday Morning May 27, 2001
Injured ter0325.jpg ter0326
3 Injured in Jerusalem Bomb Blast - Saturday night May 26, 2001
ter0322 ter023.jpg
Hamas Rally in Ramallah with Burning Bus - May 25, 2001
Mock Burning Bus in Ramallah Children Learn Hate
Burnt Body of Israeli Discovered Near Tulkarem - May 25, 2001
Yosef Alfasi z"l
54 wounded in Hadera Bomb Blast - May 25, 2001
ter0319 ter020.jpg
86-year-old Gilo resident was shot in the chest and seriously wounded
in Jerusalem - May 23, 2001

Wounded in Gilo
Israeli Shot and Killed, 1 wounded near Ariel - May 23, 2001

Asher Iluz z"l, 33, of Modi'in
ter0316.jpg ter0317.jpg
Five Israeli civilians wounded in Gilo, Jerusalem - May 22, 2001
Wounded ter0314.jpg
Israeli Soldier Killed and Mother Seriously Wounded
Near Ofarim - May 18, 2001

Lieutenant Yair Nevenzal z"l (age 22)
5 Killed and 100+ Wounded in Netanya Bomb Blast - May 18, 2001
Tersa Polonski z"l
Miriam Waxman z"l
David Yarkoni z"l
Yulia Totokova z"l
Vladislav Sirokin z"l
Funeral Funeral Funeral
ter0303.jpg ter0304.jpg ter0305.jpg
ter0306.jpg ter0307.jpg ter0308.jpg
ter0309.jpg ter0310.jpg ter0311.jpg
Israeli Woman Killed and Father Wounded
Near Ma'aleh Michmash - May 15, 2001

Idit Mizrahi z"l (age 22)
Funeral Funeral Funeral ter0290.jpg
2 Romanian Workers killed, 1 Wounded,
in Bomb Blast near Gaza - May 10, 2001

Constantin Stratolet z"l , 52, and Virgil Martinesc z"l , 29 (no pictures)
Wounded ter0289.jpg
2 Israeli 14 Year Olds were Stoned and then Stabbed to Death
near Tekoa - May 9, 2001

Ya'akov Mandel z"l
Yosef Ish-Ran z"l
Funeral ter0284.jpg ter0285.jpg ter0286.jpg
Israeli Killed in Itamar - May 8, 2001
Aryeh Orlanda z"l
Funeral ter0281.jpg
Navy stops arms-laden boat bound for Gaza - May 6, 2001
ter0275.jpg ter0276.jpg ter0277.jpg ter0278.jpg
5 Wounded in Petah Tikva Blast (no pictures in media) - May 6, 2001

Israeli Ambushed and Killed in Car Shooting near Ofra - May 1, 2001
Assaf Hershkovitz z"l and father, Arieh Hershkovitz z"l
(Father was killed 3 months earlier - see January 29, 2001 below)
Assaf z"l
Funeral Funeral Funeral ter0274.jpg
Netanya Man Killed in Drive-by Terror Shooting
on the Wadi Ara highway - April 28, 2001

Seargeant Shlomo Elmakias z"l
ter0267.jpg ter0268.jpg
Five Teens Hurt in Netzer Hazani Mortar Attack - April 28, 2001
Wounded Wounded
11 Injured in Bomb Blasts in Or-Yehudah and Haifa - April 23, 2001
Wounded ter0261.jpg ter0262.jpg
1 Killed and 50 injured in Kfar Saba Bomb Attack - April 22, 2001
Dr. Mario Goldin z"l
Funeral Funeral Wounded Wounded
ter0256.jpg ter0257.jpg
Israeli Killed by Arabs in Ramallah - April 20, 2001
Stanislav Sandomirsky z"l
Terrorists fired three mortar shells on Gush Katif,
critically wounding 15-month-old baby and
injuring several others including the mother. - April 3, 2001
The infant - Ariel ben Leah
Father near baby in the hospital
Injured mother in hospital
Soldier Killed by Sniper and Civilian Wounded
at Rachel's Tomb - April 2, 2001
Sgt. Danny Dara'i z"l
Reserve Soldier Killed By Palestinian Sniper - April 1, 2001
St.-Sgt. Yaakov Krenchel z"l
Bomb Blasts Kills 2 Teenagers and Wounds 2
Near Sde Hemed - March 28, 2001
Eliran Rosenberg-Zayat z"l (age 15)
Naftali Lanzkron z"l (age 13)
Funeral Funeral ter0244.jpg
ter0245.jpg ter0246.jpg
Israeli women seriously wounded in the head when she was struck by rocks
March 27, 2001 (at night)
Danielle Fine - Seriously Wounded
2 Bomb Blasts in Jerusalem - Talpiot & French Hill
33 Wounded - March 27, 2001 (morning and afternoon)
Wounded Wounded Wounded
ter0237.jpg ter0238.jpg ter0239
Palestinian snipers shot 10-month-old Shalhevet Tehiya Pass in the head
as she was in her mother Uriya's arms and
moderately wounded her father Yitzhak, 24, in the legs
as they stood at the entrance to the Avraham Avinu neighborhood.
March 26, 2001

Mother and Shalhevet Tehiya z"l
Family Photo
Grave of Shalhevet Tehiya z"l
Israeli Civilian Shot and Seriously Wounded near Yitzhar - March 25, 2001
Wounded - Gilad Zar
Israeli Border Policeman Wounded during Clashes - March 24, 2001
Israeli Killed on Gush Etzion-Jerusalem highway - March 19, 2001
Baruch Cohen z"l
Funeral ter0228.jpg ter0229.jpg
3 Killed and 60 injured in Netanya Bomb Attack - March 4, 2001
Naftali Dean z"l
Shulamit Ziv z"l
Yevgenya Malchin z"l
Wounded Funeral
Terror blast aboard a taxi-van 1 killed 9 wounded - March 1, 2001
Claude Knafo z"l
Wounded Wounded ter0219.jpg ter0220.jpg
Palestinian Gunmen Wounded 3 Israeli Motorists - February 27, 2001
Wounded ter0215.jpg
Palestinian Bus Driver Kills 8 Israelis and Wounds 23 - February 14, 2001
Picture of all 8 Victims
Sgt. Julie Weiner z"l, 21, of Jerusalem
Cpl. Yasmin Karisi z'l, 18, of Ashkelon
Cpl. Alexander Manevitz z'l, 18, of Ashkelon (only child)
Sgt. Kochava Polanski z"l, 19, of Ashkelon
Sgt. Rahel Levy z"l, 19, of Ashkelon
Simha Shitreet z"l, 30, of Rishon Lezion
Staff-Sgt. Ofir Magidish z"l, 20, of Kiryat Malachi
Sgt. David Elouz z"l, 21, of Kiryat Malachi
Wounded Grief Wounded ter0203.jpg
ter0204.jpg ter0205.jpg ter0206.jpg ter0207.jpg
Palestinian Gunmen Kill Israeli on Tunnel Road - February 12, 2001
Tzahi Sasson z"l from Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim in Gush Etzion
Funeral Funeral Funeral ter0190.jpg
10 Injured in Jerusalem Bomb Blast - February 8, 2001
ter0183.jpg ter0184.jpg ter0185.jpg
IDF soldier killed in Rafiah clash - February 5, 2001
Staff Sergeant Rujah Salameh z"l , 23
From the lower Galilee Bedouin community of Turan (no pictures)
(Per IDF website: The family wishes to avoid media coverage of the funeral)
Palestinians Murder Israeli from Afula - February 1, 2001
Palestinians Murder Israeli from Karmei Tzur - February 1, 2001
Lior Attiah z"l
Dr. Shmuel Gillis z"l
Funeral Funeral Funeral ter0182.jpg
Palestinians Murder Israeli from Ofra - January 29, 2001
Arieh Hershkovitz z"l
ter0173.jpg ter0174.jpg Funeral Funeral
Palestinians Murder Israeli from Jerusalem - January 25, 2001
Akiva Pashkos z"l
ter0170.jpg ter0171.jpg
Palestinians Murder 2 Israeli's from Tel-Aviv - January 23, 2001
Motti Dayan z"l
Etgar Zeituni z"l
Palestinians Murder 16 year old Israeli from Ashkelon - January 18, 2001
Ofier Rahum z"l ter0163.jpg ter0164.jpg ter0165.jpg
Palestinians Murder a Farmer in Gush Katif - January 14, 2001
Roni Salach z"l ter0159.jpg ter0160.jpg ter0161.jpg
Palestinian Police Execute Man for Aiding Israel - January 13, 2001
Allan Bani Odeh ter0154.jpg ter0155.jpg ter0156.jpg
Palestinians Dress a Donkey in a Jewish Prayer Shawl
- January 12, 2001

An Israeli who went to pay arab labors was murdered.
His mutilated body was found in the nearby Caesarea industrial area.
- January 5, 2001

Mordechai Cohen z"l - Age 34
Over 40 wounded in Netanya Bomb Blast - January 1, 2001
ter0150.jpg ter0151.jpg ter0152.jpg
Father & Mother killed, their 5 of 6 children wounded
- December 31, 2000

Benyamin Ze'ev Kahane z"l
Talia z"l and Ze'ev z"l
The Children Leaving the Hospital
ter0148.jpg ter0149.jpg
2 Killed in Gaza Bombing - December 28, 2000
Captain Gadi Marsha z"l
Border Police Sgt.-Maj. Yonatan Vermullen z"l
ter0138.jpg ter0145.jpg
14 hurt in Tel-Aviv Bombs - December 28, 2000
ter0140.jpg ter0141.jpg ter0142.jpg
Israeli motorist was shot in a terrorist ambush - December 28, 2000
Wounded: Shmuel Hilario near Eilon Moreh
3 Wounded by Bomb at Mehola Junction Cafe - December 22, 2000
Two seriously wounded: Soldier Tzippora Ben-Shalav and Omer Golan
Wounded: Rafael Antman (Haredi Nahal Unit)
Killed by Palestinian Fire on the Modi'in Road - December 21, 2000
Eliyahu Cohen z"l
2 Civilians and 1 Soldier Killed by Palestinian Fire - December 8, 2000
Rina Didovsky z"l (school teacher and mother of six)
Eliyahu Ben-Ami z"l (41)
Sergeant Tal Gordon z"l (19)
ter0132.jpg ter0133.jpg
Soldier & Civilian Killed by Palestinian Fire - November 24, 2000
Major Sharon Arameh z"l
Ariel Jeraffi z"l
DCO Explosion & Sniper Shooting - November 23, 2000
Lieutenant Edward Matchnick z"l
Sergeant Samar Hussein z"l
ter0123.jpg ter0124.jpg ter0125.jpg
ter0126.jpg ter0127.jpg
Hadera Bomb 2 dead, 62 injured - November 22, 2000
Shoshanna Reis z"l
Meir Bahrame z"l
Baby Wounded ter0115.jpg ter0116.jpg ter0117.jpg
ter0118.jpg ter0119.jpg ter0120.jpg
Palestinian Shooting - November 21, 2000
Itamar Yefet z"l ter0110.jpg ter0111.jpg
School Bus Bombing 2 dead, 9 injured - November 20, 2000
The Cohen's Three Little Children: Tehilla (8) lost both legs
Orit lost part of her right foot, Yisrael (7) lost his right leg
Wounded for Life: Cohen Child in Hospital Tehilla Cohen (8 years old)
Miriam z"l Gabi z"l ter0103.jpg ter0104.jpg
ter0105.jpg ter0106.jpg ter0107.jpg ter0108.jpg
Israeli Soldiers Killed
by Senior Palestinian Security Office - November 18, 2000

Staff Sergeant Baruch (Snir) Flum z"l
Staff Sergeant Sharon Shitubi z"l
Funeral Funeral
4 Israelis Killed in Shooting - November 13, 2000
Sara Lisha z"l Sara Lisha z"l Funeral
Gabi Zaguri z"l
Corporal Elad Wallenstein z"l
Corporal Amit Zanna z"l
Shoot16.jpg Shoot18.jpg Shoot19.jpg
Soldier Shooting - November 10, 2000
First Sergeant Shahar Vakrat z"l
First Class Sergeant Avner Shalom z"l
Wounded Soldier
Car Shooting in Gaza - November 8, 2000
Noa Dahan z"l
Oz (wounded)
shoot03.jpg shoot4.jpg
Jerusalem Bombing - November 2, 2000
Ayelet z"l Chanan z"l
Bomb03.jpg Bomb04.jpg
Bomb05.jpg Bomb06.jpg
Bomb07.jpg Bomb08.jpg
Three Soldiers Shot and Killed by Palestinians - November 1, 2000
Lt. David Chen Cohen z"l Sgt. Shlomo Adishne z"l
Major (res.) Amir Zohar z"l
Jerusalem Murders - October 30, 2000
Amos z"l (Gilo) Aishkodesh z"l
Itai (wounded)
Jer04.jpg (Gilo) Jer05.jpg Jer06.jpg
Efrat Synagogue Desecration - October 27, 2000
Efrat01.jpg Efrat02.jpg Efrat03.jpg Efrat04.jpg
Mount Ebal Trip Shooting - October 19, 2000
Rabbi Herling z"l Rabbi Herling z"l
Ebal03.jpg Ebal04.jpg
Ebal05.jpg Ebal06.jpg
Ebal07.jpg Ebal08.jpg
Paris Synagogue Firebomb - October 13, 2000
Paris01.jpg Paris02.jpg
Paris03.jpg Paris04.jpg
Ancient Jericho Synagogue Burnt - October 12, 2000
Jericho1.jpg Jericho2.jpg
Jericho3.jpg Jericho4.jpg
Jericho5.jpg Jericho6.jpg
Jericho7.jpg Jericho8.jpg
Link to research on synagogue
Lynching of Israeli Soldiers - October 12, 2000
Yosef z"l Vadim z"l lynch01.jpg lynch02.jpg
lynch03.jpg lynch04.jpg lynch05.jpg lynch06.jpg
lynch07.jpg lynch08.jpg lynch09.jpg lynch10.jpg
Kidnapping of Israeli Soldiers - October 7, 2000
Adi Benny Omer MIA Site
Joseph's Tomb - October 7, 2000
Tomb01.jpg Tomb02.jpg Tomb03.jpg Tomb04.jpg
Tomb05.jpg Tomb06.jpg Tomb07.jpg Tomb08.jpg
Tomb09.jpg Tomb10.jpg Tomb11.jpg Tomb12.jpg
Tomb13.jpg Tomb14.jpg Tomb15.jpg Tomb16.jpg
Tomb17.jpg Tomb18.jpg Tomb19.jpg Tomb20.jpg
October 10: The Rebuilding in the Color of a Mosque (Tomb21.jpg)
Rabbi Lieberman z"l - YU Picture Rabbi Lieberman z"l - Recent
Rachel's Tomb - October 6, 2000
Rachel01.jpg Rachel02.jpg
Jerusalem's Old City - Sepetmber / October 2000
wall01.jpg wall02.jpg wall03.jpg Wall04.jpg
wall05.jpg wall06.jpg wall07.jpg Wall08.jpg
The Press and Israel
Shooting Incident (Shooting.jpg)
March 19, 2002: Update on Who Shot the Child
New York Times - Biased Picture (Tuvia.jpg, Tuvia2.jpg) Address to Complain
LA Times - October 6, 2000 - Antisemitism (Latimes1.gif) Address to Complain

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