We Should Not Forget

There have been hundreds of shootings and bombings over the past months. Below are part of the ones that caused serious injuries or deaths. Unfortunately the world wide press does not give equal coverage when Israeli or Jewish blood is spilled.

Section 17/18: January 2002 - August 12, 2001

1 Israeli killed and 150 wounded by a female suicide bomber
in downtown Jerusalem - January 27, 2002
February 6 update: The female terrorist entered the city inside an
Arab Red Crescent Society ambulance.
Pinhas Tokatli z"l - Age 81
Wounded Wounded Wounded Wounded
Wounded Wounded Wounded ter0851.jpg
ter0852.jpg ter0853.jpg ter0854.jpg ter0855.jpg
ter0856.jpg ter0857.jpg ter0858.jpg ter0859.jpg
ter0860.jpg ter0863.jpg
An Israeli was moderately injured in a shooting attack on his vehicle
late Saturday night near the West Bank settlement of Ariel. - January 26, 2002

25 Israeli's wounded by Palestinian suicide bomber, who detonated
a belt filled with explosives near Tel Aviv's old bus station. - January 25, 2002

Wounded Wounded ter0843.jpg ter0844.jpg
Police sappers neutralized a large explosive device in the Talpiot industrial
area of Jerusalem. The device was found close to two banquet halls in the
neighborhood and police sources said it could have caused heavy loss of life
had it not been found. - January 23, 2002

A Palestinian gunman opened fire on Jaffa Street in
downtown Jerusalem killing 2 women and injuring 44 people
- January 22, 2002

Sarah Hamburger z"l - Age 79
When she was five years old, during the 1929 massacre of the Jewish community,
an Arab neighbor helped her family to flee the city.
Svetlana Sandler z"l - Age 56
Wounded Wounded
ter0830.jpg ter0832.jpg ter0833.jpg ter0834.jpg
ter0835.jpg ter0836.jpg ter0837.jpg ter0838.jpg
A soldier was lightly wounded a gun battle erupted in the A-Tira
neighborhood of Ramallah between Palestinians and soldiers who came
to the assistance of an armored personnel carrier stuck in a narrow road.
- January 20, 2002

Six people were killed and thirty wounded when
a terrorist burst into a bat mitzva reception in the middle of Hadera ,
opening fire from an M-16 assault rifle. - January 17, 2002

Eduard Bakshayev z"l - Age 48
Anatoly Baksheyev z"l - Age 63
Avi Yazdi z"l - Age 25
Dina Benyev z"l - Age 48
Boris Melikhov z"l - Age 65
Yisrael Alis z"l - Age 32
Wounded Wounded Wounded ter0819.jpg
ter0820.jpg ter0821.jpg
Israeli abducted in Beit Jalla and subsequently murdered in Beit Sahur,
outside of Bethlehem - January 15, 2002

Avraham (Avi) Boaz z"l - Age 71
An Israeli Woman was killed and 1 wounded,
in terrorist shooting near Givat Ze'ev - January 15, 2002

Yoela Chen z"l - Age 47
Wounded Ter0812.jpg
An Israeli soldier was killed and one wounded in a terrorist ambush
near Kuchin, between Nablus and Tulkarm - January 14, 2002
Sgt. Elad Abu-Gani z"l - Age 19
Four Israeli soldiers were killed and one was seriously wounded
when two Palestinian gunmen raided an army outpost near
Kibbutz Kerem Shalom, close to the Gaza Strip. - January 9, 2002

All the IDF casualties were members of the Beduin Desert Patrol Battalion
Company commander Maj. Ashraf Hoiash Mazarid z"l - Age 28, of Beit Zarzir
St.-Sgt. Mofeid Sawayed z"l - Age 25, of Abu Sna'an
Sgt.-Maj. Ibrahim Hamadieh z"l - Age 23, of Rehaniyah
Sgt.-Maj. Eli Abu Ghanem z"l - Age 25, of Haifa
Funeral Funeral Funeral ter0808.jpg
The Israel Defense Forces captured a ship carrying 50 tons of weaponry
destined for the Palestinian Authority - January 3, 2002
ter0793.jpg ter0794.jpg ter0795.jpg ter0796.jpg
ter0797.jpg ter0798.jpg ter0799.jpg ter0800.jpg
Palestinian stonethrowers lightly wounded an Israeli motorist
near the village of Hizma, northeast of Jerusalem - December 27, 2001
4 Israeli border policemen wounded in Jenin battle
in pursuit of Palestinian gunmen - December 26, 2001
An Israeli was killed, and four other reservists wounded in a
terror attack along the Jordanian border - December 25, 2001
Sgt. (res.) Michael Sibon z"l - Age
Funeral Funeral
Wounded Wounded ter0791.jpg
Israeli seriously wounded by Palestinian terrorists as he drove
between Shavei Shomron and Einav - December 24, 2001
ter0784.jpg ter0785.jpg
An Israeli and his three year old son where wounded
when their vehicle was ambushed near Ofra - December 17, 2001
Wounded Baby ter0783.jpg
Israeli Shot in the abdomen and thigh as he drove into a roadside ambush
near the village of Aboud, west of Neveh Tzuf in the Ramallah area
- December 17, 2001
10 Israelis dead and nearly 30 wounded (several critically) when
two bombs exploded alongside a Dan bus, stopping it, then at least
three Palestinian terrorists opened fire with automatic rifles near
the outskirts of Emmanuel - December 12, 2001
3 Members of the Tzarfati Family z"l
Ya'acov Tzarfati z"l - Age 64
David Tzarfati z"l - Age 32 z"l
Hanan Tzarfati z"l - Age 37
Dov Moshe Guttman z"l - Age 40
Yisrael Sternberg z"l - Age 46
Avraham Nahman Nitzani z"l - Age 18
Yair Amar z"l - Age 13
Esther Avraham z"l - Age 42
Border Police Chief Warrant Officer Yoel Bienenfeld z"l - Age 35
Yirmiyahu Salam z"l - Age 48
ter0778.jpg ter0779.jpg
Wounded Wounded Wounded Wounded
ter0774.jpg ter0775.jpg ter0776.jpg ter0777.jpg
4 Israeli lightly wounded when two suicide bombers
tried to kill Jewish settlers near Gush Katif - December 12, 2001
Wounded ter0759.jpg
A three-year-old boy and his four-year-old sister were lightly wounded
when mortar shells fired by Palestinians hit their Gush Katif community
- December 10, 2001
Palestinian terrorists shot and seriously wounded a 33-year-old man
near Na'aleh, north of Ramallah. - December 9, 2001
Suicide Bomber wounds 40 near Haifa - December 9, 2001
(alert police prevented the bomber from activating a second belt of explosives )
Wounded ter0754.jpg ter0755.jpg Police
Eight lightly wounded when a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up
near a hotel in Jerusalem - December 5, 2001
ter0751.jpg ter0752.jpg
Israeli policeman shot near Sha'ar Efrayim near Tulkarem - December 2, 2001
7 Israeli soldiers were lightly injured when a device exploded
near the Bakot crossing in the Jordan Valley. - December 2, 2001
Fifteen dead and 46 wounded in Haifa suicide bus bombing - December 2, 2001
Rickey Hadad z"l - Age 30
Ronen Kahlon z"l - Age 30
Ina Frenkel z"l - Age 60
Michael Zararisky z"l - Age 71
Yelena Lunkin z"l - Age 78
Rasim Sepulyan z"l - Age 78
Tzitzilya Kuzmin z"l - Age 76
Mark Khotimliansky z"l - Age 75
Samion Kalik z"l - Age 60
Mara Fishman z"l - Age 52
Rozalia Rias z"l - Age 42 (from the Philippines )
Leah Shtrick z"l - Age 73
Yitzchak Ringle z"l - Age 41 (no picture yet)
Faina Zabiogailu z"l - Age 64
Tatiana Borovik z"l - Age 23
Funeral Funeral Wounded Wounded
ter0740.jpg ter0741.jpg ter0742.jpg ter0743.jpg
An Israeli motorist was shot dead and five others were wounded
in a shooting attack between the communities of Nisanit and Elei Sinai
in the northern Gaza Strip - December 2, 2001

Baruch Zinger z"l - Age 51
11 dead and 180 wounded in bomb attacks
(2 suicide bombers and a car bomb) in the center of Jerusalem - December 1, 2001
I left out several pictures that were too overwhelming to display.
Yoni (Yuri) Korganov z"l - Age 20
Israel Ya'akov Danino z"l - Age 17
Srgt. Nir Heftzadi z"l - Age 19
Michael Moshe Dahan z"l - Age 21
Golan Turgeman z"l - Age 15
Asaf Avitan z"l - Age 15
Yosef El-Ezra z"l - Age 18
Adam Weinstein z"l - Age 14
Guy Vaknin z"l - Age 19
Moshe Levi-Yadid z"l - Age 19
Ido Cohen z"l - Age 17 (died from wounds Dec. 8)
Funeral Funeral Funeral Funeral
Wounded Wounded Wounded Wounded
Wounded Wounded Wounded Wounded
Wounded ter0701.jpg ter0702.jpg ter0703.jpg
ter0704.jpg ter0705.jpg ter0706.jpg ter0707.jpg
ter0708.jpg ter0709.jpg
3 Israeli killed and 9 wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up
on a bus near Camp 80, an IDF training base on the Wadi Ara highway
near Pardess - November 29, 2001
Samuel Miloshvitzky z"l - Age 45
Inbal Weiss z"l - Age 22
Yehiav Elshad z"l - Age 28
Wounded Wounded ter0686.jpg ter0687.jpg
ter0688.jpg ter0689.jpg ter0690.jpg
Israeli lightly wounded when terrorists shot at his car at the entrance
to Moshav Hamra in the northern Jordan Valley - November 29, 2001
Israeli soldier killed and one wouned by palestinians riding in a car
at a roadblock in Baka a-Sharkiya, north of Tulkarm - November 29, 2001
1st Sgt. Yaron Pikholtz z"l - Age 20
Israeli killed and three wounded (including a 2 year old)
when their convoy was attacked in the Gaza Strip - November 27, 2001
Etty Fahima z"l - Age 45
Wounded Baby
Two civilians were killed and at least 50 people were wounded
when Palestinian terrorists opened fire near the central bus station
in the northern Israeli city of Afula - November 27, 2001
Michal Mor z"l - Age 25 (no picture yet)
Noam Guzovsky z"l - Age 23
Wounded Wounded Wounded ter0678.jpg
ter0679.jpg ter0680.jpg
Two Israelis wounded in Gaza Strip suicide bombing - November 26, 2001
A soldier was killed and two other soldiers were wounded by Palestinian mortar fire
at the Gush Katif community of Kfar Darom - November 24, 2001
St.-Sgt. Barak Madmon z"l - Age 26
Two Israelis were lightly wounded in an attempted drive-by murder
between Tapuach and Ariel in central Shomron - November 24, 2001
Two city sanitation workers slightly wounded when a bomb exploded
in a grabage can in Kiryat Yovel, Jerusalem - November 14, 2001
3 Israeli wounded (17 year old girl seriously) in drive-by shooting
near Shavei Shomron - November 19, 2001
Wounded Wounded ter0671.jpg
A Palestinian terrorist shot to death one man and wounded two others
in an attack at the entrance to Moshav Kfar Hess, east of Netanya
- November 11, 2001
Aharon Ussishkin z"l - Age 50
Terrorists murder mother of four in roadside ambush - November 9, 2001
Hadas Abutbul z"l - Age 39
Palestinians shot and seriously wounded a man from the Samaritan community
as he drove toward Har Bracha - November 8, 2001
An Israeli was killed by Palestinian gunmen near Nablus - November 6, 2001
Capt. (res.) Eyal Sela z"l - Age 39
Three Israeli factory workers suffered light to moderate injuries when a bomb
placed near gas canisters exploded at the Profiline factory at the
Shahak industrial zone near Shaked - November 5, 2001
Two dead, 45 wounded (mostly school children)
in Jerusalem terrorist attack - November 4, 2001
Shoshana Ben-Yishai z"l- Age 16
Meni Negev z"l - Age 14
Wounded Wounded Wounded ter0660.jpg
ter0661.jpg ter0662.jpg ter0663.jpg
Palestinian gunmen shot and killed an Israeli soldier and wounded another
near Bet El - November 2, 2001

St.-Sgt. Raz Mintz z"l- Age 19
Beit Haggai resident targeted in a shooting attack earlier tonight near Har Manoach
escaped death or injuries despite three bullets striking the vehicle. - October 28, 2001

4 Israelis killed and 33 wounded in Hadera shooting attack - October 28, 2001
Lydia Marco z"l - Age 63
Ayala Levy z"l - Age 39
Sima Menahem z"l - Age 30
Smadar Levy z"l - Age 23
Funeral Funeral
ter0648.jpg ter0649.jpg ter0650.jpg ter0651.jpg
An Israeli soldier was killed outside Kibbutz Metzer - October 28, 2001
St.-Sgt. Yaniv Levy z"l - Age 22 (no picture yet)
One man was lightly wounded by bullet fragments in Gilo - October 27, 2001
Four members of one family were wounded in a terror shooting
south of Hebron overnight. - October 27, 2001

Five soldiers were wounded in various clashes - October 19-20, 2001
Palestinian sniper seriously wounds soldier in Bethlehem - October 19, 2001
A hiker was murdered and two others were wounded, when four jeeps making
their way out of the Judean Desert were ambushed near Deir Mar Saba as they
headed for the Jerusalem-Jericho highway - October 18, 2001

Lior Kaufman z"l - Age 30
ter0640.jpg ter0641.jpg
Israeli shot and wounded as he drove between Azoun and
Karnei Shomron - October 18, 2001

Two IDF soldiers were wounded in a Palestinian suicide bombing attack
in the northern Gaza Strip - October 18, 2001

Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze'evi assassinated in Jerusalem hotel - October 17, 2001
Minister Rehavam Ze'evi z"l
Funeral Funeral Funeral Funeral
Funeral Knesset - In Memory
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Israeli Stamp in Memory of Rechavam Ze'evi
Israeli truck driver wounded near Gush Katif junction - October 8, 2001
Terrorists shot and seriously wounded a resident of Neria in
the Talmon settlement bloc - October 7, 2001

Israeli killed in Palestinian suicide attack near the entrance gate of
the Jordan Valley kibbutz. - October 7, 2001

Yair Mordechai - Age 43
Israeli shot and killed near Avnei Hefetz in Shomron- October 5, 2001
Chananya Ben-Avraham z"l - Age 45
Three killed, 16 hurt in Afula terror attack - October 4, 2001
Haim Ben-Ezra z"l - Age 78
Tali Ben-Armon z"l - Age 20
Sergei Frieden - Age 20
Funeral wounded wounded ter0624
A husband and wife (age 25 and pregnant) were wounded in a shooting attack in
Jerusalem, close to midnight on the French Hill Ramot road (#9). - October 3, 2001

ter0617.jpg ter0618.jpg
Terrorists shoot two women at Hebron Succot celebration - October 3, 2001
wounded ter0616.jpg
Two Israelis slain and 15 wounded (including 7 soldiers)
in Gaza infiltration (Alei Sinai) - October 2, 2001

Liron Harpaz - Age 18
Asaf Yitzhaki - Age 20 (boyfriend of Liron)
Funeral Funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded ter0610.jpg ter0611.jpg ter0612.jpg
1 slightly wounded, 2 in shock in Talpiot, Jerusalem bomb blast - October 1, 2001
ter0599.jpg ter0600.jpg ter0601.jpg ter0602.jpg
12 Israelis were wounded in various weekend incidents - September 29, 2001
Palestinian Exhibit of Restaurant Bombing and Anti-Israel Rallies
September 21, 24 2001

ter0591.jpg ter0592.jpg (sick) ter0593.jpg ter0594.jpg
ter0595.jpg ter0596.jpg ter0597.jpg ter0598.jpg
Kibbutz member killed in Jordan Valley shooting - September 24, 2001
Salit Sheetrit z" l - Age 28
Picture with husband Funeral ter0590.jpg
Israeli killed and 1 seriously wounded in shooting attack
near the Tekoa junction - September 20, 2001

Sarit Amrani z" l - Age 26
Husband Seriously Wounded (their 3 kids in car ok)
Two security guards working in Oranit wounded after a bomb exploded
next to the jeep in which they were patrolling. - September 19, 2001

Israeli Solider killed in Ramallah - September 16, 2001
St.-Sgt. David Gordukel z" l - Age 21
3 hurt in roadside bombing near Shavei Shomron - September 16, 2001
1 Israeli killed and 1 wounded in Jerusalem terrorist shooting on Route 9
between French Hill and Ramot - September 15, 2001 - Saturday night

Rabbi Meir Weisshouse z" l - Age 23
Two border policeman wounded by grenades near the Erez crossing - September 14, 2001
Israeli woman killed in drive-by shooting near Karnei Shomron - September 12, 2001
Ruth Shu'i z" l - Age 46
Israeli shot and critically wounded near Shaked - September 12, 2001
Terrorists kill two Border Police officers, 1 wounded - September 11, 2001
St.-Sgt. Andrei Zledkin z"l - Age 26
Cpl. Tzachi David z"l - Age 19
3 killed and 94 wounded when a suicide bomber (Israeli Arab)
exploded in the Nahariya train station - September 9, 2001

Sargent Daniel Yifrach z"l
Dr. Yigal Goldstein z"l
Morel Drapler z"l
Funeral Wounded Wounded ter0565.jpg
ter0566.jpg ter0567.jpg ter0568.jpg ter0569.jpg
ter0570.jpg ter0577.jpg ter0578.jpg
2 killed and 4 wounded in attack on mini bus of teachers on highway 90
Jordan Valley - September 9, 2001

Sima Franco z"l - Age 24 - Kindergarden Teacher
Koby Hatzav z"l - Age 42 - Driver of van
ter0573.jpg ter0574.jpg ter0575.jpg
13 Israeli wounded when a bomb exploded near a bus at the
Beit lid junction east of Netanya - September 9, 2001

ter0557.jpg ter0558.jpg ter0559.jpg
Officer killed, 2nd seriously wounded in ambush near Tulkarm - September 6, 2001
Lt. Erez Merhavi z"l - Age 23
Wounded ter0556.jpg
Israeli shot and lightly wounded on the Aboud bypass road - September 5, 2001
13 wounded in Jerusalem bomb Blast - September 4, 2001
ter0552.jpg ter0553.jpg
2 Israeli soldiers wounded in Hebron - September 4, 2001
Israeli seriously wounded in shooting near Hebron - September 4, 2001
4 Israeli's lightly injured in 4 Jerusalem bomb blasts within 7 hours - September 3, 2001
Injured ter0548.jpg ter0549.jpg ter0550.jpg
Israeli shot in the head at point-blank range by a masked gunman in the
Arab village of Na'alin - August 30, 2001

Amos Tajouri z"l
Israeli truck driver killed near Nablus- August 29, 2001
Oleg Sotnikov z"l
Israeli shot and killed near Itamar - August 27, 2001
Meir Lixenberg z"l
Israeli shot and killed near Kibbutz Magal - August 26, 2001
Dov Rozman z"l
Two Israelis were killed, one critically wounded, and two lightly wounded by terrorists
who shot at their vehicle while they were driving along the Givat Ze'ev-Modi'in road.
Both parents killed and their children (age 1 and 2) were lightly wounded.
The brother of the killed father was critically wounded.

Yaniv Ben-Shalom z"l
Sharon Ben-Shalom z"l
Doron Sviri z"l (died of wounds on August 26)
Funeral Funeral
Two Palestinian gunmen killed three soldiers and wounded seven
Friday night as they stormed a Gaza Strip outpost - August 24, 2001

Maj. Gil Oz z"l - Age 30
St.-Sgt. Kobi Nir z"l - Age 21
Sgt. Tzahi Grabli z"l
Funeral Funeral
Wounded Wounded ter0535.jpg ter0539.jpg
Palestinian sniper shot and wounded Tzviel Meshulam, 11, and his brother Matanel, 21,
as they stood on the porch of their Beit Schneerson apartment in Hebron.
One bullet passed through Matanel's hand and hit Tzviel's chest. - August 23, 2001

Two Israelis (including a six year old) wounded by gunfire from a passing car while riding
Egged bus 45 in the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Ze'ev - August 19, 2001

Palestinian terrorists shot and wounded two Jewish residents of Adura
in the southern Hebron Hills (including a two-year-old girl) - August 14, 2001
21 wounded in Kiryat Motzkin bombing (near Haifa ) - August 12, 2001
Wounded Wounded Wounded
ter0524.jpg ter0525.jpg ter0527.jpg

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