We Should Not Forget

There have been hundreds of shootings and bombings over the past months. Below are part of the ones that caused serious injuries or deaths. Unfortunately the world wide press does not give equal coverage when Israeli or Jewish blood is spilled.

Section 3/18: January 2009 - December 2009

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An 18-year-old woman was wounded when arab terrorists firebombed
a public bus near the community of Neguhot, southwest of Hevron.
She was rushed to the Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva in
moderate condition and is being treated for burns.
The IDF is searching for the attackers.
- December 27, 2009
A 40-year-old kindergarten teacher (father of seven) was mortally wounded
in the head Thursday afternoon when terrorists fired at the car he was traveling in,
between the Jewish communities of Shavei Shomron and Einav in Samaria,
west of Shechem.
Fatah's Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack.
- December 24, 2009
Rabbi Meir Chai z"l - age 45
funeral funeral funeral funeral
ter5062.jpg ter5063.jpg
An Arab terrorist stabbed a young Jewish woman in her back
late Saturday night and escaped. A second person fled before
the attacker could strike again. The woman was rushed to a
hospital in Jerusalem.
The woman and another person were standing at a bus stop at
the intersection on Highway 60, the only direct road between
Jerusalem and Kiryat Arba-Hevron.
- December 12, 2009
A man and a woman were lightly wounded on Thursday afternoon
when they were stabbed by a Palestinian at a Kiryat Arba gas station.
According to initial reports, the perpetrator exited a taxi near the gas
station, located at the entrance to the Jewish town neighboring Hebron.
Shortly thereafter, he was shot and seriously wounded by a soldier
from the Nachshon Battalion's Kfir Brigade who was passing by.
- November 26, 2009
ter5059.jpg ter5060.jpg
A terror attack was thwarted overnight Thursday when IDF soldiers
stationed near the border with Egypt spotted a man carrying a rucksack
containing an explosive device weighing 15 kilograms (33 pounds).
IDF reservists operating near Eilat ordered the man to stop,
and then proceeded with the army's arrest procedure, which
included gunfire. The terrorist tossed the rucksack and fled the scene.
- November 26, 2009
ter5057.jpg ter5058.jpg
A seven-year-old child was hurt Tuesday afternoon by Arabs hurling rocks at the car
in which she was a passenger while riding near the Maccabim-Reut junction
on Route 443, between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The incident occurred next to the
Arab village of Beit Sira.
- November 3, 2009
Israeli Defense Forces foiled a huge terrorist attack and kidnapping attempt shortly
after dawn Monday when Golani troops identified 10 to 12 terrorists, some of them
on explosive-laden horses. The cell, affiliated with Al Qaeda, was equipped with
booby-trapped vehicles and suicide belts, and the terrorists fired mortar shells while
trying to cross the separation barrier near Karni under cover of early morning fog.
The IDF killed at least four Palestinian terrorists.
There were no injuries reported among the IDF troops.
- June 8, 2009
ter5053.jpg ter5054.jpg ter5055.jpg map
Rocket fired by Palestinians in Gaza landed in the courtyard of a house in Sderot.
No injuries reported, but several people were treated for shock.
- May 19, 2009
An IDF soldier was killed during an encounter with Palestinian rioters in Bir Zeit,
north of Ramallah. The army launched an investigation and initially said
it was possible Levy was killed by "friendly fire."
- May 7, 2009
Staff-Sargeant Noam Adin Rechter Levy z"l - Age 20
A man attempted to run down Border Guard personnel stationed at
the east Jerusalem village of Sur Baher village. The Border Guard forces
opened fire, critically wounding the driver of the Seat car, who died of his
wounds a short while later. Three Border Guard officers sustained light wounds
to their legs. The attack occurred as police and Home Front Command were in
the process of destroying the Sur Baher residence of the terrorist who killed three
people in the first bulldozer attack in Jerusalem last July.
- April 7, 2009
An ax-wielding terrorist infiltrated the Bat Ayin settlement and killed a thirteen
year old boy and fracturing the skull of a seven year old boy. - April 2, 2009
Shlomo Nativ z"l - Age 13
ter5045.jpg ter5046.jpg ter5047.jpg Area Map
PA terrorists shot and murdered two Israeli police officers. The police officers were
patrolling Route 90 in the Jordan Valley in a police car shortly after 8 p.m. when
they were shot at point-blank range by one or more terrorists. The two policemen
apparently stopped to help the terrorists who pretended to have a flat tire.
- March 16, 2009
Yechezkel Ramzarkar z"l - Age 50
David Rabinowitz z"l - Age 42
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral ter5042.jpg ter5043.jpg
Two police officers were wounded in Jerusalem shortly after 1:00 p.m. when an
Arab-driven bulldozer plowed into their vehicle. Other police officers who were
patrolling nearby began firing at arab driver, as did a civilian taxi driver,
"until he stopped moving," according to one of the officers who shot him.
- March 5, 2009
wounded wounded ter5031.jpg ter5032.jpg
ter5033.jpg ter5034.jpg
Palestinian fire on the Negev continued Saturday, with terrorist in gaza making use
of more advanced weaponry. Experts say the two Grad rockets that landed in Ashkelon
Saturday morning were new and improved models, capable of greater destruction than
those usually fired from Gaza. One of the rockets hit a school in the southern city, and
succeeded in penetrating the fortification used to protect it from projectiles. The school
was closed because of the Sabbath, preventing a tragedy, and officials canceled classes
at the school for Sunday.

Police said Saturday evening that since the end of Israel's offensive in Gaza
63 rockets and mortar shells have hit the battered South, lightly wounding
four people and causing 14 to suffer from shock.
- February 28, 2009
ter5027.jpg ter5028.jpg
One of the two rockets fired from Gaza on Thursday morning damaged
two homes in the city of Sderot. The other hit the Shaar HaNegev region.
Several residents of Sderot were treated for shock following the rocket strike.
No other injuries were reported.
- February 26, 2009
ter5025.jpg ter5026.jpg
Two Israel Defense Forces soldiers and an Israeli civilian were lightly wounded on
Sunday when four mortar shells fired from the Gaza Strip exploded near them in
the Sha'ar Hanegev region of the western Negev. Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired
at least four Qassam rockets and 14 mortar shells at southern Israel over the course
of the day. Three rockets struck the Eshkol region, two of them landing in open fields
and the third between two kindergartens. A fourth rocket struck an open field in the
Sdot Negev Regional Council area. No casualties or damage were reported in any of
the strikes. Hamas continues to repair its arms smuggling tunnels.
- February 1, 2009

Two Israel Defense Forces soldiers and an Israeli civilian were lightly wounded on
Sunday when four mortar shells fired from the Gaza Strip exploded near them in
the Sha'ar Hanegev region of the western Negev. Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired
at least four Qassam rockets and 14 mortar shells at southern Israel over the course
of the day. Three rockets struck the Eshkol region, two of them landing in open fields and
the third between two kindergartens. A fourth rocket struck an open field in the Sdot Negev
Regional Council area. No casualties or damage were reported in any of the strikes.
- January 27, 2009
An IDF non-commissioned officer was killed on Tuesday morning when a roadside
bomb planted by Gaza operatives along Israel's border with the Strip detonated
under the army vehicle he was traveling in. Another officer was seriously wounded
and two soldiers were lightly hurt in the incident near the Kissufim crossing.
Per the request of the Beduin officer's family, his name andpicture have not been publicized.
- January 27, 2009
Terrorists attacked a Jewish couple as they drove north of Kochav HaShachar in
the Binyamin region on Monday night. The man was badly wounded in the head.
The woman was hit by flying debris, but apparently not wounded.
- January 19, 2009
Netivot Sabbath worshippers are considering their prayers to have been worthy Saturday
morning after a Hamas rocket exploded at a synagogue after worshipers had completed
prayers and left the building. No one was physically wounded, but two people suffered
shock, and the building sustained extensive damage.
Another rocket slammed into a house in Ashdod Saturday night, causing heavy damage
but no physical injuries were reported. Several people suffered shock, and the explosion
hit a high tension wire, causing a blackout in part of the city.
Six people were wounded in two other rocket attacks on Saturday.
- January 17, 2009
ter5020.jpg ter5021.jpg ter5022.jpg ter5023.jpg
On Friday, 23 rockets and mortar shells hit Israel.
- January 16, 2009
A rocket launched from Gaza severely injured a seven-year-old boy in a Be'er Sheva
neighborhood on Thursday. His mother, a nurse at Soroka Medical Center,
suffered light to moderate wounds. The child remains in critical condition.
- January 15, 2009
Gaza terrorits launched 20 rockets at southern Israel. There was damage to
cars and property but there were no reports of injuries.
11 IDF soldiers were lightly injured overnight in a number of incidents in north Gaza.
The troops were evacuated to hospitals in Israel for treatment.
- January 14, 2009
wounded wounded wounded
Three Israel Defense Forces soldiers were lightly injured Monday night from gunshots
fired at a military vehicle in the Jewish settlement of Kiryat Arba, near the city of Hebron.
The three were evacuated to the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem for medical
treatment. The IDF began searching the Hebron village of Jabel Johar, where the gunshots
are believed to have been fired from.
- January 12, 2009
20 rockets and a number of mortar shells landed in southern Israel. A Grad rocket
launched from the Gaza Strip directly hit an apartment building in Ashkelon.
The apartment was destroyed but everyone got to safety before the rocket hit.
Emergency service teams treated five people who suffered from shock at the
Ashkelon apartment building. The rocket exploded not far from a high school
where students resumed lessons Monday.
- January 12, 2009
ter5013.jpg ter5014.jpg ter5015.jpg
A total of 22 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip struck Israel on Sunday, one of which
exploded in an empty school playground in the northern Negev city of Ashdod. Another
rocket exploded about 10 meters from the home of Sderot Mayor David Buskila.
A Grad rocket exploded in the courtyard of a Chabad school in Be'er Sheva
Sunday morning. "It was a revealed miracle that classes had not been renewed,"
Chabad principal Simcha Weitzman said.
- January 11, 2009
ter5003.jpg ter5004.jpg ter5005.jpg ter5006.jpg
ter5007.jpg ter5008.jpg ter5009.jpg ter5010.jpg
ter5011.jpg ter5012.jpg
Seven IDF soldiers were lightly wounded in various clashes in northern Gaza
throughout the day. The troops were evacuated to hospitals in Israel but only
one was hospitalized. Fourteen soldiers are currently hospitalized due to injuries
sustained in the fighting. Three of them are seriously wounded, three moderately,
and the rest lightly.
- January 10, 2009
wounded wounded wounded
A rocket struck the city of Ashkelon, moderately wounding one person
and lightly hurting 13 more. Twenty-three people were treated for shock.
Two more rockets hit open areas near Ashkelon, causing no casualties or damage.
Two Grad rockets struck Ashdod and another rocket hit an open area in Gan Yavneh.
One rocket directly struck a four-story home while another hit near a
residential building.
On Saturday alone, 37 Israelis were treated at Barzilai Medical Center. One man
sustained moderate wounds to his elbow and knee, 12 people were lightly hurt and
24 others were treated for shock.
- January 10, 2009
wounded wounded ter4996.jpg ter4997.jpg
ter4998.jpg ter4999.jpg
An IDF soldier and a captain were killed fighting Hamas terrorists in Gaza
- January 8, 2009
Staff Sergeant Amit Robinson z"l - age 20
Lieutenant Omer Rabinovich z"l - age 23
Gaza terrorists wounded five civilians in a mortar attack on the
Eshkol region at midday Thursday. There were at least two explosions
in the area. One of the mortars struck an electricity pole, causing widespread
power outtages in the region as well as injuries.
- January 8, 2009
Israeli security forces on Thursday shot and killed a man trying to
blow up a gas station in Mishur Adumim, near Jerusalem.
A Palestinian gas station attendant was lightly wounded in the incident.
- January 8, 2009
A Grad rocket hit a school in Ashkelon Thursday noon. The rocket exploded at
the school's gym, which stood empty at the time of the attack. The building
sustained damages but no one was injured.
- January 8, 2009
An IDF office was killed and another soldier sustained minor injuries during
an operation in the central Gaza Strip, Thursday.The incident took place
near the Kissufim crossing. The two, a company commander and a serviceman,
were wounded when an anti-tank missile was fired by Palestinian gunmen at
a building their force, which is part of the IDF's Haruv Company, was entering.
- January 8, 2009
IDF Major Ro'i Rozner z"l - age 27
Gaza terrorists continue to fire rockets at Israel every day.
- January 7, 2009
ter4988.jpg ter4989.jpg
16 rockets, fired from Gaza, hit as far north as Gedera, located east of Ashdod
and less than 10 miles south of Rehovot.
A three-month-old baby suffered light shrapnel wounds in the attack.
- January 6, 2009
A soldier was killed and four other soldiers from a joint Golani-Engineering
Corps force were lightly hurt in a gunbattle with Hamas operatives in
northern Gaza City.
- January 6, 2009
St.-Sgt. Alexander Mashevizky z"l - age 21 (no picture yet)
funeral funeral funeral funeral
During fierce fighting on Monday night by Golani Brigade combat soldiers
against Hamas operatives in the northern Gaza Strip, two soldiers and
an officer were killed. 30 soldiers were wounded.
A Paratrooper Brigade officer was also killed during the fighting in Gaza.
- January 5, 2009
Major Dagan Vartman z"l - age 32
Corporal Yoseph Moadi z" - age 19
Staff Sergeant Nitai Shatran z"l - age 21
Captain Yehonatan Netanel z"l - age 27
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded wounded
An soldier in the Golani Brigade has died of the wounds he suffered
in battle Sunday morning during the entry of ground troops into Gaza.
The soldier was mortally wounded when a mortar shell landed near his unit
near the northern Gaza town of Jebaliya. He is the first to have fallen in
Operation Cast Lead.
Thirty soldiers were wounded (including 4 seriosuly) during the fighting with
Hamas terrorists inside Gaza.
- January 4, 2009
First Sergeant Dvir Emanueloff z"l - age 22
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral wounded wounded wounded
While the Israeli army has begun irs ground assualt on Gaza,
Gaza terrorists continue to fire dozens of rockets every day at southern Israel.
Several apartments were hit directly by rockets but no one was
seriously injured. Many people were treated for shock.
- January 1, 2009 - January 4, 2009
ter4947.jpg ter4948.jpg ter4949.jpg ter4950.jpg
ter4951.jpg ter4952.jpg ter4953.jpg ter4954.jpg

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