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There have been hundreds of shootings and bombings over the past months. Below are part of the ones that caused serious injuries or deaths. Unfortunately the world wide press does not give equal coverage when Israeli or Jewish blood is spilled.

Section 2/18: January 2010 - September 2010

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A pregnant woman was wounded in the leg in on Sunday in a shooting attack
on the car she was traveling in, south of Hevron. The victim was taken to
Be'er Sheva's Soroka Hospital in moderate condition, where doctors performed
an emergency caesarean section and delivered her child, a baby boy.
Both the mother and baby were said to be in good condition on Sunday night.
- September 26, 2010
Terrorists wounded an Israeli girl, a resident of Har Bracha, on Thursday night
in a rock attack near the Tapuach junction in Samaria.
The girl was travelling with her parents in the family vehicle when Arabs threw
stones towards the vehicle near Kfar Haras. The girl was hit in the head by a
heavy stone in the attack.
The victim was taken to the Schneider Children's Hospital in Petach Tikvah.
Her condition was defined as moderate, meaning that doctors do not currently
fear for her life but that there is a risk of permanent handicap.
- September 2, 2010
A man and a woman were wounded Wednesday evening after their vehicle
was shot at, as they were driving on the road between Rimonim and Kochav
HaShachar in the Binyamin region. Initial reports indicate that an Arab car
overtook their vehicle and then opened fire. The vehicle overturned after
it was shot at.
- September 1, 2010
ter5127.jpg ter5128.jpg
Palestinian terrorists murdered four Jewish civilians in a shooting attack
at the Bani Naim junction just south of Hevron Tuesday evening.
Emergency service paramedics could do nothing to save the victims
whose bodies were riddled with bullets. The terrorists reportedly made
sure their victims were dead by shooting them from close range after
the initial fusillade.
- August 31, 2010
Yitzhak Imes z"l - father of 6 children
Talya Imes z"l - mother of 6 children
Talya Imes was nine months pregnant when she was killed by the terrorists.
Yitzhak and Talya Imes and Family
Avishai Shindler z"l (photo with his wife)
Kochava Even Chaim z"l (photo with her 8 year old)
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
ter5110.jpg ter5111.jpg ter5112.jpg ter5113.jpg
Palestinians celebrate the murders
ter5114.jpg ter5115.jpg ter5116.jpg ter5117.jpg
Two IDF soldiers were wounded from mortar fire from Gaza
while troops carried out engineering tasks along the Gaza security fence.
The Salah ad-Din Brigades military wing of the Popular Resistance
Committees (PRC) terrorist group subsequently claimed responsibility
for the attack.
- August 17, 2010
ter5103 ter5104
Gaza terrorists launched a Kassam rocket barrage that struck Jewish
communities in the Eshkol Regional Council district.
- August 16, 2010
An upgraded Kassam rocket launched from Gaza to Sderot Saturday night
scored a direct hit on the ceiling of a children's hydrotherapy rehabilitation
center in the heart of Sderot's Sapir College, bringing to nearly 400 the
number aerial attacks launched from Gaza since the ceasefire which halted
Israel's Cast Lead counter-terror campaign in Gaza in January 2009.
The child hydrotherapy rehabilitation center at Sderot's Sapir College
provides therapy and workshops for special-needs children who live in
the Western Negev and is used by children from the entire country.
The facility was totally decimated.
- July 31, 2010
A Grad-type Katyusha rocket was fired at Ashkelon from the Gaza Strip
on Friday, landing near a residential building in the city. The rocket caused
damage to a building and several cars, but no one was injured.
Hamas-controlled Gaza has targeted Ashkelon, with a population of
125,000 Israelis, since March 2008.
Later, two mortar shells were fired at the western Negev,
also without causing injury.
- July 30, 2010
One policeman was killed and three others were injured Monday
morning as Palestinians opened fire at a police car near the
settlement of Beit Hagai. The officers were making their way to
Hebron from the southern city of Beersheba. The policeman shot in
the chest was said to be in moderate condition. Another was lightly
injured from gunshots, and the fourth policeman was hurt by shrapnel.
The shooting took place near the al-Fawar junction located about
10 kilometers (6 miles) southwest of the Jewish settlement of
Kiryat Arba. Hebron's Palestinian residents reported that the IDF
had set up roadblocks and was searching all villages near Road 60.

Residents of the area noted that the IDF had removed a major
checkpoint in the area just three weeks earlier. The checkpoint,
the Dahariya crossing, was located roughly three kilometers from
the site of attack.
- June 14, 2010
Command Sergeant Major Yehoshua (Shuki) Sofer z"l - age 39
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wounded wounded ter5094.jpg ter5095.jpg
On Sunday night, a resident of the Samaria town of Alei Zahav was
ambushed and brutally attacked by PA Arabs while driving near the
town of Nachal Shilo.
The victim, who is physically handicapped, noticed a car with police
lights signaling him to stop. When he pulled over, PA Arab men
dragged him from his car, beat him, and stole his vehicle, leaving him
at the side of the road. The victim was taken to a hospital in
light condition.
- June 13, 2010
On Friday, a Palestinian Authority terrorist rammed into two Border
Police officers with his car in the Wadi Joz neighborhood of Jerusalem.
Both officers suffered light wounds. The driver was shot and killed by
other officers as he attempted to escape. Police spokesmen said officers
had attempted to stop him by firing in the air, but began aiming directly
at him when he ignored their warnings.
- June 11, 2010

During the months of May and June, rockets were fired by Palestinians
from Gaza into Israel and there were stoning incidents in Yehuda and
Shomron. No major injuries were reported by the press.
- May 2010

A resident of Yitzhar was wounded Thursday evening when Palestinian
Authority Arabs threw a large rock at a car just outside the Samaria
village. The rock hit his head as he sat in the back seat of the vehicle,
next to his two children. The man suffered a head injury and lost blood.
IDF medics rushed him to Beilinson hospital. It was later determined that
his wounds include a fractured skull, which will require surgery.
The children were unhurt in the attack.
- April 1, 2010
An Israeli bus took a wrong turn in Hevron and was quickly surrounded by
PA Arabs, who pelted it with rocks. One woman was wounded, and others
suffered shock. Also on Thursday, terrorists hurled two firebombs at an
Israeli-owned car in the Binyamin region. No injuries were reported.
Terrorists hurled heavy stones at an Israel-owned car north of Jerusalem,
near Pisgat Ze'ev; no injuries were reported, but the vehicle was damaged.
- April 1, 2010
Two IDF soldiers were killed on Friday in an incident near Kibbutz
Kissufim on the Gaza border. Two other soldiers were injured in the
incident, one seriously and one lightly. A unit of Golani troops crossed
the border into Gaza in pursuit of a gang of terrorists who were planting
explosives along the border, in an effort to ambush IDF patrols.
Soldiers feared that the terrorists, taking advantage of the poor weather,
would try to infiltrate the border and sneak into Israel in order to
carry out terror attacks against Israeli civilians. An IDF investigation
said that the terrorists got close to the soldiers and were able to shoot
at them from close range in the fog, with one bullet apparently hitting
a hand grenade one of the soldiers was carrying. The grenade exploded,
killing the two soldiers. Two of the terrorists were killed, as well.
- March 26, 2010
Major Eliraz Peretz z"l - age 31
Staff Sergeant Ilan Sviatkovsky z"l - age 21
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
A 34-year-old Thai foreign worker was killed Thursday after a Qassam
rocket hit a greenhouse in Netiv Ha'asara in the Ashkelon Coast Regional
Council, north of the Gaza Strip. Magen David Adom emergency units tried
to resuscitate the man but eventually pronounced him dead. The rocket
exploded inside the greenhouse, causing it and adjacent greenhouses
severe damage. Sappers spent a considerable amount of time dismantling
and collecting the rocket's remains.
The attack marks the third time rockets have been fired into Israeli
territory in the last 24 hours. On Wednesday night a rocket exploded in
an open area in Sderot. Several hours earlier another rocket landed in
the region causing two people to suffer from anxiety.
- March 18, 2010
Manee Singmueangphon r.i.p. - age 34
ter5077.jpg ter5078.jpg
A 'Yassam' special forces policeman suffered injuries to his hand Tuesday
when he was shot near the central square of Ras El-Amud, an Arab
neighborhood on Jerusalem's Mount of Olives. Initial reports suggested
that the shots were fired from a handgun. The attack occurred in the
course of Arab rioting in the neighborhood. The policeman was evacuated
to Hadassah Hospital at Mount Scopus.
- March 16, 2010
ter5074.jpg ter5075.jpg ter5076.jpg
Arab terrorists lightly wounded a father and his nine-month-old baby boy
on Saturday night with a firebomb (Molotov cocktail) on highway 443,
which connects Jerusalem with the city of Modi’in. The terrorists escaped.
Medics treated the father and baby at the scene.
- March 13, 2010
An IDF soldier was lightly wounded by a bomb which exploded near a
patrol unit on the security fence near the central Gaza Strip.
The soldier received initial medical treatment on site, and was then
transferred to a hospital for further treatment.
- February 18, 2010
An IDF Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), was killed by a Palestinian
police officer while in his vehicle at a traffic light in the Tapuah
junction, in northern Samaria. The NCO was sitting in his vehicle
with his window open when the terrorist pulled out a knife and stabbed
him in the chest. In an attempt to escape, the NCO drove a short distance
before losing consciousness and the vehicle spun out of control.
A civilian security officer from the community of Rehelim hit the attacker
with his vehicle, lightly injuring him. The attacker was then arrested and
taken for questioning by Israeli security forces.
- February 10, 2010
Sergeant 1st Class Ihab Chattib R.I.P. - from Kfar Maghar in the Galilee
ter5069.jpg ter5070.jpg
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We Should Not Forget
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