We Should Not Forget

There have been hundreds of shootings and bombings over the past months. Below are part of the ones that caused serious injuries or deaths. Unfortunately the world wide press does not give equal coverage when Israeli or Jewish blood is spilled.

Section 15/18: May 27, 2002 - March 22, 2002

A 56 year old grandmother and her 18 month old granddaughter were killed,
and 53 people were wounded, including the baby's parents, when a
Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up outside a cafe in a Petah Tikva mall
Three of the wounded - including a three-year-old - were said to be in
serious condition. - May 27, 2002
Grandmother and Granddaugther
Ruth Peled z"l - Age 56
Sinai Kinen z"l - Age 18 months old
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded ter1607.jpg
ter1608.jpg ter1609.jpg ter1610.jpg ter1611.jpg
ter1612.jpg ter1613.jpg ter1614.jpg ter1615.jpg
ter1616.jpg ter1621.jpg ter1622.jpg
An Israel Defense Forces reservist was killed on Friday in Tul Karm, during
an IDF operation in the city. Two other IDF soldiers were hurt. - May 24, 2002
Sergeant Major Oren Tzelnik z"l - Age 23
funeral funeral funeral funeral
A suicide bomber blew up a booby-trapped car late Thursday night, at the
entrance to the "Studio 49" discotheque, in southern Tel Aviv. One person was
lightly to moderately injured in the blast, which occurred at approximately 1 A.M.
The bomber tried to enter the nightclub, and, according to initial reports,
a security guard suspected his ulterior motives, after which he proceeded
to shoot and kill the bomber. - May 24, 2002
Security Guard Eli Federman ter1599.jpg
Terrorist attempted to blow up a fuel facility near Herzlia. The truck
with the attached bomb blew up but no one was injured. - May 23, 2002
ter1593.jpg ter1594.jpg ter1595.jpg ter1596.jpg
Two killed and 40 wounded (4 remain in serious condition) when a
suicide bomber blew himself up near the city promenade of Rishon Lezion
- May 22, 2002
Elmar Dejavrialov z"l - Age 16
Gary Targinyanski z"l - Age 65
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded ter1578.jpg ter1579.jpg ter1580.jpg
ter1581.jpg ter1582.jpg ter1583.jpg ter1584.jpg
Three killed and 45 wounded (5 remain in serious condition) when a
suicide bomber blew himself up in the center of Netanya's open-air market
- May 19, 2002
Yosef Haviv z"l - Age 70
Arkadi Weiselman z"l - Age 40 (he had survived the Park Hotel bombing)
Victor Tatnilov z"l - Age 63
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral wounded wounded (R) wounded (R)
wounded ter1550.jpg ter1551.jpg ter1552.jpg
ter1553.jpg ter1554.jpg ter1555.jpg ter1556.jpg
ter1557.jpg ter1558.jpg ter1559.jpg ter1560.jpg
ter1561.jpg ter1562.jpg ter1563.jpg
Four soldiers sustained light-to-moderate injuries when their jeep flipped over
as a result of the bomb attack in Gush Katif near Netzarim - May 19, 2002
An Israeli was wounded by a knife-wielding 22-year-old Arab,
who infiltrated the community of Beit El on Friday night.
The wounded Israeli shot and killed the attacker.
The Israeli (Yehuda Dana) underwent surgery and is recovering - May 17, 2002
Israeli killed by a Palestinian laborer near Rafiah Yam - May 10, 2002
Nissan Dollinger z"l - Age 43 - father of 6 children ages 6-21
6 people injured in bomb blast outside of Beer Sheva bank
- May 10, 2002
ter1539.jpg ter1540.jpg ter1541.jpg ter1542.jpg
Palestinian terrorist leave the Church of Nativity
- May 10, 2002
ter1531.jpg ter1532.jpg ter1533.jpg ter1534.jpg
ter1535.jpg ter1536.jpg ter1537.jpg ter1538.jpg
15 killed and 60 wounded (several very serious) in
suicide bomb blast in Rishon Le'tzion billiard club - May 7, 2002
Pnina Shikri z"l - Age 60
Shoshana Magmari z"l - Age 51
Chaim Rafael z"l - Age 64
Rasan Sharouk z"l - Age 60
Anat Trempatush z"l - Age 36
Avi Bayaz z"l - Age 26
Rahamim Kimchi z"l - Age 58 (no picture yet)
Yisrael Shikar z"l - Age 45
Edna Cohen z"l - Age 61
Nir Lovatin z"l - Age 31
Dahlia Masa z"l - Age 56
Yitzhak Bablar z"l - Age 57
Esther Babler z"l - Age 54
Nawa Hinawi z"l - Age 51
Regina Malka Boslan z"l - Age 62
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded (R) wounded (R)
wounded ter1493.jpg ter1494.jpg ter1495.jpg
ter1496.jpg ter1497.jpg ter1498.jpg ter1499.jpg
ter1500.jpg ter1501.jpg ter1502.jpg ter1503.jpg
ter1504.jpg ter1505.jpg ter1506.jpg ter1507.jpg
ter1523.jpg ter1524.jpg ter1525.jpg ter1526.jpg
Two soldiers were wounded, one seriously,
during gun battles with terrorists near Kissufim - May 6, 2002
An Israeli officer was killed and two wounded in
a gun battle in Shechem - May 3, 2002
Major Avihu Ya'akov z"l - Age 24
At least two terrorists, wearing IDF uniforms including flak jackets,
infiltrated the settlement of Adora near Hebron yesterday and murdered
four Israelis, including a five-year-old girl. They also wounded seven others,
including the girl's mother and brothers. - April 27, 2002
Danielle Shefi z"l - Age 5
Katrina (Katya) Greenberg z"l - Age 45
Ya'acov Katz z"l - Age 51
Arik Becker z"l - Age 22
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded ter1473.jpg ter1474.jpg ter1479.jpg
A soldier was seriously wounded by a Palestinian gunman
near the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem. - April 24, 2002
Lynchings Suspected Collaborators in Gaza - April 23, 2002
ter1454.jpg ter1455.jpg (PG) ter1456.jpg (PG) ter1457.jpg (PG)
ter1458.jpg (PG) ter1459.jpg (R) ter1460.jpg (PG) ter1461.jpg (PG)
Terrorist Rallies in Gaza - April 23, 2002
ter1462.jpg ter1463.jpg ter1464.jpg ter1465.jpg
ter1466.jpg ter1467.jpg
A soldier was killed during fighting between the West Bank villages of
Talouza and Assira al-Shamaliay near Shechem. - April 22, 2002
Sergeant Nir Kritzman z"l - Age 22
A soldier was killed while guarding an IDF outpost in the Gaza strip,
when a Palestinian shot him in the head. - April 20, 2002
Corporal Uriel Bar-Maimom z"l - Age 21
Funeral Funeral
6 killed and 90 injured in suicide bombing in Jerusalem.
The suicide bombing occurred near the Mahane Yehuda market,
which was crowded with shoppers making purchases before the start
of the Jewish Sabbath. - April 12, 2002
Rivka Fink z"l - Age 75
Nissan Cohen - Age 57
Yelena Konrab z"l - Age 43
Suheila Hushi z"l - Age 48
Ling Chang Mai z"l - Age 34 (a foreign worker from China)
Chai Siang Yang z"l - Age 32 (a foreign worker from China)
Funeral Funeral Funeral Funeral
Funeral for Chinese Funeral for Chinese
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded wounded (pg)
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded ter1427.jpg ter1428.jpg
ter1429.jpg ter1430.jpg ter1431.jpg ter1432.jpg
ter1433.jpg ter1434.jpg
A Palestinian gunman killed an Israeli, a Palestinian and wounded seven
others in a shooting spree at the Erez crossing point at the northern
end of the Gaza Strip - April 12, 2002
Border police Sergeant David Smirnoff z"l - Age 22
A Palestinian woman who planned to carry out a suicide bomb attack
inside Israel - by hiding the bomb while disguising herself as
a pregnant woman - was arrested by soldiers in Tulkarm - April 11, 2002
5 wounded in car shooting near Beit Aryeh - April 10, 2002
8 killed and 22 wounded when a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up
on bus 960 at the Yagur Junction, on the road between Yokneam and Haifa.
The bus was traveling from Haifa to Jerusalem - April 10, 2002
Police Cpls. Keren Franco z"l - Age 18
Border Police Lance Cpl. Noa Shlomo z"l - Age 18
IDF Sgt. Michael Weissman z"l - Age 21
Prisons Service warder Shimshon Stelkol z"l - Age 34
IDF Sgt.-Maj. (res.) Shlomi Ben-Haim z"l - Age 26
Sgt.-Maj. (res.) Nir Danieli z"l - Age 24
Sgt.-Maj. (res.) Ze'ev Hanik z"l - Age 24
Avinoam Alafia z"l - Age 26
wounded wounded
ter1388.jpg ter1389.jpg ter1390.jpg ter1391.jpg
ter1392.jpg ter1393.jpg ter1394.jpg ter1395.jpg
One solider was killed and 11 wounded in fighting in Jenin
- April 10, 2002
Gidaliah Malik z"l - Age 21
Funeral Funeral
One soldier was killed during operations in the Kasbah of Nablus.
One solider seriously wounded in the village of Dura, south west of Hebron.
- April 10, 2002
Update: April 12, 2002 - The IDF officer died of his wounds
Maj. Assaf Assouline z"l - Age 30
Lt. Dotan Nachtomi z"l - Age 22
Thirteen Israeli reservists were killed in the Jenin refugee camp.
Seven soldiers were wounded.
The soldiers were on patrol when they tripped a number of bombs in a
narrow alley and were buried under the rubble of collapsing buildings.
Palestinian gunmen opened fire on them and also on a rescue squad which
came to evacuate the dead and wounded. - April 9, 2002
Maj. Oded Golomb z"l - Age 32
Capt. Ya'acov Azulai z"l - Age 30
Lt. Dror Bar z"l - age 28
Lt. Yoav Eyal z"l - Age 28
Sgt.-Maj. Yoram Levy z"l - Age 33
Sgt.-Maj. Tiran Arazi z"l - Age 33
Sgt.-Maj. Avner Yaskov z"l - Age 34
Sgt.-Maj. Menashe Hava z"l - Age 23
Sgt.-Maj. Eyal Zimmerman z"l - Age 22
Sgt.-Maj. Shmuel Dani Meizlish z"l - Age 27
Memorial Website: www.shmuel-dani.org
Sgt. 1st Class Amit Busidan z"l - Age 22
Sgt.-Maj. Ronen Alshohat z"l - Age 27
Eyal Ezori z"l - Age 27
Funeral Funeral Funeral Funeral
Funeral Funeral Funeral Funeral
Funeral Funeral
wounded wounded
Two Israeli soldiers were killed and 4 wounded in fighting in PA-controlled Jenin
- April 8, 2002
Staff Sergeant Matanya Robinson z"l - Age 21
Sergeant Shmuel Weiss z"l - Age 19
Funeral Funeral
Four Israeli soldiers killed and 17 wounded fighting
Palestinians in Yehuda and Shormon during the past two days - April 5 - 6, 2002
Staff Sergeant Nisan Avraham z"l - Age 22
Sergeant Merom Fisher z"l - Age 19
Sergeant Ro'i Tal z"l - Age 21
Sergeant Oded Cornfein z"l - Age 20
Funeral Funeral Funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded
Six Israeli soldiers killed and several wounded fighting
Palestinians in Yehuda and Shormon during the past two days - April 3 - 4, 2002
Sgt.-Maj. (res.) Einan Sharabi z"l - Age 32
Lieutenant Nissim Ben-David z"l - Age 22
Shmuel Toledano z"l - Age 19
IDF Reserve Major Moshe Gerstner z"l - Age 29
Staff Sergeant Gad Yitzhak Ezra - Age 22
(no name yet)
Funeral Funeral
A Border Policeman (who was head of operations in the Border Police
undercover unit) was killed yesterday in Hebron in an attempt to capture a
wanted Tanzim activist - April 4, 2002
Border Police Supt. Patrick Pereg z"l - Age 30
A Palestinian terrorist inflitrated Moshav Ram On, shot at a house
and lightly wounded 1 person. Soldiers pursued and killed the terrorist.
- April 2, 2002
An Israeli policeman was killed keeping a bomber from the Jerusalem center
The bomber set off his large bomb after being approached by the police officer
at a roadblock at the intersection of Route 1 and Rehov Hanevi'im.
Two other people were injured - April 1, 2002
Tomer Mordechai z"l - Age 19
Funeral Funeral
ter1318.jpg ter1319.jpg ter1320.jpg ter1321.jpg
A Palestinian sniper firing from the Beit Sahur area shot and killed an
IDF reservist deployed near a roadblock at Jerusalem's Har Homa.
- April 1, 2002
Sgt.-Maj. Ofir Roth z"l - Age 22
16 soldiers were wounded (2 in serious condition) by
Palestinian gunfire in Judea and Samaria - April 1, 2002
A father and his 3 children were wounded by terrorist fire
at the Shamah Junction near Har Hevron.
Army reserves killed the terrorist.
A motorist escaped injuries in a bomb attack near Maale Chever Junction
in the Southern Hevron Hills area. A roadside bomb was detonated against
the intended victim's vehicle.
A motorist escaped injuries in a shooting attack at T Junction in the
Benjamin Regional Council district on Monday night.
The vehicle was hit with gunfire. - April 1, 2002
6 people were wounded (1 very serious) when a suicide bomber blew himself up
at an ambulance station in the Gush Etzion community of Efrat.
- March 31, 2002 - 17:00
15 people were killed and 46 wounded when a suicide bomber
blew himself up near the Grand Canyon Mall in Haifa's Romema district
- March 31, 2002 - 14:30
Daniel Manchell z"l - Age 22
Suheil Adawi z"l - Age 30
Aviel Ron z"l - Age 54 (family picture)
Ofer Ron (son of Aviel) z"l - Age 17 (family picture)
Anat Ron (daughter of Aviel) z"l - Age 21 (family picture)
Carlos Wagman z"l - Age 50
Orli Ofir z"l - Age 16
Dov Chernevroda z"l - Age 67
Ya'acov Shani z"l - Age 52
Moshe Haim Levin z"l - Age 52
Shimon Koren z"l - Age 55 (family picture)
Ron Koren z"l - Age 18 (family picture)
Gal Koren z"l - Age 15 (family picture)
Adi Shiran z"l - Age 18
Carlos Yerushalmi z"l - Age 52
Funeral Funeral Funeral Funeral
wounded wounded wounded ter1287.jpg
ter1288.jpg ter1289.jpg ter1290.jpg ter1291.jpg
ter1292.jpg ter1293.jpg ter1294.jpg ter1295.jpg
34 people were wounded, one critically and four seriously, when a suicide
bomber blew himself up Saturday night in the "My Coffee Shop" cafe at the
corner of Allenby and Bialik Streets in downtown Tel Aviv. - March 30, 2002
Update: April 4 - Rachel Charhi died of her wounds
Rachel Charhi z"l - Age 36
wounded wounded ter1257.jpg ter1258.jpg
ter1259.jpg ter1260.jpg ter1261.jpg ter1262.jpg
A Border Policeman was shot dead in the village of Baka al-Garbiyeh,
on the Green Line border, during an exchange of fire with two Palestinians
who were trying to cross into Israel. The two would-be infiltrators were shot
and killed by Border Police forces in the area. - March 30, 2002
First Sergeant Major Constantine Danilov z"l - Age 23
Some of the weapons seized in the Mukata
(Arafat's government compound) in Ramallah - March 30, 2002
weapons weapons weapons weapons
Counterfeit Israeli Currency found in Arafat's compound
terror.doc (38 kb) - 8 Page English Word file about terrorist documentation
Arabic Letter about Terror Activities (Source IDF website)
Arabic Letter with detailed Terror Financing (Source IDF website)
2 killed and 30 injured when a Palestinian suicide terrorist
- a 16-year-old girl from Dehaishe - blew herself up inside a crowded
supermarket in Kiryat Yovel in Jerusalem. - March 29, 2002
Rachel Levy z"l - Age 17
Haim Smadar - Age 55 (security guard who prevented the
the bomber from entering the supermarket).
wounded ter1246.jpg ter1247.jpg ter1248.jpg
ter1249.jpg ter1250.jpg ter1251.jpg ter1252.jpg
2 soldiers were killed by PA gunfire in Ramallah - March 29, 2002
Second-Lt. Boaz Pomerantz z"l - Age 22
First-Sergeant Roman Schleipstein z"l - Age 21
Funeral Funeral Funeral Funeral
A Palestinian terrorist entered Netzarim, just north of Gush Katif in Gaza,
and stabbed to death two worshipers on their way to holiday prayers in
the local synagogue. - March 29, 2002
Tuviah Vizner z"l - Age 79 (no picture yet)
Michael Orlinsky z"l - Age 70
Saudi's Embrace Iraq at Arab Summit - March 28, 2002
Iraq Deputy and Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah embrace
An Arab terrorist infiltrated the town of Elon Moreh and
murdered four members of one family. - March 28, 2002
Rachel Gavish z"l - Age 50
David Gavish z"l - Age 50
Avraham Gavish z"l - Age 25 (son of Rachel and David)
Yitzchak Kaner z"l - Age 83 (father-in-law)
30 killed and over 150 wounded when a suicide terrorist
blew himself up inside the hall of the Park Hotel in Netanya.
The 200 guests had just sat down for the ritual Passover Seder.
- March 27, 2002
Update May 6:
Eliezer Korman, 74, of Ramat HaSharon, died of wounds he suffered .
Update June 27, 2003:
Clara Rosenberger, 77, from Jerusalem, died of wounds she suffered .
Michael Karim z"l - Age 78
Devorah Karim z"l - Age 73
Edit Fried z"l - Age 47
Andrei Fried z"l - Age 47
George Yakobovitch z"l - Age 76 (father of Edit Fried)
Ernest Weiss z"l - Age 80
Eva Weiss z"l - Age 75
First Sgt. Avraham Bekerman z"l - Age 25
Shimon Ben-Aroya z"l - Age 42
Irit Rashal z"l - Age 45
Shulamit Abramovitch z"l - Age 63
Yehudit Korman z"l - Age 70
Eliezer Korman z"l - Age 74 (died of his wounds on May 6 - no picture)
Eliyahu Nakash z"l - Age 85
Marianne Lehmann Zaoui z"l - Age 77
Amiram Hamami z"l - Age 44
Julia Telmi z"l - Age 87
Lola Levkovitch z"l - Age 70
Perla Hermella z"l - Age 79 (from Sweden)
David Anichovitch z"l - Age 70
Furuk Na'imi z"l - Age 62
Frieda Britevich z"l - Age 86
Alter Britevich z"l - Age 88
Sgt. Sivan Vider z"l - Age 20
Ze'ev Vider z"l - Age 50 (father of Sivan)
Chana Rogen z"l - Age 90
Sarah Levy-Hoffman z"l - Age 89
Miriam Gutenzgan z"l - Age 82
Anna Yakobovitch z"l - Age 78
Clara Rosenberger z"l - Age 77
Funeral Funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded
ter1191.jpg ter1192.jpg ter1193.jpg ter1194.jpg
ter1195.jpg ter1196.jpg ter1197.jpg ter1198.jpg
ter1199.jpg ter1200.jpg ter1201.jpg ter1202.jpg
IDF soldiers stopped an ambulance of the PA Red Crescent at the A-Ram
Checkpoint north of Jerusalem and found a bomb hidden under a stretcher
occupied by a child, who was reportedly being transported to a
Jerusalem hospital. - March 27, 2002
Alert Golani Brigade soldiers thwarted a Palestinian motorist trying to drive
a booby-trapped car into Israel from close to the village of Baka e-Sharkiya
near Tulkarm at a temporary roadblock. The driver fled as troops
opened fire at the vehicle. - March 25, 2002
Israeli killed in terror shooting near Hebron
- March 24, 2002 - 11:30 pm
Avi Sabag - Age 24
An Israeli woman killed in shooting attack near Ramallah - March 24, 2002
Esther Klienman - Age 23
An IDF officer suffered light to moderate wounds when a Palestinian
suicide bomber detonated an explosive belt near a roadblock
at Salem north of Jenin - March 22, 2002

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