We Should Not Forget

There have been hundreds of shootings and bombings over the past months. Below are part of the ones that caused serious injuries or deaths. Unfortunately the world wide press does not give equal coverage when Israeli or Jewish blood is spilled.

Section 16/18: March 20, 2002 - January 2002

Three dead and 87 wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up
on King George Avenue in downtown Jerusalem - March 20, 2002
Tzipi Shemesh z"l - Age 29 - 5 months pregnant
Gad Shemesh z" l - Age 35
Tzipi and Gad Shemesh z"l - Marriage Picture
(they leave behind two small children)
Yitzhak Cohen z"l - Age 48 of Modi'in (no picture yet)
Funeral Funeral wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded (PG) wounded ter1172.jpg
ter1173.jpg ter1174.jpg ter1175.jpg ter1176.jpg
Seven people were killed and nearly 30 wounded - some seriously - when a
suicide bomber blew himself up aboard a packed bus near Umm el-Fahm
- March 20, 2002
Officer Meir Fahima z"l - Age 40
Staff Sergeant Shimon Edrei z"l - Age 20
Sergeant Michael Altfiro z"l - Age 19
Corporal Aharon Revivo z"l - Age 19
Alon Goldenberg z"l - Age 27
Mogus Mahento z"l - Age 75
Bella Schneider z"l - Age 53
Funeral Funeral Funeral Funeral
Funeral Funeral Funeral Funeral
Funeral wounded ter1152.jpg ter1153.jpg
ter1154.jpg ter1155.jpg ter1156.jpg ter1157.jpg
Two border police officers were wounded in a shooting attack
near Aviezer, south of Beit Shemesh - March 19, 2002
One officer was killed and three soldiers were injured, one seriously, when
two Palestinian gunmen opened fire at an army tent encampment in
the Jordan Valley, near the community of Mehula. - March 19, 2002
First Lieutenant Tal Zemach z"l - Age 20
Funeral Funeral Funeral
The police and Border Police prevented a potentially deadly terror attack
in the North yesterday when they apprehended two Palestinians armed with
an automatic rifle, hand grenades, and other explosives. - March 18, 2002
Members of the militant group Islamic Jihad at a rally in
Beit Lahia, northern Gaza Strip - March 18, 2002
Flag Burning ter1139.jpg
Border police officers neutralized a bomb found in Gush Katif's Ganei Tal
- March 17, 2002 - 6pm
An explosition killed a suicide bomber between northern Jerusalem's
Pisgat Ze'ev and the Arab village Anata. He was apparently on his way to
carry out a suicide bombing. - March 17, 2002 - 5:15 pm
A suicide bomber blew himself up, lightly wounding 25 people,
near the No. 22 bus at the French Hill intersection in northern Jerusalem
- March 17, 2002 - 2:25 pm
ter1129.jpg ter1130.jpg ter1131.jpg ter1132.jpg
One killed and 16 wounded when a Palestinian gunman opened fire
at passersby in Kfar Saba in the vicinity of the police station and
the local courthouse. - March 17, 2002 - 12:50 pm
Noa Auerbach - Age 18
ter1126.jpg ter1127.jpg ter1128.jpg
Three IDF soldiers were killed and two more wounded when a tank
drove over a land mine on the Karni - Netzarim road in the central Gaza Strip.
- March 14, 2002
Sergeant Rotem Shani z"l - Age 19
Matan Biderman z"l - Age 21
St.-Sgt. Ala Hubeishi z"l - Age 21
The body of a missing Israeli was discovered near Kibbutz Nahal Oz, located
in the western Negev Desert not far from the Gaza Strip security fence.
- March 14, 2002
Israeli soldier killed in Ramallah by Palestinian terrorists
- March 13, 2002
Lieutenant Gil Badihi z"l - Age 21
Israeli of Nahliel in Binyamin, was stabbed in the chest by two masked
Palestinians who knocked on the door of his home - March 13, 2002
Three Israelis were wounded when shots were fired at two Israeli vehicles
on the ascent to the hilltop community of Katzir, overlooking Wadi Ara.
- March 12, 2002
Six Israelis, including a police officer, were killed today and seven others
were injured, one critically, after shots were fired at Israeli vehicles
traveling close to the Lebanese border, between Kibbutz Metzuba and the
community of Shlomi - March 12, 2002
Atara Livneh z"l - Age 15 (daughter of Lynn)
Lynne Livneh z"l - Age 49 (mother of Atara)
Yehudit Cohen z"l - Age 33
Ofer Kenrick z"l
Lieutenat German Rozkov z"l - Age 25
Alexsi Kitman z"l - Age 29
wounded ter1116.jpg
A 16-year-old Israeli from the Jewish enclave in Hebron was stabbed
in the stomach this morning by a Palestinian. The attacker fled the scene.
The teenager sustained moderate-to-serious injuries - March 12, 2002
One Israeli was killed and a second wound in a shooting attack near the
community of Modi'in Illit near Kiryat Sefer in Samaria - March 12, 2002
Eyal Lieberman z"l - Age 43
One Israeli wounded in a car shooting near Chalamish - March 10, 2002
One Israeli (12 year old boy) was wounded by a Palestinian terrorist
in Ashdod - March 10, 2002
One Israeli killed and one wounded in a shooting / stabbing
in Netzarim - March 10, 2002
Staff-Sgt. Kobi Eichelboim z"l - Age 21
11 people killed and over 50 wounded by a suicide bomber at a
Jerusalem Cafe in the Rehavia neighborhood - March 9, 2002 - Saturday night
Note: I did not post some of the more graphic pictures of
the wounded and dead out of respect.
Netanel Kochavi z"l - Age 31
Danit Dagan z"l - Age 24
Limor Ben Shaham z"l - Age 27
Nir Borochov z"l - Age 22
Baruch Lerner z"l - Age 28
Uri Felix z"l - Age 28
Orit Ohzarov z"l - Age 28
Livnat Devash z"l - Age 28
Tali Eliyahu z"l - Age 26
Dan Emadi z"l - Age 23
Avraham Rachamim z"l - Age 29
Funeral Funeral Funeral
wounded wounded wounded
ter1071.jpg ter1072.jpg ter1073.jpg ter1074.jpg
ter1075.jpg ter1076.jpg ter1078 ter1099
2 people killed (including a baby) and over 50 wounded when two Palestinian
terrorists opened fire with automatic rifles and hurled grenades into a
hotel lobby in Netanya - March 9, 2002 - Saturday night
Avia Malcah z"l - 9 month old baby
Israel Yihye z"l - Age 27
Baby's Funeral Baby's Funeral
wounded wounded wounded ter1064.jpg
ter1065.jpg ter1066.jpg ter1068.jpg ter1069.jpg
ter1070.jpg Policeman who shot the terrorist
An Israeli soldier was killed during fire exchanges
between the IDF and Palestinian terrorists in in the refugee camp in Tol Karem
- March 7, 2002
Sargent First Class Edward Korol z"l - Age 20
Kassam 2 missiles found inside a garage in Tul-Karem
Five Israelis were killed and 23 others wounded when a Palestinian terrorist
infiltrated the settlement of Atzmona in the Gaza Strip. - March 7, 2002
Eran Picar z"l - Age 18
Arik Krogliak z"l - Age 18
Tal Kurtzweil z"l - Age 18
Asher Marcus z"l - Age 18
Ariel Zana z"l - Age 18
Eyewitness Account of Attack (article)
Funeral Funeral
wounded wounded wounded ter1058.jpg
Alert patrons and staff at a popular Jerusalem restaurant
foiled a suicide bombing. - March 7, 2002
A suicide bomber wounded 11 in the lobby of the
Eshel Hashomron Hotel complex at the entrance of Ariel - March 7, 2002
wounded ter1054.jpg
2 Israeli soldiers killed in IDF operations in Gaza - March 5, 2002, 8:30am
Lt. Pinhas Cohen z"l - Age 23
Cpl. (res.) Alexander Nastarenko z"l - Age 37
Arms Smuggling Tunnel
A Israeli driver was injured when he lost control of his vehicle and
overturned, when he was shot at on the Ma'aleh Adumim - Jerusalem road.

A bomb was found in Gush Etzion near el-Hader.
Bomb squad personnel neutralized it without injury.

Terrorists fired at Israeli motorists traveling in the Shomron on Route 55
between Kalkilya and Karnei Shomron. There were no reports of injuries.

- March 5, 2002

3 children (including a one and a half year old baby) were wounded when
Kassam rockets fired from the Gaza Strip landed on a house in the
Negev development town of Sderot. - March 5, 2002, 8:30am
Wounded Baby Mother and Children ter1044.jpg
ter1045.jpg Area Map of Rocket Landing
1 killed, 14 wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up on a bus
in Afula's central bus station - March 5, 2002, 8:30am
Maharto Tganya z"l - Age 81
Funeral ter01026.jpg ter01033.jpg ter01034.jpg
An Israeli woman motorist died and her husband sustained serious wounds
in a shooting attack on the Bethlehem bypass road near the village of Husan.
A reporter that arrived later was also wounded by shooting.
- March 5, 2002
Devora Friedman z"l - Age 46
Funeral Funeral Funeral
ter01039.jpg ter01027.jpg
Palestinian opens fire at Tel Aviv restaurants killing 3, injuring over 30
- March 5, 2002, 2:15am
Police officer FSM Salim Barakat z"l - Age 33
Yosef Abey z"l - Age 52
Eli Dahan z"l - Age 53
Funeral Funeral wounded ter01023.jpg
ter01024.jpg ter01025.jpg ter01029.jpg ter01030.jpg
2 Israeli wounded in car shooting near Hebron - March 4, 2002
Palestinians dressed as suicide bombers
demonstrate in Jebalya, northern Gaza Strip. - March 3, 2002
ter01014.jpg ter01015.jpg ter01016.jpg
One Israeli died and four were wounded in a shooting attack near the
Kissufim Crossing point between Israel and the central Gaza Strip.
- March 3, 2002
Sergeant Steven Keningsberg z"l - Age 19
10 Israelis killed (7 soldiers and 3 civilians) and 5 wounded in a
shooting attack at a checkpoint near the settlement of Ofra.
- March 3, 2002
Capt. Ariel Hovav z"l - Age 25
Sgt.-Maj. Refael Levy z"l - Age 42
Sgt.-Maj. Avraham Ezra z" - Age 38
Sgt.-Maj. Yohai Porat z" - age 26
Lt. David Demelin z" - Age 29
Sgt.-Maj. Kfir Weiss - Age 24
Sgt.-Maj. Eran Gad z"l - Age 24
Sergei Butarov z"l - Age 33
Vadim Galigulah z"l Age 32
Didi Yitzhak z"l - Age 66
We are all Yochai's Family (article)
Funeral Funeral Funeral Funeral
Funeral wounded ter0993.jpg
11 killed and over 50 injured in a suicide bombing, Saturday night, in the
Bet Israel neighborhood in Jerusalem. The bomber detonated a powerful
explosive in the Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood as residents were leaving
synagogues at the end of the Jewish Shabbat. The bomber stood next to
a group of mothers standing with their babies in strollers at the
entrance to a guesthouse. 5 members of 1 family, from Rishon Letzion,
were killed in the blast. - March 2, 2002

June 20, 2002 update: Avraham Eliahu Nehmad z"l - Age 17 who was
badly injured, died on June 20.
Nehmad Family z"l
Shlomo Nehmad z"l - Age 40
Gafnit Nehmad z"l - Age 32 (Shlomo's wife)
Shiraz Nehmad z"l - Age 7
Liran Nehmad z"l - Age 3
Shauli Nehmad z"l - Age 15 (Gafnit's nephew)
Avraham Eliahu Nehmad z"l - Age 17
Tzofia Ya'arit Eliyahu - Age 23
Avraham Eliyahu z"l - 7 months old (Tzofia's son)
Lidor Ilan z"l - Age 12
Oriah Ilan z"l - 18 months old (sister of Lidor)
Avi Hazan z"l - Age 34 - Died of his wounds March 4
Funeral Funeral Funeral Funeral
Funeral wounded wounded wounded
ter0975.jpg ter0976.jpg ter0977.jpg ter0978.jpg
ter0979.jpg ter0980.jpg ter0983.jpg ter1005.jpg
A Police officer was found dead, shot in the head, near Kiedar.
A Bethlehem-based group, calling itself "The People of Atef Abayat," which has
links to Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement,
took responsibility for the killing. - March 2, 2002
Chief Inspector Moshe Dayan z"l - Age 46
IDF soldier killed in an IDF operation in Jenin - March 1, 2002
Sergeant Yacob Avni z"l - Age 20
Three Israelis injured in Palestinian attacks on the
Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo. - February 28, 2002
One IDF soldier was killed and two wounded when Israeli soldiers
entered the Jenin and Balata refugee camps near Shechem. - February 28, 2002
Staff Sergeant Haim Bahar z"l - Age 20
Area Map shooters shooters shooters
A Palestinian suicide bomber blew herself up at
the Maccabim roadblock on the Jerusalem-Modi'in highway,
wounding three policemen, two lightly and one moderately. - February 27, 2002
wounded wounded
ter0962.jpg ter0964.jpg suicide bomber
Soldiers stationed on the Egyptian border yesterday wiped out a squad of
armed infiltrators apparently on their way to carry out a terrorist attack after
a half-day chase in the Negev. One soldier was wounded. - February 27, 2002
wounded wounded
The Israeli 16 year old girl, who was wounded
10 days ago in the Karnei Shomoron bombing died today.
Doctors tried desperately to remove the nail imbedded in her skull.
- February 27, 2002
Rachel Thaler z"l - Age 16
Palestinian kills Israeli employer
in north Jerusalem's Atarot industrial area. - February 27, 2002
Gad Rejwan z"l - Age 34
Palestinian gunmen lightly wounded a Tsofim resident,
firing at his car as he drove between Karnei Shomron and Kalkilya.
- February 26, 2002
Police arrested a Palestinian man in Haifa, carrying a bag containing
a Kalashnikov rifle and bullet clips, whom they believed was planning to
carry out an attack. - February 26, 2002
Policewoman and civil guard volunteer that prevented a shooting
A Palestinian terrorist opened fire on a residential street in the
northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Neveh Ya'acov ,
wounding nine people, three of them seriously. - February 25, 2002
F.-Sgt. Galit Arviv, 21, wounded in Monday night's attack in Jerusalem's
Neveh Ya'acov neighborhood, died early today. - February 26, 2002
First-Sgt. Galit Arviv z"l - Age 21
ter0948.jpg ter0949.jpg ter0950.jpg ter0951.jpg
Two people were killed and two wounded, including a pregnant woman,
in two separate terrorist attacks in Gush Etzion - February 25, 2002
Avraham Fish z"l - Age 65
Aharon Gorov z"l - Age 46
Funeral wounded
Two Israelis suffered moderate wounds in shooting attack on their vehicle
Saturday night in the Beir Zeit area, north of Ramallah - February 23, 2002
An Israeli was kiled by a shooting attack on his car on the road
between Atarot and Givat Ze'ev, north of Jerusalem. - February 22, 2002
Valerie Achmir z"l - Age 56
An alert customer shot dead a terrorist who tried to set off
an explosive device in a supermarket in Efrat - February 22, 2002
A resident of Gush Katif, suffered light to moderate wounds in a
shooting attack near the Kissufim crossing.
The same site where on February 18 a Palestinian terrorist shot and
killed Gush Katif resident Ahuva Amergi and two soldiers. - February 20, 2002
Six Israelis were killed and another was wounded, in a shooting attack at
a roadblock near the village of Ein Ariq, west of Ramallah - February 19, 2002
Lt. Moshe Eini z"l - Age 21
St.-Sgt. Benny Kikis z"l - Age 20
St.-Sgt. Mark Podolsky z"l - Age 20
St.-Sgt. Erez Turgeman z"l - Age 20
St.-Sgt. Tamir Atsmi z"l - Age 21
St.-Sgt. Michael Hochsman z"l - Age 21
Funeral Funeral Funeral Funeral
wounded ter0929.jpg
An alert Egged bus driver managed to prevent a serious terrorist attack
in the Jordan Valley on Tuesday evening by throwing a
Palestinian suicide bomber off the bus from Jerusalem to Tiberias.
The Palestinian blew himself up outside the bus;
the driver managed to close the bus doors and drive off in time,
helping prevent any Israeli casualties. - February 19, 2002
Two Israelis (husband and wife) were wounded when Palestinian terrorists
opened fire on their vehicle near the Taiba roadblock in Samaria
- February 19, 2002
Two soldiers and a civilian were killed and three wounded
by a terrorist shooting at the entrance to Gush Katif - February 18, 2002
Ahuva Amergi z"l - Age 30 (leaves two kids 4 and 1.5 without a mother)
Maj. Mor Yehuda Elraz z"l - Age 25
St.-Sgt. Amir Mansuri z" l - Age 21
wounded Funeral Funeral
Israeli (Ma'aleh Adumim) police prevented a Jerusalem terror attack
One policeman was killed and one was wounded when
the terrorist detonated his bomb - February 18, 2002
Ahmed Mazarib z"l - Age 32 - a Beduin from Beit Zarzir
ter0920.jpg ter0921.jpg ter0922.jpg
Israeli police foiled an attempted suicide attack
Five people, including three police officers, were moderately to lightly wounded
in a failed attack by two terrorist on their way to a suicide bombing.
The terrorist were killed after police stopped them at a roadblock near the
Camp 80 IDF training base in the Pardess Hanna area - February 17, 2002
ter0917.jpg ter0918.jpg
Two Israeli teenagers were killed and 29 other people wounded, six seriously,
when a suicide bomber blew himself up Saturday night at a pizzeria
in Karnei Shomron. - February 16, 2002
Keren Shatsky z"l - Age 14
Nehemia Amar z"l - Age 15
wounded wounded wounded wounded (nail in head)
ter0913.jpg ter0914.jpg ter0915.jpg ter0916.jpg
Palestinian Gunmen kill soldier at IDF roadblock north of Ramallah
- February 15, 2002
St.-Sgt. Lee Nahman Akunis z"l - Age 20
Funeral Funeral
The commander of the elite Duvdevan unit, was killed during an operation in the
Palestinian village of Saida near Tul Karem. - February 15, 2002
Lt.-Col. Eyal Weiss z"l - Age 34
Three IDF crewmen were killed and a fourth suffered light wounds
when their Merkava tank set off a powerful mine near the
Netzarim junction - February 14, 2002
St.-Sgt. Moshe Peled z"l - Age 20
Sgt. Asher Zaguri z"l - Age 21
Staff-Sgt. Ron Lavi z" - Age 20
Funeral Funeral
Palestinian terrorists killed two soldiers and wounded five others - one critically -
in a shooting attack near IDF Southern Command headquarters in the center of
Beersheba's Old City - February 10, 2002
First Lieutenant Keren Rotstein z"l - Age 20
Corporal Aya Malachi z"l - Age 18
wounded ter0895.jpg ter0896.jpg ter0897.jpg
Palestinian terrorists fired two Kassam-2 rockets at Israel for the first time.
All were aimed at different parts of the Negev. - February 10, 2002
A 15-year-old Palestinian girl was arrested by security forces Saturday in Hebron
after she attempted to stab a Jewish resident near Tel Rumeida. - February 9, 2002
A major terror attack was averted on Friday night when a large bomb aboard a car
exploded prematurely near the Wadi Ara highway. The blast completely destroyed
the car and the two or three Palestinian terrorists inside. - February 9, 2002
Palestinian gunmen opened fire and killed one Israeli, and wounded another
from an ambush, between Ariel and the Tapuah Junction - February 8, 2002
Atala Lipovsky z"l - Age 79
Four Palestinians, all aged 14 to 16, repeatedly stabbed and killed
an Israeli woman, while she was strolling on the Sherover Promenade in
Jerusalem's Armon Hanatziv neighborhood on Friday afternoon - February 8, 2002
Moran Amit z"l - Age 25
Hamas Rally in Gaza Strip - February 8, 2002
ter0885.jpg ter0886.jpg ter0887.jpg ter0888.jpg
A terrorist killed three Israelis and wounded 2 others,
after infiltrating Moshav Hamra in the Jordan Valley. - February 6, 2002
Miri Ohana z"l - Age 45
Yael Ohana z"l - Age 11 (daughter)
Staff Sgt. Major (res.) Moshe Majos Meconen z"l - Age 33
Funeral Funeral Funeral Funeral
Wounded Wounded
An alert bus driver prevented a terrorist from blowing himself up
on a bus between Jerusalem and Ma'aleh Adumim - February 6, 2002
ter0874.jpg ter0875.jpg
Israeli reserve troops stopped a Palestinian truck at a surprise roadblock near
en-Zidan at 3 a.m. and found eight ready-to-fire Kassam-2 missiles and launchers.
En-Zidan is located north of Shechem in Area B under Israeli security control.
The missiles were hidden beneath a cargo of fruits and vegetables.
- February 6, 2002
A bomb was discovered and safely detonated near the Arab village of Abed
in the southern Hevron Hills area

Two terrorist were captured near Tira with ready bombs

Palestinian stonethrowers damaged an Israeli vehicle in Jerusalem's
northern Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood.
The female driver of the vehicle suffered an anxiety attack - February 6, 2002

An Israeli man was moderately wounded in a shooting attack
between the West Bank community of Yitzhar and the village of Hawara,
south of Nablus - February 5, 2002

An Israeli Arab field worker for the human rights group B'tselem, was shot
and wounded by terrorists yesterday while driving south of Shaked in Samaria.
The terrorists apparently mistook him for a Jew after spotting the yellow license plates
on the vehicle he was driving near the village of Nizlat Zid. - February 4, 2002

Two Israeli intelligence agents were lightly to moderately wounded when
their Palestinian informer detonated a bomb strapped to his body
while inside their vehicle in the Taiba area - January 30, 2002

ter0870.jpg ter0871.jpg
A 15-year-old was lightly wounded by glass shards at the local school,
by Palestinian gunmen who fired at the Jerusalem neighborhood Gilo.
- January 29, 2002

Exhibition by Hamas and the Islamic Jehad at Al-Najah University
in Nablus (which is under the control of Arafat) - January 28, 2002

ter0868.jpg ter0869.jpg
An 8-year-old boy in Elon Moreh was stabbed in the leg and lightly wounded
by two Arab terrorists who entered one of the houses on the perimeter of
the community. - January 28, 2002

A soldier and a policeman were wounded during a terrorist attempt
at a roadblock situated west of Kalkilya and continuing on a road between
Ramat Gan and Bnei Brak - January 28, 2002

ter0865.jpg ter0866.jpg ter0867.jpg

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