We Should Not Forget

There have been hundreds of shootings and bombings over the past months. Below are part of the ones that caused serious injuries or deaths. Unfortunately the world wide press does not give equal coverage when Israeli or Jewish blood is spilled.

Section 5/18: January 2007 - December 2007

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Two Israeli soldiers from Kiryat Arba were shot to death by terrorists while
hiking near Hebron.
The soldiers, on leave from the Israel Defense Forces, managed to return fire,
reportedly killing one of the terrorists and injuring another, before they died.
Their female companion was uninjured.
- December 28, 2007
Ahikam Amihai z"l - Age 20
David Rubin z"l - Age 21
funeral funeral funeral ter4629.jpg
Ten children, and eight others, suffered from trauma in the Negev city
of Sderot after a Kassam rocket slammed down just 40 meters from
an elementary school. - December 20, 2007
ter4622.jpg ter4623.jpg
Palestinian Authority terrorists launched at least six rockets at Jewish
communities in the western Negev on Thursday. One rocket slammed
directly into a home in the city of Sderot, moderately wounding a woman.
at least a dozen people suffered the effects of shock as a result of
the late afternoon rocket attack.
- December 13, 2007
wounded ter4619.jpg ter4620.jpg ter4621.jpg
In the past week, PA terror cells fired more than 20 mortar shells and
approximately 37 Kassam rockets at the communities of the western Negev and
at IDF forces. Al-Quds Brigades terrorists claimed that they fired 14 rockets at
Sderot on Wednesday and Thursday.
- December 13, 2007
Three IDF soldiers were lightly wounded Sunday and a fourth suffered from
shock when a mortar shell hit a medical clinic in a military base near Gaza.
The three are a female paramedic, an ambulance driver and a combat medic.
All were hit by shrapnel, and the paramedic also suffered a broken bone.
The shell was part of a five-shell salvo fired by Gaza terrorists Sunday evening.
A previous salvo consisted of at least eight shells: two went off inside one of
the Jewish communities in the Gaza perimeter, five exploded next to the
same community, and one hit near the security fence.
- December 2, 2007
A young Israeli, father of two, was murdered in a terrorist shooting attack
in Samaria around 11:00 pm Monday night. A terrorist cell was waiting in
ambush in the area for Israeli vehicles near Kedumim.
- November 19, 2007
Ido Zoldan z"l - Age 29
funeral funeral funeral funeral
ter4611.jpg area map
Almost every day Arab terrorists in Gaza fire rockets into Israel's Negev.
On November 19, rockets also landed in the port city of Ashkelon.
- November 1-19, 2007
An IDF reservist soldier was killed and two soliders were slightly wounded in a
gunbattle with Hamas forces in the southern Gaza Strip area of Khan Yunis.
- October 29, 2007
First Sergeant Major Ehud Efrati z"l - Age 34
Arab terrorists opened fire at Israeli hitch-hikers outside the
Shomron city of Ariel shortly before 11:30 AM, wounding a 20-year-old
soldier in his stomach. He was evacuated to Beilinson Hospital in
Petach Tikvah, and is listed in moderate-to-serious but stable condition.
The terrorists also shot at Israeli cars on the highway, wounding a
second man lightly in his leg.
- October 24, 2007
Arab terrorists continue to fire rockets at Israel.
- October 23, 2007
Arab terrorists in Gaza fired a Grad Katyusha rocket - more powerful and
of longer range than the conventional Kassams - at Israeli homes in Netivot
Sunday morning, causing no injuries or damage. IDF sources expressed concern,
saying the firing of a Grad rocket was an "unusual" occurrence.
Netivot is located 11 Kilometers from Gaza.
- October 7, 2007
Palestinians in Gaza continue to fire rockets into Israel.
- September - October, 2007
An Israeli soldier was killed and another was wounded during a firefight
Monday night between IDF forces and terrorists in the biblical city of Shechem,
now under Palestinian Authority administration.
- September 17, 2007
Staff Sgt. Ben-Zion Chaim Haneman z"l - Age 22
67 IDF soldiers were injured in a pre-dawn rocket attack by enemy forces on
a military base half a mile north of Gaza. Approximately 10 of the wounded
were hit with shrapnel and more than 50 others were treated for shock.
Two of the injured suffered serious-to-critical wounds.
Shortly after 2:00 a.m.Tuesday, one of two Kassam rockets fired by Palestinian
Authority attackers in Gaza slammed into the Zikim army base. The rocket struck
in the vicinity of tents in which many soldiers were sleeping. Most of the wounded
were treated at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon, which transferred the two soldiers
with serious and critical injuries to the Tel HaShomer Hospital in Tel Aviv by
helicopter.Among the wounded were those suffering shrapnel injuries in the jaw,
stomach, head and limbs. A soldier in critical condition has shrapnel wounds
to the head.
- September 11, 2007
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded map ter4600.jpg ter4601.jpg
ter4602.jpg ter4603.jpg ter4604.jpg
The Sderot Parents Committee decided Monday night to keep their
schoolchildren at home, until further notice, after a day in which Palestinian
Authority terrorists fired at least seven Kassam rockets into and around the city.
In their statements to the press, the terrorists called the attacks a "gift" for the
new school year, which began on Sunday.
One PA rocket slammed into a courtyard meters away from a day care center,
damaging a home next door and sending 12 young children to the hospital to be
treated for shock. Another exploded on a street in the center of the city.
Several adults were also treated for shock by medics at the scene.
By Tuesday morning, Arab terrorists in Gaza had fired another five rockets at
Sderot. Two of the projectiles slammed into the center of town.
No injuries or damage were reported.
- September 4, 2007
ter4583.jpg ter4584.jpg ter4585.jpg ter4586.jpg
ter4587.jpg ter4588.jpg ter4589.jpg
Dozens of rockets were fired from Gaza at Sderot and the
Negev during August.
- August 2007
ter4580.jpg ter4581.jpg ter4582.jpg
Two rockets fired from gaza, slammed into downtown Sderot Friday
morning lightly wounding two residents and damaging homes and cars.
The injured were evacuated to Ashkelon’s Barzilai Medical Center.
Five of the injured were evacuated to Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon.
- August 3, 2007
Seven people were lightly injured when a kassam rocket, fired from
Hamas Authority-controlled Gaza just over a kilometer away,
landed on a house in Sderot.
Five of the injured were evacuated to Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon.
- July 19, 2007
Kassam rockets fired from Gaza, continue to fall on
Sderot and surrounding areas.
- July 16, 2007
ter4576.jpg ter4577.jpg ter4578.jpg
One IDF soldier was killed and two others were lightly wounded in a battle with
Palestinian Authority terrorists.
The battle which killed the soldier began when a terrorist cell attacked an
undercover ground unit from the Givati Brigade. IAF fighter pilots shot and
seriously wounded two of the terrorists during the 3:00 a.m. battle.
Hamas has claimed responsibility for the attack, although the terrorist cell
was initially identified, based on the wounded men, as a unit from the
Islamic Jihad terror organization.
IDF ground troops have been destroying Kassam rocket launchers, some with
timers, near the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanounin in ground operations over
the past week.
- July 12, 2007
Sgt. Arbel Reich z"l - Age 21
Three people were wounded from two rocket attacks on Sderot
from Gaza. A Fatah terror group claimed responsibility.
- June 24, 2007
Nine rockets were launched at Israel from Gaza.
In Sderot, ten people were treated for shock and two people suffered
light injuries in the barrage. Islamic Jihad terrorists claimed they fired
most of the Kassams
- June 20, 2007
ter4571.jpg ter4572.jpg ter4573.jpg
On Sunday, mortar shells were fired at the Erez Crossing
injuring four IDF soldiers, one moderately. Hamas took credit for the attack.
A Kassam rocket hit the hothouses of the town of Netiv HaAsara.
Nine Kassam rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza over the weekend.
One struck a home in Sderot Saturday, but caused no injuries.
- June 2-3, 2007
wounded ter4569.jpg ter4570.jpg
The 11th victim of Kassam rocket fire died of wounds he received last week,
Israel Radio revealed Thursday morning.
Thirteen-year-old Chai Shalom suffered from cerebral palsy, and was deaf, mute,
and confined to a wheel-chair. He was hospitalized after a rocket landed
next to a bus transporting him and three other disabled children.
According to the report, all four children were wounded by the force of the blast.
The driver of the bus fainted and Shalom's caretaker alerted his father.
The boy died last week in Soroka Hospital after his condition worsened.
- May 31, 2007
A Hod Hasharon resident was killed when a Qassam rocket fired from
the Gaza Strip hit the car in which he was driving in the western
Negev town of Sderot. Another person was lightly injured, and several people
were treated for shock. School children waiting for buses to take them to
their first day of classes outside of Kassam range in areas surrounding Sderot,
panicked upon the sounding of the "Color Red" rocket alert.
Earlier in the morning, another two rockets landed in central Sderot,
causing damage but no casualties.
- May 27, 2007
Oshri Oz z"l - Age 36
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded ter4559.jpg ter4560.jpg
ter4561.jpg ter4562.jpg
Terrorists attacked Israeli security forces near Jerusalem’s Armon HaNetziv
neighborhood Saturday evening.
One security officer was wounded critically and a security guard moderately.
They were evacuated to Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital.
The terrorists were killed in subsequent exchanges of gunfire.
Fatah’s Al-Aksa Brigades terror group took responsibility for the attack.
- May 26, 2007
Ten Kassam rockets were fired Saturday at the western Negev from Gaza.
Two rockets hit Sderot Saturday evening - one striking a house and
destroying it and the other striking a building in the town's industrial area.
Three landed just south of the city of Ashkelon. The rest landed in open areas.
No injuries were reported, though several were treated for shock.
- May 26, 2007
A local woman was killed by a Kassam rocket in Sderot Monday night
after an attack that scored a direct hit on her car as she stood next to it
near a bakery in the center of town.
The barrage of five rockets slammed into a commercial shopping area in the
center of town shortly before 8:00 p.m. Monday evening while business owners
were meeting to discuss the situation. Most businesses were closed as a result,
minimizing what might otherwise have become a mammoth disaster.
One man sustained shrapnel wounds in the attack and was evacuated to
Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon. Twelve other people were also taken to
the hospital and treated for shock.
- May 21, 2007
Shir-el Friedman z"l - Age 35
funeral funeral
ter4551.jpg ter4552.jpg
Terrorists in Gaza fired five Kassam at Jewish towns in the western Negev
Sunday morning. One landed near a school in Sderot, one hit a nearby
empty house and a third rocket landed at the entrance to the city.
Several people suffered from shock and were treated by Magen David Adom
paramedics at the scene.
At least six rockets hit the city over the Sabbath; close to 20 rockets and mortar
shells were fired at the western Negev area, causing injuries and damage.
- May 18-20, 2007
ter4541.jpg ter4542.jpg ter4543.jpg ter4544.jpg
ter4545.jpg ter4546.jpg ter4547.jpg ter4548.jpg
ter4549.jpg ter4550.jpg
Palestinian terorrists continue to fire Qassam rockets at Israel.
Kassam hits had been reported in Sderot and the western Negev.
Magen David Adom paramedics treated a mother and her nine-year-old
daughter, both of whom were suffering from shock. A car was also damaged.
Another rocket hit a high school near Sapir College, causing significant damage
and lightly wounding two pupils.
A moshav in the Eshkol Regional Council also suffered a Kassam hit. One of its
greenhouses was reportedly damaged, but no one was wounded.
- May 17, 2007
wounded ter4536.jpg ter4537.jpg Classroom
ter4539.jpg ter4540.jpg
Palestinian terrorists launched 30 rockets from Gaza that struck Sderot
and its environs.
- May 16, 2007
A 45-year-old resident of Sderot was gravely injured when a rocket
fired from Gaza hit her home in Sderot. She was injured in the head and
stomach. Her son, who was in the house with her, was injured also:
his injuries are defined as "moderately serious." Two other people who were
in the house were lightly injured, and others are suffering from shock.
Another rocket scored a direct hit on 'Gil' elementary school, but the
school was already empty of children. Other rockets tore up
areas outside several Negev kibbutzim.
In another rocket attack, a Sderot man was moderately wounded by shrapnel.
Four bystanders suffered from shock.
Palestinian terrorists launched nearly 20 rockets at Sderot and nearby towns
Tuesday night.
- May 15, 2007
wounded wounded ter4531.jpg ter4532.jpg
ter4533.jpg ter4534.jpg
Two people were wounded, one moderately, by a Qassam rocket strike
on a gas station near the western Negev town of Sderot.
Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.
The moderately wounded man, a 24-year-old employee of the gas station,
was hit by shrapnel throughout his body and taken to Barzilai Hospital
in Ashkelon for treatment.
Seven rockets were fired from Gaza to Israel today.
- May 6, 2007
wounded ter4526.jpg ter4527.jpg ter4528.jpg
A drive-by terrorist attack near the Shomron town of Nili left a
security guard in serious condition with gunshot wounds to the head and
leg. Three or four terrorists in a car opened fire on an Israeli fuel truck at a
construction site for the Partition Wall, wounding the security guard.
The driver of the vehicle managed to reach the Na’alin Checkpoint,
where the guard was treated and evacuated to Tel HaShomer’s
Sheba Medical Center.
- May 6, 2007
Palestinian terrorists fired a barrage of more than 10 Kassam rockets
and 20 mortar shells on the Negev Tuesday morning. The attacks were meant
to provide cover and distract attention from an infiltration by a terrorist cell,
whose members intended to kidnap soldiers deployed on the Gaza border.
Army intelligence and ground forces in the area were able to prevent the attack.
- April 24, 2007
ter4522.jpg ter4523.jpg ter4524.jpg
Palestinian Authority terrorists in Gaza fired seven Kassam rockets
into the Negev Saturday evening and Sunday, injuring several people and
damaging a home in Sderot. Six members of a single family were treated
by emergency services for shock, after one of the first rockets slammed
into their home, causing extensive damage.
- April 22, 2007
Palestinian terrorists shot and wounded three Israelis near the community
of Naaleh, 18 miles east of Tel Aviv. The victims, one man moderatly wounded in
the shoulder and two women lightly wounded by shrapnel, were transported to
Tel HaShomer hospital near Tel Aviv.
Police are searching for the shooters
- April 17, 2007
ter4520.jpg ter4521.jpg
A Kassam rocket was fired overnight from Northern Gaza toward Sderot.
The rocket landed in an open area near the city. No damage or
injuries were reported.
- April 17, 2007
An Israeli man was moderately wounded after a Palestinian Authority
terrorist fired a hunting rifle at a small group of Israelis standing at a
Shomron hitchhiking post, or trampiada, Tuesday night.
The terrorists shot the man as they were driving by the hitchhiking post
located between the communities of Emanuel, Karnei Shomron and
Kedumim, southwest of Shechem.
- April 10, 2007
Two Border Guard policemen were stabbed by an Arab terrorist in
Hevron Sunday afternoon, on the eve of the Seventh of Passover holiday.
One of the victims is in moderate-to-serious condition.
- April 8, 2007
An IDF soldier was shot in Jenin, less than a day after Israeli Arab
Knesset Member Ahmed Tibi encouraged supporters in the Palestinian
Authority city to break free of “foreign occupation.”
The attack occurred when terrorists ambushed a Golani Brigade unit as it
carried out a routine patrol in the predawn hours. The soldier, who was
shot in the shoulder, was treated by medics at the scene before being
evacuated to HaEmek Hospital in Afula.
- April 4, 2007
On Tuesday night, IDF soldiers came under attack in the
Beit Ilma section of Shechem. In two separate incidents, units carrying out
counter-terrorist operations in the city were shot at by PA gunmen.
Targeting IDF forces, Arab attackers also detonated an explosive device
and threw a firebomb. There were no injuries to Israeli troops in the
Shechem-area attacks.
- April 3, 2007
PA terrorists fired seven Kassam rockets towards Israel on Wednesday.
No one was hurt in the volleys, though damage was caused by one rocket.
A volley of four rockets landed north of Gaza, apparently aimed at Ashkelon,
while another Kassam fell in the area of Sderot, causing some damage.
One rocket ended up in the ocean, while another fell short and landed in Gaza.
- March 28, 2007
Palestinian Authority terrorists shot and seriously wounded an
Electric Company worker who was repairing a line near the Gaza border
- March 19, 2007
wounded ter4518.jpg
Palestinians kidnapped BBC correspondent Alan Johnston in Gaza City.
Johnston was snatched from his car by four masked gunmen in Gaza City
a week ago on Monday, in the latest of a string of kidnappings of foreign
journalists in the Gaza Strip. No one has claimed responsibility for taking him.
- March 18, 2007
Kidnapped Journalist ter4516.jpg
An Israeli, father of three, was stabbed to death by two 18 year old
Palesitinan Arabs. The Palestinians confessed to the murder.
The murders are from the Arab village of Beit Omar located north of
Hevron. The victim was from Bat Ayin in Gush Etzion.
- Februrary 25, 2007
Erez Levanon z"l - Age 42
funeral funeral funeral
Arabs in a passing car fired shots at an IDF soldier during an
operation in Ramallah, injuring him lightly. Troops returned fire at
the car, killing the two Arabs inside. Soldiers found a grenade and
two bullet casings in the car after the incident. The wounded soldier
was evacuated to Hadassa Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem for
medical treatment.
- Februrary 2, 2007
An Islamic Jihad terrorist suicide bomber killed three people, when
he blew himself up in a bakery in the southern resort city of Eilat.
Five people were treated for shock.
The Al Aksa Brigades of Fatah - an arm of Palestinian Authority Chairman
Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah organization - and Islamic Jihad have claimed joint
responsibility for the murderous attack.
- January 29, 2007
Ami Almaliah z"l - Age 32
Michael Ben-Sa'adon z"l - Age 26
Israel Smuliah z"l - Age 26
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral
ter4492.jpg ter4493.jpg ter4494.jpg ter4495.jpg
ter4496.jpg ter4497.jpg ter4498.jpg ter4499.jpg
ter4496.jpg ter4501.jpg ter4502.jpg ter4503.jpg

We Should Not Forget
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