We Should Not Forget

There have been hundreds of shootings and bombings over the past months. Below are part of the ones that caused serious injuries or deaths. Unfortunately the world wide press does not give equal coverage when Israeli or Jewish blood is spilled.

Section 13/18: November 4, 2002 - July 21, 2002

Two people were killed and over 60 injured, two seriously, when a
suicide bomber blew himself up at an open-air shopping mall in
Kfar Sava. - November 4, 2002.
Julio Pedro Magram z"l - Age 51 - Security Guard who saved lives
Gaston Perpinal z"l - Age 15
wounded wounded wounded wounded
ter2255.jpg ter2256.jpg ter2257.jpg ter2258.jpg
ter2259.jpg ter2260.jpg
A Palestinian terrorist shot dead a woman and two girls
both aged 14, after infiltrating the Hermesh settlement near the
Jenin-area. Three persons were also wounded.
Soldiers killed the terrorist. - October 29, 2002.
Linoy Saroussi z"l - Age 14
Hadas Turgeman z"l - Age 14
Orna Eshel z"l - Age 53
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral wounded wounded wounded
3 killed and 20 injured (4 serious) when a suicide bomber
blew himself up outside a gas station outside of Ariel.
- October 27, 2002.
Major (Res.) Tamir Masad z"l - Age 41
First Lieutenant Matan Zagron z"l - Age 22
Sergeant Major Amihud Hasid z"l - Age 32
funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded ter2223
ter2224 ter2225 ter2226 ter2227
ter2228 ter2229
Rally in Gaza supporting suicide bombings.
- October 25, 2002.
14 killed and 65 injured (6 serious) when suicide bombers
detonated a car filled with explosives alongside an Egged bus
in northern Israel at the junction near Pardes Hanna.
- October 21, 2002.
Staff Sergeant Aiman Sharuf z"l - Age 20
Staff Sergeant Nir Nahum z"l - Age 20
Ofra Burger z"l - Age 56
Iris Lavi z"l - Age 68
Corporal Ilona Hanukayev z"l - Age 20
First Staff Sergeant (Res.) Eliezer Moskovitch z"l - Age 40
Staff Sergeant Liat Ben-Ami z"l - Age 20
Indelou Ashati z"l - Age 54
Suad Jaber z"l - Age 23
Sergeant Esther (Etti) Pisahov z"l - Age 19
Anat Shimshon z"l - Age 33
Corporal Sharon Tubol z"l - Age 19
Osnat Abramov z"l - Age 16
Sergei Shavchuk z"l - Age 35
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded (R)
ter2188.jpg ter2189.jpg ter2190.jpg ter2200.jpg
ter2192.jpg ter2193.jpg ter2194.jpg ter2195.jpg
ter2196.jpg ter2197.jpg ter2198.jpg
A quick thinking security guard at a Tel Aviv cafe and sentries
posted at the American embassy foiled what could have been
a massive terrorist attack Friday night when they identified,
apprehended, and disarmed a would-be suicide bomber on a
crowded boardwalk. - October 11, 2002.
Security Guard Guard with PM ter2183.jpg funeral
One person was killed and 30 injured when a suicide bomber blew
himself up after failing to get onto a bus on the Geha highway near
Bnei Brak, but a far greater disaster was prevented by the bus driver
and a passenger who pinned the bomber to the ground until the
packed bus had emptied. - October 10, 2002.
Sa'ada Aharon z"l - Age 71
wounded wounded wounded wounded
ter2176.jpg (R) ter2177.jpg Bus Driver
Two IDF soldiers were wounded in a gunbattle
in Rafah refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. - October 9, 2002.
Four people were wounded (1 critical, 1 very serious) when shots
were fired from a passing car south of Hebron - October 8, 2002.
October 10 update:
Oded Wolk, who was critically wounded, died of his wounds.
Oded Wolk z"l, Age - 51
funeral funeral
wounded wounded ter2168.jpg ter2169.jpg
A soldier was wounded by Palestinian gunfire in the
Askar refugee camp near Nablus - October 4, 2002.
A soldier was killed and a second soldier seriously wounded
when a fierce gun battle erupted between soldiers and
Palestinian gunmen in the Nablus casbah - September 30, 2002.
Sgt. Ari Weiss z"l - Age 21
An IDF officer was killed in an IDF operation to flush
wanted Palestinians out of their hiding place in caves near
the West Bank town of Tulkarm - September 26, 2002.
Captain Harel Marmelstein z"l - Age 23
A Border Policeman was wounded in the neck in the Shuafat
refugee camp when residents stoned security officials.

An Israeli girl was very lightly wounded when the car she was
travelling in on the Jerusalem Ma'aleh Adumim highway was stoned.

A mother and three of her children were injured in a shooting attack
on a road near Hebron, when Palestinian gunmen shot at their car

- September 26, 2002.
wounded wounded wounded wounded
Four people were wounded when three Kassam rockets fell in the
northern Negev town of Sderot. The four, who suffered from
smoke inhalation, were all lightly injured.
- September 25, 2002.
Terrorists shot and wounded two Israelis traveling on the road
between Ateret and Neveh Tzuf northwest of Ramallah
- September 25, 2002.
An Israeli man was killed and his three children were wounded (one
seriously) in a shooting attack near the Cave of the Patriarchs,
close to the Avraham Avinu neighborhood in Hebron
- September 23, 2002.
Shlomo Yitzhak Shapira z"l - Age 48 (no picture yet)
wounded wounded
A suicide bomber blew himself up on a crowded bus in downtown
Tel Aviv, killing six people and wounding 53 (6 very serious)
- September 19, 2002.
Solomon Honig z"l - Age 79
Shoshana (Rossana) Siso z"l - Age 63
Yossi Mamistbolov z"l - Age 40 (the bus driver)
Ofer Zinger z"l - Age 29
Yaffa Shem-Tov Hanoun z"l - Age 49
Jonathan (Yoni) Jesner z"l - Age 19 (from Glasgow, Scotland)
funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded ter2134.jpg
ter2121.jpg (R) ter2122.jpg ter2123.jpg ter2124.jpg
ter2135.jpg ter2136.jpg ter2137.jpg ter2138.jpg
memorial memorial memorial
A police officer was killed and three other people were injured
in a suicide bombing near the Umm al-Fahm junction in the
Wadi Ara region. - September 18, 2002
Staff Sergeant Major Moshe Hezkiyah z"l - Age 21
wounded ter2112.jpg ter2113.jpg ter2114.jpg
ter2115.jpg ter2116.jpg ter2117.jpg
An Israeli was shot to death by terrorists as he drove on the
Mevo Dotan-Hermesh road near Yabad in northern Samaria.
- September 18, 2002
Yosef Ajami z"l - Age 36
The charred body of an Israeli man was discovered Wednesday
morning in a garbage dump in the Palestinian village, Al Azariya,
outside Jerusalem. Police suspect that the victim was ambushed
and slain by Palestinian coworkers. - September 18, 2002
David Buhbut z"l - Age 67
Sick fashion show in Beirut - September 17, 2002
Two soldiers were killed and 4 injured in 2 separate Gaza attacks.
One was killed when an Arab sniper using a school as cover,
opened fire between the northern Gush Katif communities
of Dugit and Nisanit. IDF soldiers stationed nearby
witnessed the attack and killed the terrorist.
A second was killed when an explosive device went off
near a tank. - September 5, 2002
Lt. Malik Grifat z"l - Age 24
Sgt. Aviad Dotan z"l - Age 24
Security forces prevented what a senior police officer described
as one of the biggest terror bombing attempts since the start of the
intifada, when they intercepted a car in the early hours of Thursday
morning filled with 600 kilograms of explosives near Pardes Hana,
not far from Hadera. Sappers arrived on the scene and successfully
detonated the large bomb in a controlled explosion.
A manhunt is underway for the terrorists who fled. - September 5, 2002
ter2103.jpg ter2104.jpg
Two bombs apparently intended to be detonated one after another in
a double attack were found in Kochav Yair and safely detonated by sappers.
- September 4, 2002
An Israel was wounded in a shooting Ambush near Ramallah.
- September 3, 2002
A soldier was lightly wounded when a Palestinian
threw a fragmentation grenade at his outpost in Gaza.
IDF troops shot and killed the attacker. - September 3, 2002
An Israeli couple were wounded (pregnant woman in serious condition),
by a gunman who infiltrated into the settlement of Bracha - near Shechem
- August 31, 2002
wounded wounded ter2100.jpg
Three IDF soldiers were wounded in a gunfight at
the Jenin refugee camp - August 30, 2002
A mortar shell fired by Palestinians damages a home
in Neve Dekalim. There were no injuries - August 27, 2002
An Israeli soldier was killed by a Palestinian sniper at the Yakinton
Outpost outside of the Gadid community in Gush Katif
- August 20, 2002
Sgt. Kevin Cohen z"l - Age 19
Pro-Iraqi Palestinian Demonstartion in Gaza - August 15, 2002
ter2092.jpg ter2093.jpg ter2094.jpg ter2095.jpg
Fatah Palestinian Summer Camp Ceremony in Gaza - August 15, 2002
ter2088.jpg ter2089.jpg ter2090.jpg ter2091.jpg
Two IDF soldiers were wounded by Palestinian
gunfire in Jenin. - August 11, 2002
An Israeli was wounded by Palestinian fire near the entrance
to Dugit in northern Gaza. Soldiers who arrived on the scene
returned fire and apparently killed both terrorists - although it
is possible, the army reported, that one of them got away.
- August 11, 2002
wounded ter2086.jpg
An Israeli woman was killed and her husband was moderately
wounded and another resident when two Palestinians infiltrated
the settlement of Mehora in the Jordan Valley on Saturday night.
Soldiers from the IDF Nahal Haredi brigade arrived at the scene
and opened fire on the Palestinians, killing one of them.
- August 10, 2002
Yafit Herenstein z"l - Age 31
A married couple were killed and their two children wounded shortly
after midnight Sunday when gunmen opened fire on their car as
they were traveling on the Ramallah-Nablus road, near the
settlement of Eli. The three year old was seriously wounded.
- August 4-5, 2002
Avi Volansky z"l - Age 29
Avital Volansky z"l - Age 27 (was pregnant)
Palestinians Celebrate in Gaza City the bus bombing - August 4, 2002
ter2063.jpg ter2064.jpg
Arabs detonated explosives under an army vehicle traveling near
the Casba section of Shechem. One soldier was moderately wounded,
and two others sustained light injuries. - August 4, 2002
Four IDF soldiers were wounded when Palestinians detonated a
roadside-bomb under their vehicle traveling on the Wallerstein Road
in the Benjamin Regional Council district, between the communities of
Talmon and Beit El. One of the victims is listed in serious condition.
- August 4, 2002
Three Israelis were wounded, one seriously, when Palestinians
opened fire on several passenger vehicles traveling between the
Shomron communities of Avnei Chefetz and Einav. Efforts to
evacuate the wounded were hampered due to ongoing gunfire.
- August 4, 2002 1:30 pm
A 19-year-old Arab shot and killed a Bezeq phone company employee
as he sat in a company van near the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem's
Old City. A gunbattle erupted between the terrorist and Border Police
stationed nearby. An Arab passerby was killed in the shootout and
17 others were wounded (2 seriously) before police succeeded in
killing the gunman. - August 4, 2002 11:30am
Yekutiel Amitay z"l - Age 32 (Bezeq security guard)
Nizal Awasat z"l - Age 51
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded ter2047.jpg ter2048.jpg
Nine people were killed with more than 50 others injured,
six seriously, when a Palestinian suicide bomber detonated
explosives aboard Egged bus number 361 from Haifa as it
pulled into the Meiron Junction bus stop. - August 4, 2002 8:40 am
Sergeant Major Roni Ranem z"l - Age 28
Sergeant Omri Goldin z"l - Age 20
Sergeant Yifat Gavrieli z"l - Age 19
Marlan Menachem z"l - Age 20
Rabbi Mordechai Yehuda Friedman z"l - Age 24 (no picture yet)
Sari Goldstein z"l - Age 22
Mason Amin Hassan z"l - Age 23
Adlina Kononen z"l - Age 37 - citizen of the Philippines
Rebecca Roga z"l - Age 40 - citizen of the Philippines
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded ter2031.jpg ter2032.jpg
ter2033.jpg ter2034.jpg ter2035.jpg ter2036.jpg
ter2037.jpg ter2038.jpg ter2039.jpg ter2040.jpg
An Israeli was murdered by Palestinian terrorists while he was
working near Moshav Nitzanei Oz, west of Tulkarm. He was bound
hand and foot and shot point-blank in the head in what OC Judea
and Samaria Brig.-Gen. Gershon Yitzhak described as a "lynching."
- August 1, 2002
Shani Ladani z"l - Age 27
A bombing in a crowded cafeteria at the Mount Scopus campus
of Jerusalem's Hebrew University killed nine people and
injured at least 86, 14 seriously. - July 31, 2002
Update: August 10, 2002: Daphne Shafruch, 62, from Jerusalem,
died in Jerusalem's Hadassah Hospital, becoming the
eighth fatality in the 31 July terrorist bomb attack
Update: August 13, 2002: Revital Barashi, 30, from Jerusalem,
died in Jerusalem's Hadassah Hospital, becoming the
ninth fatality in the 31 July terrorist bomb attack
Daphna Spruch z"l - Age 61 (died of wounds)
Revital Barashi z"l - Age 30 (died of wounds)
David Ladovsky z"l - Age 29
Levina Shapira z"l - Age 53
Janis Ruth Coulter z"l - Age 36 - from Boston, USA
Marla Bennet z"l - Age 24 - from San Diego, USA
Article about learning in Jerusalem by Marla Bennet z"l
David Gritz z"l - Age 24
Benjamin Blutstein z"l - Age 25 - from Pennsylvania, USA
Dina Carter z"l - Age 37
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral to USA funeral to USA funeral
to USA funeral to USA funeral to USA funeral to USA funeral
to USA funeral to USA funeral to USA funeral to USA funeral
to USA funeral to USA funeral USA funeral USA funeral
USA funeral USA funeral USA funeral USA funeral
Paris funeral Philippines airport Philippines airport
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded ter1968.jpg
ter1969.jpg ter1977.jpg ter1978.jpg ter1979.jpg
ter1980.jpg ter1981.jpg ter1982.jpg ter1983.jpg
memorial memorial memorial memorial
memorial memorial memorial
Palestinian Public Gaza Celebrations after the bombing
No Tolerance for Genocide - Article
A suicide terrorist blew himself up in downtown Jerusalem,
wounding lightly four people and one person "moderately."
- July 30, 2002
injured injured wounded ter1953.jpg
ter1954.jpg ter1955.jpg ter1956.jpg ter1957.jpg
ter1957.jpg ter1958.jpg ter1959.jpg
Palestinian terrorists murdered two Israelis in an ambush attack
in the village of Jama'in, between Ariel and Tapuach in the Shomron.
The two victims were brothers living in Tapuach - July 30, 2002
Shlomo Odessor z"l - Age 60
Moti Odessor z" - Age 52
funeral funeral funeral
ter1948.jpg ter1949.jpg
A mother of eight overcame a knife-wielding terrorist as he was
attacking her husband lying in bed, and stabbed the terrorist to death.
Her husband is in Beilinson Hospital in moderate condition,
with wounds in the chest and arm, while Orna was lightly wounded.
The terrorist infiltrated the Shomron town of Itamar and
broke into the Mimran family home - July 30, 2002
Palestinian gunmen opened fire on two Israeli cars near the Jewish
settlement of Carmel killing four people and injuring three others.
Three of the dead were members of the same family, including both
parents and a child, who were on their way to spend the Sabbath with
friends in a nearby settlement. - July 27, 2002
family picture (9 orphans)
'What will happen to us?' - Article
Rabbi Yosef Ya'akov Dikstein z"l - Age 45
Hannah Dickstein z"l - Age 42
Shuval Zion Dickstein z"l - Age 9
St.-Sgt. Elazer Leibovitch z"l - Age 21
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral wounded ter1932.jpg ter1933.jpg
One person killed and a second was wounded in a shooting attack
near the Jewish community of Alei Zahav - July 25, 2002
Rabbi Elimelech Shapira z"l - Age 43
Father of eight and the head of a pre-army yeshiva training course
family picture (wife + 8 children)
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral
The mother of a Palestinian suicide bomber displays a $10,000
compensation check she received from the palestinian pro-Iraqi faction.
Palestinian officials attended the ceremony - July 22, 2002
A train driver was lightly injured when the locomotive of a
passenger train went over an explosive device on the track
between Rehovot and Yavne. The double-decker suburban train,
traveling from Binyamina to Ashdod, was not derailed,
and no passengers were injured. - July 21, 2002
ter1915.jpg ter1916.jpg ter1917.jpg

We Should Not Forget
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